The 40 Republican Congressmen, Including Ron Paul, Who Just Sold You Out

By Gary P Jackson

In the United States, our government doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. It has an over regulation problem, and a great many policies that kill jobs.

Proving just how lame even Congressmen considered Conservative have become, here’s a report from Americans for Prosperity®

40 House Republicans Ask Super Committee for Higher Taxes

Late last week, a group of 100 U.S. Representatives sent a letter to the so-called Super Committee urging the handpicked group of twelve legislators to consider “all options for mandatory and discretionary spending and revenues” in order to reach the committee’s goal of $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction over the next ten years. In Washington speak, this is code for raising taxes.

Among this list is 40 Republicans whose capitulation encouraging the committee to raise taxes is troubling. We shouldn’t be surprised to see 60 Democrats seizing on the opportunity to drive a wedge between conservatives intent on restoring economic growth by keeping taxes low and Republican lawmakers who are starting to throw in the towel on keeping pressure on Democrats to cut spending.

We all know that the real driver of long-term deficits is runaway spending on entitlements and big government pet projects. In the past, lawmakers have cut deals that supposedly included both tax hikes and spending cuts. But when you get a few years down the road the spending cuts never materialize and the higher tax rates take a bite out of economic activity. We’re still climbing out of the recession and we cannot afford higher taxes slowing us down.

Read more here.

You’ll note presidential candidate Ron Paul is one of the co-signers of this letter. I’m sickened to see my Congressman, John Carter on the list as well.

Thankfully, there is still some common sense left in Washington. Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio gets it right. In an op-ed for USA Today Jordan writes:

After an unprecedented spending binge, apologists for big government once again want to raise taxes to reduce the deficit. We’ve seen this before.

Read it all here.

Now the list:

Charlie Bass – (R-NH)
John Carter – (R-TX)
Howard Coble – (R-NC)
Tom Cole – (R-OK)
Ander Crenshaw – (R-FL)
Charlie Dent – (R-PA)
Robert Dold – (R-IL)
John Duncan – (R-TN)
Jo Ann Emerson – (R-MO)
Mike Fitzpatrick – (R-PA)
Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE)
Paul Gosar – (R-AZ)
Mike Grimm – (R-NY)
Richard Hanna – (R-NY)
Gregg Harper – (R-MS)
Mike Kelly – (R-PA)
Peter King – (R-NY)
Jack Kingston – (R-GA)
Steve LaTourette (R-OH)
Billy Long – (R-MO)
Cynthia Lummis – (R-WY)
Tom Marino – (R-PA)
David McKinley – (R-WV)
Pat Meehan – (R-PA)
Devin Nunes – (R-CA)
Ron Paul – (R-TX)
Tom Petri – (R-WI)
Todd Platts – (R-PA)
Tom Reed – (R-NY)
Reid Ribble – (R-WI)
Phil Roe – (R-TN)
Tom Rooney – (R-FL)
Mike Simpson – (R-ID)*
Marlin Stutzman – (R-IN)
John Sullivan – (R-OK)
Lee Terry – (R-NE)
Bob Turner – (R-NY)
Ed Whitfield – (R-KY)
Frank Wolf – (R-VA)
Don Young – (R-AK)

* – Indiana’s Mike Simpson Organized the Letter

Hey Republicans, Ronald Reagan called and he’d like to have a long talk with you guys!

Americans for Prosperity® has ways for you to get involved and help remind Congress that it works for us, not the other way around. Go to the link and get involved.

Governor Sarah Palin at the Americans for Prosperity® event in Madison, Wisconsin. “Game on Mr President!.”



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54 responses to “The 40 Republican Congressmen, Including Ron Paul, Who Just Sold You Out

  1. Mark Rhatigan

    That Simpson guy is from Idaho…yeah he will be wondering were my vote went!

  2. Ron Paul has spoken about this. Revenue increases don’t necessarily mean increases in taxes. Congressman Paul never has, and never will vote for increased taxes. He has in the past; however, said that we could sell some government lands to raise money for example. More private property = a good thing in my book.

