Newt Gingrich is More Dangerous To America Than Obama and I Can Prove It!

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.

A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.

~ Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Statesman, Philosopher and Orator

Attributed. 58 BC, Speech in the Roman Senate

By Gary P Jackson

Yes, Newt Gingrich is more dangerous to the well-being of the United States, and our people, than Barack Obama. That’s a strong statement, and I intend to prove it!

There are many ways to prove this.

I’ll use Newt’s actual voting record, as well as his many positions that run counter to what’s best for the Republic. I’ll also talk about his abilities to persuade otherwise intelligent people to follow him into the abyss.

You see it’s this ability to take the hard left’s positions, and carefully re-word them, making them sound like “conservative” positions, that makes Newt such a threat. Newt knows the language of the Conservative, though he’s never been one. He knows the words that excite the Conservative mind. And this is the real key to it all.

We’ll get to Newt’s lengthy record as a “progessive” in due time, but I want readers to fully understand it’s Newt’s highly developed skills as a con man that should worry all Americans. It’s THE reason he is so dangerous.

Barack Obama is a communist. He’s the most radical president we’ve ever elected. More radical than “progessives” Teddy or Franklin Roosevelt, more radical than LBJ or Carter. The nation’s only saving grace is: Obama is a bumbling fool, who can barely string two sentences together.

Obama has little skill in actual governing, so as bad as he is, much of his agenda [thankfully] hasn’t come to pass. Obama isn’t a leader, and simply can’t get things done. He’s also a bit on the lazy side, and would rather just go play and enjoy the all the perks that come with the office.

Newt Gingrich on the other hand, is quite skilled. He’s a very good speaker. A very persuasive speaker. He also can’t WAIT to get his hands on the controls of government!

This is some of what makes Newt incredibly dangerous:

Newt has taken almost $2 million from the corrupt Freddie Mac organization to help keep Congress off their backs, and $37 million from various drug and insurance companies to help push for government MANDATED health insurance. In spite of this questionable behavior [for a supposed “conservative” anyway] Newt has convinced many of his followers he was just giving “history lessons,” rather than engaging in good old fashioned influence peddling and corruption. And those who support Newt buy it without question!

Everyone hates Mitt Romney [I’m not a fan either] and the entire Conservative narrative this election has devolved into an exercise in finding a “not Mitt Romney candidate” to back. Many have jumped on Newt’s bandwagon, even though Newt has flip-flopped on many occasions, just like Romney, often in more serious ways, and Newt has many positions, and actual votes, that are much further to the left of anything Mitt has ever come up with. And yet, the disdain for Mitt is almost universal, while the support for Newt is relatively strong.

Now don’t get me wrong, Mitt Romney is not the answer to any question pertaining to leadership, or elected office of any kind. But this does illustrate just how persuasive Newt can be, and the perception of Conservatism he’s carefully crafted since the late 1970s.

Newt has managed to have himself described as a Conservative for so long, it’s become “accepted fact” among those who have never paid attention to Newt’s actual record. Newt is anything BUT a Conservative, and yet, many are convinced he’s the best Conservative ever.

Newt is such a consummate con man, that now even Conservatives who have despised Newt for years, because of all of his betrayals, and his constant want to team up with every liberal out there, and promote all of their causes, are starting to fall under his spell.

Conservatives, who for years have bashed Newt, are now proclaiming him our savior, and claiming he’s the only true Conservative out there. The only one we can turn to.

I’ve spent my entire working career in sales and management. I learned to spot a con man a mile away. Part of my job was to make sure we had none of these types in our organization.

These unscrupulous con men sell a lot of stuff, but in the end cause incredible damage to reputable companies. They will do and say anything to make a sale, including out and out lying to the customer, misrepresenting themselves, the company, and it’s products.

Customers are rarely happy after an encounter with this sort. Sooner or later reality hits them right in the face.

While these types initially bring in big money for the company, and earn high commissions, when the dust settles, they usually cost the company more money dealing with the aftermath than any profits generated by the con man.

This describes Newt, and the consequences of dealing with him, perfectly.

