Breaking: Sources Tell Dr Gina Louden Sarah Palin Is Reconsidering a Presidential Run

Possible future Time Magazine cover

By Gary P Jackson

Dr Gina Louden sent this tweet earlier today:

Later Dr Gina had talk show host Lee Davis, her source, on to talk about all of this.

Again, this is not to say Sarah Palin will run for President, only that she is reconsidering. Lee Davis’ source is someone close to Sarah’s organization, and the Palin family. Obviously, no one is disclosing the source, but Davis says they are credible.

RuBegonia has audio of the interview here.

Obviously, if Sarah were to re-enter the race, she would face a hard battle, but unlike any other, she’s proven time and time again that these are exactly the kind of battles she can win.

Some filing deadlines have passed, each state has their own, but there is still time. New Hampshire’s deadline has passed, for example, but Iowa has none. All of the people are still in place in Iowa to make a strong showing for her, and possibly a win.

As a recent USA Today report suggests, Iowa is wide open, and there is no clear favorite. As well received as Sarah has been every time she has been in the state, I have no doubt she would be a player should she decide to run.

I wrote last week that Sarah Palin must reconsider. As I pointed out, no one in the current field has spoken to the issues that really matter in the way she has, and no one has the incredible record of getting things, big things, done.

I want to caution readers that reconsidering doesn’t mean that Sarah will change her mind, and actually run. So don’t run wild and consider a run is coming. That said, a bunch of positive thoughts aimed at Wasilla certainly wouldn’t hurt!

If Sarah does change her mind, her millions of supporters, which I am proud to be one of, will face the fight of our lives, and it will take a maximum effort from every single one of us, every single day. That’s a fight I personally look forward to waging.


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40 responses to “Breaking: Sources Tell Dr Gina Louden Sarah Palin Is Reconsidering a Presidential Run

  1. bbmomof3

    I’m ready!!!

  2. max

    I would support her .. Lets wait & see …

  3. As for me and my family we will support Sarah Palin.

  4. Kate

    I am will fight and defend Sarah’s record with honor. It is so hard to watch the relentless vitriol. There seemed to be a shift in the press. The press no longer feignes bi-partisan news coverage. They took the gloves are off during Bush’s 2nd term and they have been out to destroy. The example of the Governor’s Email exposiure frenzy to find wrong doing tells it all. Their lust for gossip ended in disappointment as they only found that she was hard working and conscientious. Did that change them? No. The hatred feeds on. Yet, I will not sit by and hope as the Hobbits hoped, to go back to the safe Shire. No place is safe any more and it is time to stand against the evil forces. And if we die, we die.

  5. lenbilen

    She does nothing without prayer. God is first in her life. If God and family tells her it is o.k. to run, she will. Meanwhile, we better keep oil in our lamps,for it is going to ba a hard fight.

  6. bbmomof3

    31 What then shall we say to these things ? If God is for us, who is against us? Romans 8:31

  7. C.A. Bamford

    If Gov Palin runs, I’ll support her fully..starting with a donation to SarahPac. A money bomb for her might be an excellent exploratory committee.

  8. patricia cala

    Yes, I admire Sarah Palin and her family. However, I do not think that she fits the presidential political profile. She had to work on her basic knowledge of legislation, in order to answer questions thrown at her from the press. She has to modulate her vocal presentation. Softer voice, too high pitched. Needs more poise. (never get ruffled) Her hair and make up are great, but tone down the hair. She even looks great with it severe. Sounds too much like a lot of attention to appearance? It mattered for Regan, and he was an actor.

    • Gary P

      Are you really that ignorant? GOVERNOR Palin sat as one of the most powerful Governors in the Nation. Alaska’s constitution makes their Governor a true CEO.

      As Governor/CEO Palin dealt with her legislature on a daily basis! She not only understands how legislatures work, she worked the hell out of HER legislature to get big things accomplished.

      Before that she was a city council member, and then a two term Mayor. Oh, and not just the Mayor, but also the City Manager.