    • Gary P

      Ron Paul is a loon and just as bad as the rest of the corrupt bastards in Washington. When you hear these weasels talk about raising revenue, they’re talking about raising taxes. Period.

      Wake up, Ron Paul isn’t the messiah, or a viable candidate for anything but retirement.

      • lol gary p,
        finally someone speaks the truth

      • Gary P – When you have nothing to say, you resort to name calling with words like “Loon” or “Crazy”. Ron Paul is against this super committee in the first place, considering it to be unconstitutional. I read the letter. It essentially is begging these people to have some balls and do something. You probably call yourself a conservative, but I am sorry my friend, anyone who is afraid of Liberty is no conservative. I suggest you go back and read the writings of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Call yourself whatever you want, but if you don’t love Liberty, please don’t call yourself a conservative. That is a lie.

      • Gary P

        If Herr Doktor believes the super committee is unconstitutional, a sentiment I have too, then why is he a co-signer on a letter begging them to raise revenues and pleading his support?

        You Ron Paul cultists amaze me. The man is a fraud, and yes, a loon. And yet, you lap up everything he says.

        It’s pathetic.

      • MahlonKL

        Gary, I bet you never even looked at Ron Pauls voting record. And if he is a loon, maybe that is what we need. Bet our Founding Fathers were called worse then that. Have you even looked at his plan to cut 1 Trillion dollars his first year? From your comment bet not

      • Gary P

        Yeah I’ve looked at Paul’s voting record. He mostly just sits there, draws a paycheck, and votes NO to everything. In the decades this leech has been in office, he’s accomplished absolutely nothing.

        I’ve looked at his “plan” it’ll never happen.

        The best thing about Ron Paul is he says he won’t run for re-election for his House seat. Now Texas can be rid of that embarrassment and elect an actual Conservative to his seat. Soon America’s long nightmare will be over.

      • dudiful

        Gary, I would reply to this vicious attack of yours against Ron Paul, but it appears you cannot keep an open mind. I agree with William, when people can’t really find a good argument they resort to things such as name-calling. I do not believe that you would hear me out if I argued against your claims about Ron Paul…but here’s one point that I disagree with that you said:
        “Yeah I’ve looked at Paul’s voting record. He mostly just sits there, draws a paycheck, and votes NO to everything. In the decades this leech has been in office, he’s accomplished absolutely nothing.”
        Ron Paul does not care about getting money in politics. Did you hear about him saying that he would make is so he only gets 30,000 a year if he is elected in office while Obama is getting around 400,000? Also, yes, Ron Paul does say “no” to lots of proposed laws, etc. That’s because lots of things that are proposed are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. He believes in a limited government, so naturally he says “no” to a lot of new laws. He just wants us to have our liberties. Anyone that wants to create more laws to restrict us even more is a “corrupt bastard” in my opinion. Ron Paul, however, is the opposite.
        So, that’s my opinion. Take it or leave it. Or find flaws and tell me.

      • Gary P

        Interestedly, you did reply.

        Why is it you assume I don’t have an open mind? You really think I haven’t paid attention to what this dangerous loon says and does?

        Ron Paul is a very dangerous loon. His foreign policy would get us all killed!

        He has a couple of good ideas on fiscal matters, but his insanity makes whatever good he talks about null and void. As I’ve said, the best thing about Ron Paul is he’s said he won’t seek re-election for his congressional seat. Good. He’s been embarrassing Texas long enough.

        Speaking of money, his cult is why he’s been in Congress so long. Every 4 years he scams millions out of his cult members who somehow think he actually has a shot at being president, then he takes that money and uses it to keep his House seat safe. GOOD Conservative candidates have tried to unseat the old fool, but he can outspend them 100 to 1 thanks to his cult.

        And it is a cult. The only think that’s missing is the white tennis shoes and the purple Koolaid!

      • Gary P sorry you are so brainwashed I’d say someone else here is the loon not Ron Paul

      • Gary P

        Why is it you cultists insist on polluting every blog that dares mention Herr Doktor ?