Newt would make a great used car salesman at one of those “tote-the-note” lots. He’s the sort that can convince you that you are hot, and about to get sunburned, when in fact, it’s a cold night and you are standing in a driving rainstorm! By convincing so many people he’s a Conservative, and a viable presidential candidate, he’s done the equivalent.

Look at the latest dust-up over illegal immigration. Newt refuses to call them illegal. Like most lifelong Establishment Republicans™, Newt takes the 100% “progressive” stance. He builds straw men around 80 year old grandmas, and says we can’t deport illegals who have been here for “25 years.” Never mind they’ve broken the law each and every day, for those 25 years. And never mind we’ve actually done it before. And with great success.

Of course, since Newt never met a problem that he couldn’t think up an incredibly convoluted, Big Government boondoggle, as the cure, he’s proposed an absolute clusterfark of “citizen selection boards” and “red cards” that relegate illegals to a second class life that amounts to modern day slavery.

Newt’s mess is a huge ACLU class action law suit waiting to explode. What Newt has cooked up is a lawyer’s wet dream.

Think it can’t happen? Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision [Plyler vs Doe], local school districts are forced, at their own expense, to provide education for the children of illegal aliens. It’s not a stretch to think Newt’s plan wouldn’t end up in the courts, and see these courts give mass amnesty to 10s of millions of illegals.

This Big Government “solution” would be just one more magnet drawing illegals to come to America in hopes of gaming the system.

Then there is the potential for massive corruption. At a time many are fighting against corruption and crony capitalism in government, Newt’s “solution” would be a breeding ground for corruption on a level we’ve never seen. Local politicians, many inclined to be sympathetic towards illegals anyway, could find themselves making serious green selling their approval to those illegals.

In the link provided above, corrupt officials like then Senator Lyndon Johnson, of Texas, as well as many government drones, were a huge problem in 1954, but Eisenhower and his people not only took them out of the mix, they deported illegals by the boatload [literally] and didn’t feel an ounce of guilt about it.

Even though common sense, and history, tells us Newt’s plan is a disaster in the making, many Conservatives are applauding this nonsense as the greatest thing ever. Raving about what a “brilliant man” Newt is for coming up with this crap.

That is how dangerous Newt is. If he can convince people this Big Government catastrophe in the making, something I’ve seen described as “Rube Goldberg on acid,” is a competent, Conservative solution to our immigration problem. he can get away with anything!

Throughout his public life Newt has promoted, and voted for, many far left policies. Policies that either have, or if put into practice, would have, helped destroy what makes the United States the great nation that it is.

Newt has proposed, and even helped pass, legislation that is a direct threat to our personal Liberty and Freedom. And he’s done it many times.

Let’s look at some of his record as a legislator:

In 1979 Newt Gingrich was elected to Congress out of Georgia’s 6th District.

One of Newt’s first big votes was FOR Jimmy Carter’s establishment of the Department of Education. This is noteworthy because most Republicans, even well known “progressives” like Olympia Snowe, voted against this. The vast majority of Congressmen in New York, both Republican and democrat, voted against this federal government take over of education. NEW YORK!

Newt was all for it.

This Big Government take over of education allowed centralized federal control to rule over local schools, and allowed the teachers unions to dictate policy. You can trace the serious decline in the quality of our children’s education, as well as the assault on their Liberties and Freedoms, directly back to the creation of the federal Department of Education.

This was such a horrible idea, that in 1980, Ronald Reagan ran on making sure the DoE was never allowed to get up to full speed. He promised to abolish it before it ever took hold. Of course, he failed, because of “progressives” like Newt Gingrich stood in his way.

Even today, some presidential candidates are talking about eliminating the DoE, and giving the control of education back to the states, where it belongs.

What does Newt do?

After Obama was elected, Newt teamed up with race hustler, and all around weasel, Al Sharpton and Education Secretary Arnie Duncan, a Chicago socialist, “In an effort to push cities to fix failing schools and highlight the Obama administration’s programs to reform public education.” Newt said this of Sharpton: “I think he has it exactly right, that education has to be the No. 1 civil rights issue of the 21st century, and I’ve been passionate about reforming education.”

