May 15, 2011: Newt Gingrich Supports Individual Mandate Would Force ALL Americans to Have Insurance

By Gary P Jackson

Here a bit of video from May of this year. The video starts off with a flashback to 1993 when Newt was all for individual mandates, then MSNBC host David Gregory talks to him about his beliefs today. Newt tends to side with Mitt Romney on many things.

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What’s striking is how comfortable Newt is with rattling off left wing talking points, like comparing health insurance to automobile insurance. That Gingrich doesn’t understand the difference between mandating automobile insurance, and health insurance really tells you all you need to know. If he truly thinks the two are the same, and isn’t just pandering to some group, then this man is too stupid, and two dangerous to be put in any elected office.

Driving an automobile is a privilege, not a right. One has to take a test and earn a license before they can drive. Certain driving violations can also cause you to lose your driving privileges. Requiring a driver to have a minimum amount of liability insurance isn’t about protecting the driver, or his automobile, but protecting other drivers and their property.

You have a choice as to whether you want to drive, and accept the responsibilities that come with it. No one forces you to drive. It’s completely voluntary.

Mandating health care is a different story. You’re forced to buy health care simply because you are alive.

The case has been made that if the government can force you to buy health care, they can force you to buy anything. I mean anything. They can force you to buy a certain brand of automobile, corn flakes, or toothpaste. Once you open the door, everything is fair game.

One only has to look at the RomneyCare fiasco to see the disaster that Newt is supporting is.

Newt talks about forcing Americans to either have insurance, put up some sort of cash bond, or otherwise prove they are protected. Gregory asks Newt if that isn’t a mandate, Newt answers “it’s a variation of it.” He also says he won’t use RomneyCare against Mitt. How can he, he’s advocating the same thing.

You listen to Newt and you realize just exactly what he is, another Big Government Statist, a liberal “Republican” con man. He claims he’s giving the American people a choice, but he’s not. In the end he’s forcing people to do something that Conservatives know is unconstitutional. That’s the basis for all of the lawsuits against ObamaCare. The individual mandate is unconstitutional. Newt doesn’t seem to think so.

The other troubling thing about Newt is once again, he’s on the wrong side. At the exact moment Conservatives are fighting ObamaCare with all their might, Newt is giving aid and comfort to the left, and supporting the very thing Conservatives are against.

I’m not defending Mitt Romney, because he’s a Big Government liberal as well, but it’s curious that Conservatives hammer Mitt so hard, when an objective look at Newt’s history, both in and out of office, shows Newt is 10 times worse than Romney!

With Romney you get kind of a hit and miss when it comes to supporting Conservative ideas over liberal. Not so with Newt. If you really look at his record, he supports every left wing idea that comes along.

In Newt’s world left wing ideas, Big Government, central control is all good, as long as HE is in charge. Newt seems to think there’s some sort of “Conservative” way to have Big Government. There isn’t.

There are a lot of choices for president, and yeah, all of them have flaws, but only Newt Gingrich is a champion of Big Government at every turn. Newt is very much a con man, and has a lot of Conservatives fooled. Newt is very good at speaking and debating. He knows the language of Conservatives. The problem is, his speeches don’t match up to reality. The reality of Newt Gingrich.

In reality Newt is a life long politician, and a member of the Republican Establishment™. He’s a Big Government liberal. He’s mixed up in all sorts of schemes, and has lobbied for some of the very people Conservatives want to stop. He claims it’s not lobbying, it’s “consulting.” He must believe Conservatives are stupid. We aren’t.

Newt Gingrich is a technocrat, and a technocrat is just a Marxist in denial. Newt would love nothing more than to play puppet master and control every facet of your life. As we’ve learned he’s as big of a narcissist as Barack Obama. That’s a dangerous thing. Give a man like Newt, or Obama, power and you are in for big trouble.

Newt Gingrich is the poster child for sort we are trying to run out of politics forever.

America cannot put a man like Newt Gingrich in power. Ever.

Let’s remember what Ronald Reagan had to say about men like Newt and Socialized Medicine.

Not socialized medicine you say?

Newt being able to force you to buy anything, including, health insurance, would have the same effect.