        Would you have even cared about this important story if your cult leader wasn’t mentioned? I seriously doubt it.

    • B. Gneiser

      If Ron Paul does not support raising taxes he should not have signed the letter. “All options” OBVIOUSLY includes raising taxes. I wish people would just stop making excuses for their favorite candidates and realize how seriously flawed they ALL are this time around. We are in trouble as a nation.

    • Dan

      Ron Paul thinks the super committee is unconstitutional. He will vote against anything it proposes. Where is the GOP ? Ron Pauls 1 trillion dollar spending cut is a SERIOUS template from where to cut. The super committee is just filled with 12 crony’s that will pass tax increases. Why are they trying to cut 1 trillion in 10 years to balance a budget? we cant do this for another 9 years.

      • Gary P

        If it’s unconstitutional, why is this fraud a co-signer to the letter?

        Wake up and smell the coffee. Ron Paul is just as phony as the rest of these lifelong politicians in Washington and the poster child for term limits.

  3. David Kappeler

    Surprise, surprise – most of these people are from the Main Street Republican Group

  4. mwest1971usn

    Wshngtn DC is populated with Floaters and Sinkers. Each one points at the other, and proclaims that, at least I’m not a *(insert opponent party here)*!

    It’s time to flush the Whole Bowl!
    All we did in the last election was pour a few bottles of hi-$ spring water in the cesspool.

  5. Marie

    Did any of you actually read the letter for crying out loud???

  6. James

    Gary P. You did not read the letter. IT does not call for tax hikes.

    • Gary P

      Yeah because I’m the sort who writes commentary about subjects I don’t even read about.

      Increasing revenue is Washington talk for raising taxes. OF COURSE the letter doesn’t come right out and say it. Even congresscritters aren’t that stupid. But it’s what they mean.

      I wonder, if Herr Doktor wasn’t a co-signer, would you have even cared about any of this?

  7. James

    Oh and Gary P. Ron Paul is an actual conservative. He is not a war mongering neoconservative like Cain, Gingrich, Romney or Perry

    • Gary P

      You lost me when you started on the “neocon” bullshit. You people call anyone not Ron Paul a neocon. That’s generally code for someone who stands up for Israel. You have no idea what a real neocon is.

      I’ve seen Ron Paul cultists call Sarah Palin a neocon, which is insanity and stupidity defined. She’s the further from it as it gets.

      Ron Paul’s foreign policy is the sort that led to both World Wars. Thankfully he’ll never be more than a boorish lunatic from South Texas.

      Oh, and RP isn’t a Conservative in any sense of the word.

  8. An entertaining and fun way to learn and make sense of the economy. Before voting, everyone should have some understanding of how things work.

  9. Here are a few more valuable tools to help people know something about money supply, fiat money, M1, banking and related issues which impact most of us more than any other one issue.

    This one is long but well worth watching. It is set to a story in a cartoon format which helps keep your attention while discussing mundane financial terms. Enjoy.


    In a democracy, we the people do the hiring and firing of our representatives. We MUST be educated. We can not afford to be stupid.

  10. Terry

    Ron Paul is a moron

  11. Here is some very good reading. It’s now in public domaine and can be downloaded free. Walter Block once said, “I used to be an anarchist, now I believe in limited government: the sole function of government should be to make everyone read this book [Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt].”

    Click to access Economics_in_one_lesson.pdf

  12. Gary – Neoconservatism has little to do with the conventional conservatism of Robert Taft, Eisenhower, Goldwater or Reagan. (Although Reagan did have some neoconservatives in his cabinet ans was influenced by them to some extent). Neoconservatism has it’s roots in the democratic party and for the most part influences both parties today. The name “Neoconservative” is a name they gave themselves and is not necessarily a pejorative although I and many others have a very negative view of what it stands for. It’s easy enough to look up:

