UPDATED! Palin Power: Florida GOP Speech Raises More Than The Democrats Raised The Entire Last Quarter!

Sarah Palin is welcomed to the stage by Florida Gov. Rick Scott during the Republican Party of Florida Victory Dinner at Walt Disney World. (Joe Burbank, Orlando Sentinel / November 3, 2011)

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin was Tea Party before the Tea Party was cool!

~ Florida Governor Rick Scott

There is a bunch of positive media about Sarah Palin today, including this from the end of a longer Yahoo News report:

State party spokesman Brian Hughes wouldn’t say how much was raised at the dinner, but said, “On this night we will raise almost as much as the Democrats reported last quarter.

That figure is $894,445.

There were around 1,000 people who attended the Florida GOP event.

Kinda makes you wonder. If Sarah were to run for president, it seems she could, as Governor Haley Barbour so eloquently put it: “raise enough money to burn a wet mule!


Turns out I wrote this too early in the day. It seems Sarah actually raised MORE in one night than the Florida democrat party did in the entire 3rd quarter.

I changed this post’s headline and URL to reflect this.

From the St Petersburg Times:

Last night’s Republican Party of Florida dinner featuring Sarah Palin raised between $900,000 and $1 million, party spokesman Brian Hughes tells the Buzz.

It’s a whopping haul that exceeds what Democrats pulled in for the entire third quarter ($894k). Hughes declined to name donors but said some of the money could be put towards voter registration, a top priority of Chairman Lenny Curry and Gov. Rick Scott.

Strong, strong, strong.


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2 responses to “UPDATED! Palin Power: Florida GOP Speech Raises More Than The Democrats Raised The Entire Last Quarter!

  1. bbmomof3

    I love it!!!

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