The best reform we could ever do for the American educational system is to get Big Government, Big FEDERAL Government, and the teachers unions, out of it completely.

Conservatives instinctively know this. It’s in our DNA.

Newt doesn’t have the common sense gene in his DNA. Instead, he joins up with Obama’s two henchmen to promote more Big Government “solutions.” Solutions that throw money at a problem he helped create.

I’m only surprised these cats didn’t bring this noted professorial giant from Chicago along as well. After all, he has plenty of experience in this sort of thing.

Speaking of Newt and Reagan ….

Conservatives remember the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” and how it stifled Freedom of Speech for decades. Created by extremists, the left wing democrats who controlled Congress back in 1949, the “Fairness Doctrine” put severe limits on Free Speech, by requiring stations managers to air opposing view points on “contoversial issues.”

Now this may sound reasonable to some, but in practice, it was a direct assault on Free Speech. You see, station owners are businessmen. They are in business to make money. These rules made it impossible for them to do this.

Back then, just as today, few will sit and listen to the “progressive” point of view for long. There are few successful left wing talk show hosts in the U.S. On the other hand, Conservative talk is a thriving business, with $100s of millions paid out to the many stars who give good talk. Even in the bluest of blue states, Conservative talk radio makes money while liberal talkers end up bankrupting stations.

When the “Fairness Doctrine” was in effect, station owners simply took the path of least resistance, and played music, forgoing political talk altogether.

There was one exception to the “Fairness Doctrine”: The News. This was fine for the left, because the news is always presented from their point of view anyway. Liberals got around the rule on the Sunday morning shows by having a handful of liberals, some to the left of Stalin, and the one token “conservative” who was only on the show because he or she had spent a life time ripping on actual Conservatives! This is a practice that still goes on today.

The Supreme Court ruled the Federal Communications Commission had “limited powers of enforcement” concerning this rule, but was under no obligation whatsoever to actually enforce it.

Enter Ronald Reagan.

In his second term Reagan wrote an Executive Order directing the FCC to stop enforcing the “Fairness Doctrine.” Of course, we know an Executive Order is only good until another president rescinds it, or Congress passes legislation overriding it.

This is where Newt comes in.

Before the ink was dry on Reagan’s order, Newt and his fellow anti-First Amendment “progressivescreated legislation reinstating the “Fairness Doctrine with actually legislation, rather that just an FCC rule.

This legislation passed both the House and the Senate and was sent to Reagan’s desk, where he promptly vetoed it.

It’s funny, I first wrote about Newt’s support for this anti-America legislation back in May of this year. At the time no one cared, because Conservatives already knew Newt wasn’t one of us, and never had been. It got more exposure when another blogger linked to the article this month. [November]

So brainwashed are Newt’s supporters commenting on our blog, they claim this reinstatement of the anti-American law
was a good thing and squealed with glee at the prospect of Newt using this assault on Freedom and Liberty against the left. Never mind it never quite worked out that way in the past.

Taking away the First amendment rights of one’s enemy is never cool. Not in America.

In fact, it’s our duty to fight for free speech for everyone, no matter how repugnant it is. Let’s face it, popular speech doesn’t need defending. It’s that speech that angers you the most, that must be defended the strongest. Remember, if you, or the government, can take someone else’s free speech rights away, Yours can be taken away as well. And just as easily.

That Newt would co-sponsor such a vile piece of legislation is unforgivable, and this alone should disqualify him from holding any office. Newt swore an oath to UPHOLD and PROTECT the Constitution. He failed miserably.

Here we have, in just two pieces of legislation, a complete and total assault on the First Amendment, our most precious amendment, that protects our God given right to Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion.

Oh yeah, about that establishment of a federal Department of Education, the federal takeover of our schools that Newt voted for.

Before federal control of our schools, God was very much a part of our education system. Many schools opened with a daily prayer, and God was talked about openly in class. At least it was in Texas! You had prayers at many school sporting events, and the holidays like Christmas and Easter were celebrated as what they are, not some sort of winter or spring solstice observance.