      Most cities HIRE a city manager, especially small and medium sized ones. Hell, even Dallas has a City Manager form of government. The rules and regulations are many. That’s why most cities have a City Manager form of government. The city Manager runs the city, makes sure all of the laws are followed, and reports to elected overseers. There’s actually a college degree in City Management.

      Sarah ran the city of Wasilla well. Took a small dirt street town and turned it into the fastest growing city in the state. The current Mayor still credits Palin’s work for the health of the city today. She turned it into a major hub, and the entire Mat-Su Valley depends on it. The Mat-Su, BTW is roughly the size of West Virginia.

      BTW, tell me one SERIOUS person running for President who has any legislative process whatsoever. Name one. Hell, the front runner doesn’t even have a grade school level understanding of the United States Constitution!

      As for the hair, voice, and other bullshit, well, you sound like the typical lefty troll [or Romney supporter] No one gives a shit what she looks like, or sounds like. Oh, and for you’re information she’s been seen in public more in the last couple of years with absolutely NO MAKE-UP ON, than with.

      Take your liberal talking points down the road loon, I’m not in the mood!

      • Hate to say this. I believe the time has passed. The time to have been in would have been in debates . It’s only going to be ammunition for the left to say ” Wow look how screwed up the right is”. Sorry all I love Sarah but you have to be realistic. And where was she when we were all looking for a candidate that mattered and loves this country?

      • Gary P

        There are a ton of debates scheduled between now and Iowa. It wouldn’t be easy, but man, it’s doable. Just not sure if she’s gonna do it.

      • No great thing is created suddenly. —Epictetus (A.D.200)

      • patricia cala

        Thank you for your reply. I am neither liberal or pro Romney, just the opposite. I have been an active Replblian and worked on many campaigns. What you say about her talents is absolutely true, she has the background. Now, let’s package it.

      • Gary P

        What needs “packaging”? You can’t “package” the genuine article. The only think wrong with Sarah Palin is she is not running for President. Other than that, she is the most genuine article we’ve seen in generations.

        Again, bringing a bunch of liberal talking points doesn’t accomplish a thing.

      • patricia cala

        Gary, just read your reply. I don’t know if they will let this comment get posted but, I cannot waste any more time on your blogs.

      • Gary P

        Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

    • Scott Forcier

      I pray that you wake up and see what is good and true…..

    • Kate

      “She had to work her basic knowledge of legislation..” Palin not only knew how to work with legislation to garner bi-partisan votes but she knew how to educate the people. When her admin passed the new tax code ACES (Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Shares) outlining a tax structure for oil companies the vote was something like 27-12egislation. Her team went throughout the state to explain it in town hall type meetings. She released the a draft of the bill 2 weeks early so legislators and the public could read and know what was in the bill.

  9. Please Sign Our Petition ! (for Sarah to reconsider!)

    And Join Us Here, Thank you!


  10. Please God, have her change her mind and run!! The Country needs her
    so desperately!!

  11. tjz

    If they go after Obama instead of wimping out I’m all for it. Go after his qualifications, his record his achievements everything call no quarter. Get Alan West to run for VP and make that dream team a reality. Herman Cain is a good man and I think Secretary of Commerce would be a great spor for him if not President.

  12. Peg

    WOW!!! I cannot believe what I am reading!!!! O! Lord! Please please guide Sarah Palin in her decisions and give her courage and strength and wisdom beyond her years! Give those of us who support her the JOY of being a part of this great movement to restore America to YOUR principles. Let us see the fruits of our labor when we can at last say, “President Sarah Palin!”

  13. My God bless you, Sarah.. you are still the number one choice of our family. All the GOP candidates are very good choices over Obama… But please, run for the office.. America needs you.

  14. Joy

    Gary – LOVED your “Gary Jackson UNLEASHED” response to that woman’s petty criticisms of Palin and her absolute MIS-understanding of the fab reality that is Sarah Palin!