    It’s no accident both parties receive virtually all of their financing from the same special interest and lobbyist. Ron Paul supporters, if I may speak for them, believe true capitalism can’t exist once corruption takes over our government, and laws are written by and for the various special interest groups essentially to throw a wrench in capitalism and limit new ideas and competition while protecting those who are bribing the government. Today, corporations are shutting down R&D and using those funds instead for lobbying which gives them a much better return and keeps them competitive. What we now have is a “corporatocracy”. Everything you and the rest of the American people see is just a show. As Ronald Reagan said, “I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream–the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order — or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism”

    Our offensive military adventures are a whole other story, but are certainly related. There is not one thing Ron Paul has said that’s even controversial. Our own CIA reports have said the same thing. You do know it was Eisenhower who first warned us about “The Military Industrial Complex” don’t you? What do you think he meant? Kennedy also tried to warn us. There is too much for me to try to explain here, but the cancer of big government grown far beyond just the Military Industrial complex. It now includes Health Care, Prison and Justice and the list goes on. All while we were sleeping.

    I’m not here to call names. I’m here to call all patriotic Americans to educate themselves. It’s no wonder the first people on board Ron Paul’s campaign are the men and women of the military. His top four contributors by occupation are military. (Either Army, Navy Air Force, or Marines). You can call then “Paulbots” and they may call you a “Chicken Hawk” but that doesn’t get us anywhere. Only an educated electorate will get us through the mess we’re in. Last week, I spent some time with a Navy Seal who had spent a lot of time in Afghanistan and I think but not 100% sure, Iraq as well. He was kind enough to take out about 30 minutes explaining why he and pretty much everyone he knew was for Ron Paul. If I may summarize it, he essentially said our foreign policies are a joke. He explained how we go in and throw around a lot of money and wreck the local economy. He was engaged in training Afghanistan soldiers. He said they took it as a joke and everyone knew it was a joke. He and his friends would try to do a good job and take it seriously, but the whole thing is ridiculous.

    Every one of these men, including my son who joined the Marines after 911, went in for one reason and one reason only. That was the cause of Liberty, just like our founding fathers. Not one of them went in the service saying “We must protect the bottom line for the banks”. Personally, I don’t know of a single military guy who’s not for Ron Paul. As one of them told me “I know something about foreign policy, I’ve seen it.” If you know something they don’t know then by all means let me know.

    The biggest reason most of us support Ron Paul is Defense. You may recall, more than anything else, it was our factories that won WWII and brought Germany and Japan to their knees. We were caaible of gearing up overnight with the latest and newest technology. We built thousands of Ships and Airplanes and Tanks and bombs for the free world in a way only a free market economy could do. Because now, in large part due to the Neoconservatives, we no longer have those factories and all of us should pray hard our next enemy isn’t China. We have been sold out. Ron Paul is the only chance we have to end the corruption and go back to a free economy where products and services survive or fain based on their own merit and not on how much money they have paid to your congressman.

    Every other candidate in this race has pretty much the same lobbyist backing them. The last I looked, Goldman Sachs was at the top of the list for all the other Republican candidates as well as Obama. Ron Paul is supported by a million people just like me with our little $50 donations. John F. Kennedy was the last president who tried to defy the Federal Reserve and move us back to the Gold Standard, and we all know what happened to him. I don’t know if it’s related or not, but either way, I believe most of us are well aware of the powers we are up against. If it means my children and grandchildren can know the America I once knew, I’ll put up with being called a “Paulbot” any day. In fact, It just warms my heart to see so many dedicated young people and Military personnel working so heard and with so much dedication to seeing Ron Paul win the presidency. I am so impressed at how knowledgable and well read they all are. This whole thing just impresses me and gives me so much more faith in America! I thank every one of them from the bottom of my heart.

  13. most of these people are VERY conservative… I doubt it means anything that they signed this …. I love Ron, but besides him Roe and Duncan are SUPER CONSERVATIVE. I also worked for Bob Turner in the past and helped him get elected. He is taxaphobic

    • Gary P

      This just goes to show you we need to clean house in DC. My Congressman is on there as well. He’s a former Judge from the most Conservative county in Texas. He’s never voted any different than I would have on legislation, and yet, his name is on the list too.