This is the consequence of allowing the federal government in, and Newt was, as usual, on the wrong side of history. Rather than protect Liberty and Freedom, Newt pushed a Big Government program that destroyed a significant amount of both.

Newt was on the wrong side of history with the “Fairness Doctrine” as well. Once Reagan killed this anti-American thing off, talk radio started to bloom. Now we have a vibrant network of Conservative talk to counter the liberal lies that are spread daily. This has spilled over onto the internet, where vibrant discussions, from ALL points of view thrive.

Had Newt gotten his way, none of this would have happened. It simply couldn’t have.

Thanks to Reagan, we have giants like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin on the air daily. Conservative stars like Glenn Beck, Tammy Bruce, Mike Gallagher, and many more, owe it all to Reagan’s wisdom, and belief in Liberty and Freedom.

If Newt Gingrich had his way, all of these great voices would still be silent, and spinning Top 40 records for minimum wage instead! [if they really wanted to be in radio, that is]

Conservative talk radio has done more to educate America, spread Conservatism, and advance Liberty and Freedom than we’ll ever know, and yet, Newt was against it all.

We’re just getting warmed up on Newt, so hang on!

Newt supported the creation of the World Trade Organization [WTO] and America’s membership in the organization. Newt also voted for the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs. [GATT] This is a treaty that cedes United States sovereignty and trade policy to foreign nations. It was always considered not in America’s best interest until Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole came along.

In 1974 Richard Gardner, a State Department official said this of the treaty:

We will be seeking new rules in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade to cover a whole range of hitherto unregulated non-tariff barriers. These will subject countries to an unprecedented degree of international surveillance over up to now sacrosanct ‘domestic’ policies, such as farm price supports, subsidies, and government procurement practices that have transnational effects.

In other words, this group, through the United Nations, would control United States domestic policy, as well as foreign trade policy.

The World Trade Organization (WTO), originally called the International Trade Organization (ITO) was intended to be one of three global economic bodies (the others being the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank). The ITO envisioned a one-nation, one-vote scheme that would have left America’s trade policies in the hands of foreign rivals.

The ITO plan collided with patriotic opposition and was never presented to Congress for ratification – until 1994. Following the November 1994 election, incoming Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and prospective Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich agreed to an extraordinary session of the outgoing Congress. The politics in this lame-duck session were more favorable to passage than in the incoming Congress.

This is what Newt had to say in testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee:

I am just saying that we need to be honest about the fact that we are transferring from the United States at a practical level significant authority to a new organization. This is a transformational moment. I would feel better if the people who favor this would just be honest about the scale of change.

I agree … this is very close to Maastrict [the European Union treaty by which the EU member nations have surrendered considerable sovereignty], and twenty years from now we will look back on this as a very important defining moment. This is not just another trade agreement. This is adopting something which twice, once in the 1940s and once in the 1950s, the U.S. Congress rejected. I am not even saying we should reject it; I, in fact, lean toward it. But I think we have to be very careful, because it is a very big transfer of power.

Rabid Newt supporters need to go back and read his statement once, maybe twice more, before moving forward.

We‘ll wait here.

OK, Newt is testifying this treaty would fundamentally change the United States. Newt says “we need to be honest about the fact that we are transferring from the United States at a practical level significant authority to a new organization.” In other words, ceding fundamental control of many basic government responsibilities, and decisions, over to a foreign power.

Newt goes on to point out this could end up much like the European Union, a clusterfark if there ever was one, and that it would surrender “considerable sovereignty” to the United Nations.

Does Newt warn against this dangerous, and possibly unconstitutional bit of business?


Does Newt stand up against this incredibly stupid treaty that has the potential to change America as we know it, and potentially destroy our economy?


Newt’s only concern is making sure folks who support this insanity, such as himself, are “honest” about the ramifications!

Holy crap!

Knowing the potential dangers of this organization, as well as the agreement, Newt supported them and voted for both.

Read more here.

Our readers know I’m not one of those Alex Jones/Ron Paul types who sees a conspiracy behind every lamppost, but anything that’s good for the U.N. is generally bad for the United States, and as an American, I want trade agreements that work FOR us, not against us.