    I hadn’t checked my Twitter account for ages (too busy doing other stuff), so was delighted to see that Sheya tweeted (and I retweeted) that intriguing article in today’s NYT – upon which all this “Sarah Possibly Reconsidering” gossip has hinged. It was an excellent blow-by-blow “what if” scenario and DEFINITELY food for (encouraging) thought!!

    From our hearts & minds – through Sarah’s heart & mind – to God’s ears…

    • Gary P

      patricia cala is a troll. Been coming around her talking trash for some time. Typical liberal. Likely a Romney supporter, this is how they act.

      I usually do one of two things, either post comments without comment, or just delete them, as our policy is to delete comments that are only made to trash Sarah Palin, Ronald Reagan, or conservatives. Sometimes I will let one in so I can comment on it.

      When people post sheer ignorance such as hers, it’s often good to let the world see how liberals act.

  15. C.A. Bamford

    I agree, Gary. “patricia cala ” is an obvious fake. The comment about Palin’s legislative experience was a dead give-away that this creature knows nothing about Gov. Palin’s outstandingly successful legislative and executive record. As for voice quality, Palin’s voice is just fine for a woman. Now lets discuss Barney Frank’s voice. And how many of us mute the TV or radio when Obama starts barking and whining at us like a chihuahua with indigestion?

  16. Love the “hero” themes. Isn’t she somethin’? Wow…just so inspiring, positive, courageous. You rarely see Gov. Palin without a genuine smile on her face. You can tell that she bears the spirit of Christ in her life. This country is in desperate need of someone like her. I hope she changes her mind.

  17. God bless Gov. Sarah Palin…we need her!! She knows WHAT to do to save our country and she knows HOW to do it. She can articulate the message to all people clearly. Let’s all put our hearts together and pray for this to happen…God bless our republic…AMERICA.

  18. and myself know WHY
    this has come back around.
    MY believed she would run, has me breathing
    very shallow breaths holding on patiently waiting for the news.
    COULD THIS BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!
    Lame says she MUST DO IT NOW!
    Only SHE can with the grace of God be our leader ……NOW!
    NOW… NOW… NOW ONLY…… NOW!!!!
    For all the right reasons.
    Can we have the best Christmas ever!

  19. Keep The Change

    I’m not surprised that some of the same libtard comments, (made here by “patricia cala”), have been made on another blog I frequently post on. This other poster apparently uses much of the same talking points as the libtard poster here.
    I have been caught up with the current presidential wannabes, not really considering that Sarah may change her mind, mainly because of the desire for a real conservative to break away from the pact, and ensure the nomination for conservatives.
    If Sarah does get back in, she has my wholehearted support, mainly because we conservatives and Tea Party backers in particular cannot allow Karl Rover and other rinos to continue to run the Republican Party!

    • Gary P

      I try to let folks have their say, and unless they are disrespectful, go overboard on foul language, or go on a copy/pate jihad it’s all good.

      Unfortunately Patricia adds nothing to the conversation but snark. Life’s too short, and banning folks is pretty damned easy!

  20. Jim Thompson

    Bigtime kudos to you on setting Patricia straight on the facts. Un fortunately, this is one of the key reasons Sarah Palin’s unfavorability ramains high no thanks to the Loonies over At The Liberal MSM. But, tie after time, I see an increasing ray of sunshine. People are buying her books ‘Going Rogue: An American Life,’ And ‘America By Heart: Reflections On Family, Faith And Flag.’ In Fact, For those that are taking another look at Governor Sarah Palin, hey, whenever you get the chance if you haven’t done so already, please, get her two books mentioned above and read them. do some research on her record as governor, and then draw your own conclusions. I mean, Whatever you do, Don’t believe anything and everything The infamouse MSM is saying or writing about Governor Sarah Palin. They’re In The Tank For Obama. In Adition, Get The movie ‘The Undefeated’ as wellas Bristol Palin’s Book ‘Not Afraid Of Life:’. In Closing, we owe Sarah Palin And Her Family A whole lot on this mess created by the liberals. But with her books still selling, like I said before, there’s a small but increasing ray of sunshine. Thanks again Gary. Keep Up The Good work.

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