$15,033,607,255,920.32 and No End in Sight: The Death of America?

By Gary P Jackson

The United States hit a milestone today, one that should scare the hell out of every American.

We crossed the $15 TRILLION mark, 15,033,607,255,920.32, and counting. Our entire yearly GDP is only a taste over $14 trillion. No nation has ever survived this kind of debt load. None.

Something else to ponder, as of this writing, $10,314,468,105,168.02 [$10.3 trillion] is debt held by the public. That includes debt held by countries like China. $4,719,139,150,752.30 [$4.7 trillion] is “intragovernmental holdings.” Money the government borrows from places like the the Social Security Trust Fund.

The debt has grown under the control of both parties. But the democrats have run wild.

From the time President George W Bush took office in 2001 to January of 2007, when democrats took control of Congress, the debt went from $5,724,315,917,828.49 [$5.7 trillion] to $8,680,224,380,086.18 [$8.6 trillion] roughly $2.9 trillion

Democrats took control of Congress in 2007 and the debt was $8,673,367,073,665.76 [$8.6 trillion] when Republicans took back control of the House of Representatives in 2011, that debt had grown to a staggering $14,014,345,009,018.63 [$14 trillion] that’s roughly $5.4 trillion, almost double the debit increase, in half the time, compared to Bush era congressional spending!

All thanks to the democrats.

Now, we sit at $15 trillion.

Part of the problem is Congress hasn’t passed a budget in over 925 days. House Republicans have passed several, but the democrat controlled Senate refuses to even consider them. Creating a budget is one of the constitutional duties Congress is required to perform, as opposed to the hundreds of things Congress does that is never spoken to in the Constitution.

This is a dangerous situation, and it threatens our nation’s very survival. And yet, no one is doing anything to really stop the pending disaster. It’s politics as usual, and some members of Congress are lining their pockets while it all goes down.

We need massive and relentless reform. We must hold our elected leaders, in BOTH parties accountable for the mess we are in. We need constitutional amendments that will set certain rules in stone, including ethics laws and term limits.

The career politicians, who have sat in Washington for decades, must go.

All of them must go.

Washington has the ability to corrupt the very best of men. There’s no way we should allow anyone to stay in office long enough for that to happen.

We must hold every politician accountable for this mess, and continue to hold all politicians responsible. They work for us, not the other way around.

It’s essential that we defeat the democrats in 2012. We must take back the Senate in a big way, and add numbers to the House, but we must make sure those we elect are of good moral character, and have the common sense to know the difference between right and wrong.

If we can’t get control of our elected officials, and stop them from destroying our nation, we’re done.

All figures used come from Treasury Direct.


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3 responses to “$15,033,607,255,920.32 and No End in Sight: The Death of America?

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  2. I agree with you entirely and I am not an American, but, I have seen my country go from being the ‘breadbasket of Africa’, into a complete basket-case. It’s funny sometimes how often the do gooders now not what they are talking about but are quite happy to ‘thrash’ those that do? Funny old world we live in? Brother, you asked for it.

    • Gary P

      Oh yeah! The do-gooders have destroyed Africa. What was once a great continent is mostly in shambles. Communists world wide are all the same, and the destruction they bring with them is as well.

      Maybe some day y’all can have a real revolution and create nations that are truly free and have a solid republican form of government.

      Keep the faith!

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