Nicki Scroggin: A letter to Governor Sarah Palin

By Nikki Scroggins

Elizabeth Hawkes and I, at Youth for Palin have been vetting the candidates and the more we have vetted the more convinced we have become that there is truly only one person that is worthy of the job and she has not yet entered the race and has been vetted more than any of the candidates combined.

I am writing this letter in order to let Gov. Palin know how her passion for America and her service for the American people has forever changed the way I will live my life. Her values, integrity, love of country and commonsense conservatism has forever been etched upon my heart.

I believe with all my being that God is using this girl from Alaska to restore all that is right and all that is good with America. I can see God’s calling upon her life and it is my prayer that she would accept that call that would allow me the honor to call her Madam President.

Dear Governor Palin,

I am writing you this letter simply to tell you how your story has affected my story and even changed the way my story will forever be played out in history. My name is Nicki and I am a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt and cousin. I am all of these things but first and foremost, I am a Christian. I gave my heart to Christ 20 years ago and my constant prayer was GOD, please make me a Christian from the inside out. I prayed that he would help me to love him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and my neighbor as myself. I strive to walk out my salvation in my daily life.

I tell you this because it is my belief that my faith is at the center of everything in my life, including politics. The very first election I was old enough to vote in was Ronald Reagan vs Jimmy Carter. I paid attention, made my choice and went to the polls to cast my vote. To me, this felt like a great privilege and one that would make a difference. And it did. After the election, I went about living my life and never gave politics another thought, until the next election. I would never dream of not participating in this most awesome privilege so about two weeks before the election, I would do a crash course on the candidates, gather all the information I could and then head to the polls.

All that changed when our nation came under attack on September 1, 2001. As I watched the planes hit those towers I knew that nothing would ever be the same again. That was the day for me that everything changed and I realized that politics matter and the average citizen really can make a difference. That was also the day when the American people changed for the better. It was as if “We the People” had learned to have a little bit of plain, ordinary, everyday kindness and a little lookin’ after the other fella. Remember how the people lined up to give blood and how they were digging deep into their pockets to give away their last dollar? That is who we are. That is America. That is our heart.

But, after a while, I forgot that again. I got busy living my life. And then in 2008 when you stepped onto the national stage with your family I knew that you were different than the others. You were just like me. You spoke of things that mattered to my heart. You knew what it was to work and to raise a family. You understood the trials I faced and you cared. You spoke of your love for America and her people and I knew it was real, you were real. You blew me away and I have never been the same since. You have inspired me to want to do more to fight for this country.

I bought Going Rogue the same day it hit the stores. I have it on my I-Pod and have “read” it three times. I would walk the dogs and listen until it seemed I had it memorized. You amaze me. Your love for the Alaskan people is so evident. Your spirit, your courage and your integrity have moved me and changed me. It made me realize that “We the People” really do deserve to have a leader that loves this country and is willing to govern in a commonsense conservative way. We deserve a leader that will fight for us. We should never have to settle for politics as usual. We deserve better. Not only have you helped me to find my voice but you have also shown me what a miracle this country truly is. And the constitution – WOW! That is the miracle of all miracles. You did this. You have stirred this patriotic heart.

I watched as the press filed an all-out war on you and your family. A war like nothing I have ever seen. It seemed like every time they pushed you down, you came back stronger than before. I knew in my heart that God had great plans for you and HIS plans would come to pass through folks just like me. I decided then and there that I wanted to fight with you. I joined myself with like-minded folks. We are Youth For Palin and we are a political organization consisting of many like-minded folks, young and old, who support you. Along with supporting you, we also recognize the importance of educating our youth because they are the future of the greatest nation on earth. As you continue to share your values, it will be joined with the many voices of our Youth For Palin members.

Governor Palin, please be encouraged that we are fighting this battle right beside of you. We have picked up your cause and we are fighting your fight. We will not back down and we will not give up. In my heart of hearts I truly believe that you are the one that GOD has chosen to bring restoration back to this country. So, if you will accept HIS call, I promise to have your back and fight like a girl.

In Truth and Service,
Nicki Scroggin

Nikki Scroggin and Elizabeth Hawkes are members of Youth for Palin, one of the most dynamic Pro-Sarah Palin groups in the country.


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8 responses to “Nicki Scroggin: A letter to Governor Sarah Palin

  1. Stephen Czaja

    I will always support you Mrs. Palin in whatever you chose to do that would require my support. You already have my affection and trust. That will NEVER change. Never. You just do what God calls you to do and keep your trust in Him;not us.

  2. Thank you for a wonderful, well thought out and written message. It goes right to the heart of all that is America! I, too, pray that Sarah will be doing the job for which God has prepared her. I pray that it might be to aspire to the Presidency of the US of A

  3. Joy

    My guess is that there was – maybe still is – a great struggle going on within the heart & mind of Sarah Palin and her family; she may see her way to change her mind – or she may just double-down in endorsing as many Palinesque candidates across the land as possible. Maybe she realizes that she can’t do an effective job of THAT and still run (24/7) for POTUS.

    She was in fine form yesterday in Florida – and my guess is that she’ll burn up the political speakers’ circuit over the coming months, going from strength to strength. And maybe Cain will actually rise to the occasion! He started out weakly in this battle with the State-Run Media (SRM), but has gained strength and assurance throughout the week. However, he’s walked only one step so far in Palin’s shoes at this point in time; obviously, he has a LONG way to go to catch up – if he ever does.

    So, we’re back to Square One. What IS God’s path for Sarah Palin? Will we FINALLY be assured that her decision was the best one for ALL of us? Only time will tell….

  4. Donna

    God will always be by Sarah side. WE will be by her side NO matter what road God will lead her too!! God Bless Sarah, Todd & their beautiful family!!

  5. jerseyflash

    Two things I’m going to comment on every blog I can about Sarah decision that still has all of her supporters STUNNED!!!! (1) You can but the best football team together on the planet, but if you DO NOT HAVE “The quarter-back” to RUN the team-you will never win the SUPER BOWL. (2) In 2008 Sarah campaigned for the VP slot which was given to her by McRino. She takes on the tasks with a new-born in her arms and a four year old wrapped around her leg. If she won-you would have seen Sarah in the SWAMP as VP for 8 years and 8 more years as President. That is 16 years in a SWAMP that festers everything Sarah claims now she wants no part of. ???????????????? Someone tell me that before the decision to run for McRino VP-that this wasn’t taked about at the kitchen table. ????
    of clearing out the SWAMP, a place were CRONY CAP festers

    • Gary P

      Incredibly well said!

      • joydbrower

        So, so TRUE!! Something MUST have happened or was said that caused that decision/announcement to be made Oct. 5, ’cause I’m absolutely convinced (and I know I’m not alone) that she was DEFINITELY running (unannounced) for POTUS. Her actions and her words/speeches practically SHOUTED out this fact for all to see, realize, understand and know!! And now, with each passing week, I’m wondering just how effective her endorsements will be – considering that NOW she has only a nebulous “private citizen” status – which isn’t bad or negative, it’s just not what it had been before. All in all, not only disappointing, but discouraging and depressing as well. The GOP is killing us!!

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