      Things like this remind us why we need complete and total reform. That reform must include term limits for all elected officials.

  14. Gary P- You stated “I’ve seen Ron Paul cultists call Sarah Palin a neocon”. While I’ve seen some Ron Paul supporters who have expressed that view, I have seen more who like Sarah Palin. She gets that false reputation from her association with John McCain and his campaign. The truth is, the neocons within John MaCain’s own campaign were scared to death of Sarah Palin and did as much to sabotage her reputation and undermine here independent message as the powerful special interest within the establishment did. I wrote and/or published several articles on Sarah Palin which I hope you’ll take the time to read. Sarah may not herself know the extent to which these people will go or in some cases who her enemies are. She probably gave too much of an ear to John McCain and his handlers because of her respect for him but she also had no choice as his VP choice. It was an awkward situation for her. By no means would I call her a Neocon.

    Alaskan Fisherman Writes about his Governor

    Sarah Palin Regroups as Her Enemies Overplay Their Hand

    • Gary P

      Cool! You are by far the exception rather than the norm. Good to know.

      I know most Ron Paul supporters listen to Alex Jones, another far out loon, and he thinks Sarah is a neocon, part of the Illuminati and uses Tide to do the laundry!

      Too many things Paul supports and his supporters support. That are out of step with the American way of life. It’s very troubling that one finds so many Ron Paul signs at the “occupy” events.

      Anyhow, good to know you aren’t one of the crazies.

  15. Gary P is my hero. Ron Paul is nothing more than a fraud who bilks millions from his acolytes.

    • Gary P

      He does bilk a lot of money from his supporters. That’s OK, it’s their money, but since he will never, ever be president, he’s able to take the bulk of their money and use it to hold his congressional seat by outspending any potential challenger 100 to 1.

      This is not what our founders intended.

      I’m just happy the old fool has said he won’t seek re-election next year. Our nation’s long nightmare will finally be over!

  16. Gary P. – I sent a rather long and detailed response which outlined my defense of Ron Paul as well as his supporters. I am guessing you chose not to publish this since I don’t see it.. Since writing of this sort is time consuming and my time is valuable (At least to me), I would hope you would reconsider. If for some reason you didn’t get it let me know and I’ll re-submit it. Here I am adding a link to a video released today which gives some insight into Ron Paul positions. The irony is the people and powers who have shut out and attacked and tried to undermine Sarah Palin are the very powers who would like to have us all hate and laugh at Ron Paul. At least where I’m concerned, it didn’t work on me with Sarah and it’s not gonna work with Ron Paul. I will not play that game whether it’s Sarah, or anybody else.

    • Gary P

      Long cut and paste jobs boor the hell out of me and our readers. We’ve seen it all before. There’s a reason why most Americans really dislike Ron Paul. Posting long entries isn’t going to change this.

      I’ll give you this, y’all are a passionate bunch. Too bad you can’t get behind a serious candidate.

      Ron Paul is never going to be president. He’s so far out of the American mainstream that he is simply unacceptable. Yeah, he has a good idea or two about the economy, but the rest of his ideas are so lunatic fringe that they negate anything coherent he might say.

      The best thing about Ron Paul is he’s retiring from Congress and South Texas will finally have a Congressman that won’t embarrass the hell out of the entire state.

      Harsh, yes, but it’s much deserved.

      Most American don’t hate Israel or see everything as some sort of “Zionist Conspiracy”. Most Americans don’t think America is to blame for 9/11. And no SANE American thinks Iran should be allowed to build a nuclear weapon.

      Ron Paul is simply to much of a whack-job to appeal to mainstream America.

      • Mike

        I couldn’t disagree with you more, Ron Paul is the only candidate that is mainstream.

      • Gary P

        Most Americans DO NOT blame America for 911.

        Most Americans DO NOT hate Israel.