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19 responses to “May 15, 2011: Newt Gingrich Supports Individual Mandate Would Force ALL Americans to Have Insurance

  1. Very well done, Newt is exactly as you say: a big-government statist in conservative disguise. His short few months as Speaker showed just how in love with himself he is (power corrupted him almost immediately).
    Thanks for an enjoyable read.

    • Gary P

      Thanks! It’s refreshing to see someone else that understands what a nightmare a “President Gingrich” would be. Far to many are being fooled by his act.

  2. Roland Farrar

    Where are the comments? I would like to hear (or read) what others are saying ab out this Newt factor. While I am sure that Newt has some baggage, and 6 months ago I would not have given him a look, Now I don’t see any other option out there. Cain is very interesting but I do not think that he could debate Obama, and his Foreign policy experience scares the heck out of me. Would like to see him as VP and gain some experience for a possible run down the road.

    • Gary P

      Newt is a con man, six month ago he was universally hated by all Conservatives. Now that Sarah Palin isn’t running a lot of people have gotten stupid, and have forgotten how many times Newt has betrayed Conservatism, and America by siding with the far left, always at a time Conservatives where in a huge fight with them.

      That a single human being sees Newt as a viable choice is a national tragedy.

  3. AJ Steele

    Well, when Sarah Palin endorses the “cream of the crop” which will presumably be
    one of these supposedly dreadful candidates (and some are) certain
    thoughts will be pondered. Putting even Newt aside ,most human beings
    amass a fair amount of bagage in their lives. Some more than others. Start thinking about how you will come to terms with that flawed

    • Gary P

      There’s baggage, and there’s Newt. I don’t care much about these candidate’s personal life, though character matters, or in Newt’s case lack there of.

      I’m more interested in a candidate’s actual record, not what they say in speeches and debates, but what they’ve actually done in their life, and in politics. Newt is nothing more than a far left democrat pretending to be one of us. He’s never been the conservative people think he is.

      That said, I’m in no hurry to support any of these candidates. I see no reason to.

  4. Jim Thompson

    I had a feeling something was not right about Newt Gingritch. First This mandate then the environment thing he had with Nancy Pelosi, who by the way, we all Palinistas need to call for her resignation. On The Palin Update With Kevin Scholla, He’s going to have as a guest on his show, a current GOP Presidential Candidate. God I Hope It’s Not Newt, Or Mitt Romney. Finally, on a different topic, That poor excuse for a human, disguised as a comedian Bill Maher has a new Book out called ‘The New, New Rules.’ To Show our displeasure to Him on his sexist Jokes On Sarah Palin, Her Daughters Bristol, And Willow, Michele Bachmann, And Elisabeth Hasselbeck, my suggestion is don’t buy his book.

    • Gary P

      I find it very interesting that Newt is now regarded as some sort of conservative savior since Sarah has decided not to run. Before this, and for years, Newt Gingrich has been universally hated by all Conservatives. He’s always been seen as a sell out and a liberal democrat in hiding.

      For some reason when Sarah left the POTUS sweepstakes she took everyone’s common sense with her!

      It’s disgusting to me that anyone would support this guy. He makes Mitt Romney look absolutely Reaganesque by comparison.

      • jane barks

        I would like to know why Sarah, which has been given many opportunities lately, fails to speak out for the cause of conservatism. When on the Fox network and asked what she thinks, she should speak up about the importance of a conservative candidate. She had said in the past, when asked if she regretted not running, that she felt her place was to endorse and rally for the cause. She could have been a voice that mattered at a time like this. She has the power to influence and could be a part of bringing the base together behind the best conservative running.

      • Gary P

        Her life speaks loudly for the Conservative cause. Unlike those who give it lip service, she’s lived it her entire life.

        I don’t know what people expect of her. When she goes on a show, she has a limited time, and a focused subject matter. The host picks the subject, and asks her to comment.

        As to the candidates, since she isn’t one, she’s not going to either endorse, or shred one. She’ll find something nice to say about them all. She’ll find ways to criticize, without trashing others.

        She’s called out Rick Perry on his massive corruption here in Texas, and she’s made it known that Ron Paul’s foreign policy is lunacy. She’s also said nice things about both.