        Most Americans don’t think it’s OK for Iran to have nuclear capability, especially since they have already placed medium range, nuclear capable missiles in Venezuela that are capable of reaching strategic targets with-in the United States.

        Ron Paul, when lucid, has a few good ideas, but on the whole, he couldn’t be more lunatic fringe.

  17. The unpublished response was no cut and paste job Gary. It was specifically addressing you, this blog, and the claims you’ve made here regarding Ron Paul, the neoconservative movement. Nevertheless, It was long, and time consuming to write. I’m sorry it board you.

  18. Brock Landers

    Ronald Reagan raised taxes 11 times in 8 years! Wake Up! Stop reading Ayn Rand and start thinking with some common sense!

    • Gary P

      Man you Ron Paul/Alex Jones cultists don’t understand history do you?

      When Reagan took office the top tax rate was 70.1% and Reagan lowered it to to 28.4% and closed some loopholes.

      Reagan’s policies brought about the second longest peacetime economic expansion in U.S. history.

      During the Reagan administration, the American economy went from a GDP growth of -0.3% in 1980 to 4.1% in 1988.

      The inflation rate, 13.5% in 1980, fell to 4.1% in 1988.

      Instead of trashing Reagan, go learn some history. Anyone who trashes Reagan is not fit to comment here.

      BTW, never reads Ayn Rand.

      • Brock Landers

        How am I trashing him if I think what he did in raising those tax rates was good? He actually was driven by an ideology and was actually driven by some common sense. I’m not an alex jones cultist for believing that. He lowered them but then he raised them when he realized that he needed to. This party which I love has to accept that government is going to be somewhat present in our lives. Sorry accept it. We’ve polarized the other side by this anti-tax crusade and look what it’s done. Sparked a huge far left progressive movement in OWS. It’s time that we come down to earth here and realize that the richest can pay just a few percentage points more in taxes. Sorry if that rocks the boat to much within this party but its true. A republican who is open to raising taxes on the amazingly rich.

      • Gary P

        It would be reckless to raise taxes in this economy.My God we are already in worse shape than when Reagan took office.

        We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a SPENDING problem. Government is too big, and plays too big of a role in our day to day lives. The regulations our government has cooked up cost businesses nearly $2 TRILLION a year to comply.

        We’ve driven business offshore because of regulations and allowing labor unions, organized crime actually, to run wild.

        We have the second highest corporate tax in the civilized world. That also drives business offshore. Russia has a better tax system than we do. So does Red China!

        Thanks to ObamaCare, health care premiums are already through the roof, and major employers are scared to death to hire anyone.

        We MUST cut spending. We MUST stop regulating businesses into the ground. We MUST pass a national right to work law and neuter the unions, who run businesses out of the country.

        In other words, we must CREATE NEW JOBS. Get unemployment back down to 4 or 5% like it was during the Bush years and the revenue will take care of itself.

        What you fail to realize when you talk about Reagan is he LOWERED taxes by over 40% before he ever raised them. We don’t have that sort of cushion to work with here.

        Less government is always the best. And yet, under Obama, with the help of liberal Republicans, we have more government employees than any time in history and more government regulations and more government agencies.

        Again, we have a SPENDING problem, not a revenue problem.

        Knowing history is one thing, UNDERSTANDING history is something else altogether.

      • Brock Landers

        meant to say wasn’t driven by ideology in my previous post.

      • How could anyone conclude from what Brock said, he was a “Ron Paul/Alex Jones cultists? Do you even know who Ayn Rand is? If anything, he’s on your side Gary P, and you didn’t even know it.

      • Gary P

        “Brock Landers” is a bit of a loon. One of the long ranters who I generally don’t bother to publish. Adds nothing to the conversation.

        And yeah, I know who Ayn Rand is. Who doesn’t? Just because I didn’t feel like reading her books doesn’t mean I don’t know who she is, and what she advocates.

        Sorry, I’m a Conservative, and there are some things that one can compromise on, but many things one can’t.

  19. Tyler Tradere

    You all suck from the teat of plutocracy.

    Obama 2012

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