        She’s done everything but come right out and call Newt the ultimate corrupt, Big Government, Beltway hack, without actually saying it.

        She’s basically told Mitt top “woman up” and get with the program.

        This is who she is. Other than wanting Obama gone, and actual Conservatives in Congress, She’s not wasting a lot of time on presidential politics.

        The Governor’s focus is on corruption busting. Throwing those who are corrupt out of politics. Creating reforms that have teeth. Last minute events precluded a presidential bid, at this time, so her focus is to do what she did back in Alaska, between the time she was AOGCC chairman, and Governor. As a private citizen she was part of the battle to expose the corruption between legislators, the governor, and Big Oil. 6 months after she was elected Governor, the FBI was still carting legislators off to prison!

        Sarah resigned from the AOGCC, by the way, because Alaska’s Attorney General threatened her with prosecution, if she blew the whistle on all of them. He was relieved of his job, as well.

        Sarah has always walked the walk. Her life advances Conservatism.

        I would have loved for her to be our candidate. I’ve been one of the ones asking her to Reconsider, but she has plenty of other ways to serve, and still care for her family, as she must.

        Our duty now is to help her advance Conservatism, and fight against corruption in both parties. It’s our duty to vet each presidential candidate thoroughly, and completely. Leave no stone unturned.

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  9. jane barks

    You state that Gingrich, not being a true conservative, would have an idea or decide something that is liberal in nature, twisting it just enough to gain conservative support.
    A good example of this would be his response to the opposition he received regarding amnesty for the illegals that have been here for 25 years. He stated that instead of the government deciding who would stay and who would go (so that we Americans wouldn’t be responsible for breaking up a family, the humanity approach as Regan made mention of) that a jury of their peers would decide their fate. He sweetened the pot so it would be more appealing and easier to accept “his idea.” The fact is: We already have a law in place that clearly states that these people are in this country illegally. We simply need to enforce it. If our system was working in the first place, this wouldn’t have become an issue.
    Your article was eye opening. I had been a supporter of Gingrich very early on. Because he would beat Obama in debates is not a good enough reason to support one that would lead our country in the same direction as it is going now.

    • Gary P

      Great post!

      I’ve watched Newt for decades, so I guess I feel obligated to talk about him, because, let’s face it, most haven’t watched him closely.

      Newt is an excellent speaker, champion debater, and has the ability to persuade millions. I’ve often said if he would use those abilities for good, rather than evil, he would be one of our greatest presidents.

      Problem is, he’s a self-described “Teddy Roosevelt Republican.” When people think of “progressives” [we call em liberals these days] they think of Woodrow Wilson and FDR, but it was Teddy Roosevelt that ushered in the era of Big Government, centralized control, rather that respect of the Constitution. I suspect a lot of Conservatives love Teddy because he was a sportsman, and created the National Parks system. Problem is, the monster he created has been used to thwart efforts to explore and exploit our natural resources like oil and natural gas. His “antiquities act” has been used to make a lot of lands off limits.

      Teddy busted up the oil companies and other corporations because he, and his sort, reckoned the hard working, self made rich people, simply had too much! In over 120 years, progressives haven’t changed. We call them by their more proper name now, or at least many do, socialists.

      Newt has a lot of issues, personal and professional. I contend his sexual addiction, his inability to maintain fidelity, and his predatory manner, come through in his politics.

      You notice he’ll sound Conservative in his speeches, but he palls around with people like Pelosi, Sharpton, and even Obama. He’s more comfortable with them, and has no problem advancing their ideas and programs. Then he comes back “home” to the GOP and tries to explain it all away, much as a husband would try to explain away lipstick on his collar, or the smell of another woman all over him.

      This is who Newt is. He’s one of those people you wonder why he was ever a Republican. Back when he first ran for office, in 1974, most of the south was run by democrats. Even Texas. So I’m not sure. Of course, back then, the Rockefeller wing of the GOP was in control, so both parties were liberal, and Big Government parties.

      All I know for sure, is if Newt is our nominee, he will lose, and the last 3 years of hard work will have boon for nothing. It’s like Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party never existed.

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