Anything that cedes control over our nation to a power other than our Constitution is bad, and anyone pushing this sort of thing should be barred from holding office.

I say this because federal officeholders are required to swear an oath to protect and uphold the Constitution. Newt, and the others who made this treaty law, violated their oath.

I can’t say it enough. We are far too forgiving, as a nation, to those who act counter to the Supreme Law of our Land, the United States Constitution. And we wonder why our nation is in such a mess.

Moving a bit ahead in time, Newt is talking big about “defunding” the United Nations now that he’s a presidential candidate, but as Josh Rogin at Foreign Policy points out, Newt was very much for the UN, before he was against it:

GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich is calling for the United States to cut off its contributions to the United Nations, but only a few years ago, he helped lead an effort calling for reforms at the United Nations that recommended increased U.S. funding for several of its programs.

Gingrich, in a Wednesday op-ed entitled, “Suspend U.N. Funding Now!” criticized the United Nations for entertaining an expected resolution that would grant statehood recognition to the Palestinian territories. He said that the United States should suspend all of its contributions to the United Nations if the resolution is allowed to proceed.

[ …. ]

But back in 2005, Gingrich was singing a different tune. He co-chaired a task force on how to improve the United Nations with former Senate majority leader and recently departed Special Envoy for the Middle East George Mitchell, and issued a report written with the help of the United States Institute of Peace.

The American people want an effective United Nations that can fulfill the goals of its Charter in building a safer, freer, and more prosperous world,” Gingrich and Mitchell wrote in a joint statement at the top of the report. “What was most striking was the extent to which we were able to find common ground, including on our most important finding, which was ‘the firm belief that an effective United Nations is in America’s interests.‘”

The task force featured a bipartisan set of foreign policy leaders, including Anne-Marie Slaughter, Thomas Pickering, Danielle Pletka, Wesley Clark, and James Woolsey.

The report did include a great deal of criticism of the United Nations, the U.N. Human Rights Council, and its ineffectiveness in protecting victims of genocide around the world. But Gingrich and Mitchell saw the answer to these problems as increasing funding for U.N. institutions, not withholding U.S. contributions from the United Nations.

They called for more staffing and funding for peacekeeping operations, more funding for the international mission in Darfur, a doubling of the budget for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and more funding for the World Health Organization.

Continue reading here.

In other words, as with most Big Government Establishment™ types, Newt’s answer was to throw more money at the problem. Money we don’t have.

Now that he’s running for president, he conveniently changes his tune to con the people.

It’s telling that Newt always finds a way to “find common ground” with so many lefties, isn’t it?

Newt has “found common ground with those pushing Big Government control of our schools, those pushing the Global warming scam, gun grabbers, and those who want to hand over United States sovereignty to the United Nations.

What wouldn’t he find “common ground” with these lefties on?

And isn’t this the same as John McCain’s tendency to “ reach across the aisle” that is still driving Conservatives crazy to this very day?

How is it Newt gets away with all of this, when no one else could?

When Newt became Speaker of the House he recommended members read Marxist Alvin Toffler’s book The Third Wave. This book describes our society as: “Entering a post-industrial phase in which abortion, homosexuality, promiscuity, and divorce are perfectly normal, even virtuous.

Toffler wrote a letter to America’s “founding parents,” saying:

The system of government you fashioned, including the principles on which you based it, is increasingly obsolete, and hence increasingly, if inadvertently, oppressive and dangerous to our welfare. It must be radically changed and a new system of government invented—a democracy for the 21st century.

Toffler describes our constitutional system as one that “served us so well for so long, and that now must, in its turn, die and be replaced.

You know who else calls the Constitution “obsolete?” And flawed? Barack Obama.

Gingrich calls himself a “conservative Futurist” [WTF?] and wrote a supportive foreword to Toffler’s Creating a New Civilization: The Politics of the Third Wave In his foreword, Newt is upset his fellow politicians haven’t seen the light and developed an appreciation for Toffler’s insight. Newt goes on to explain that Toffler advocated a concept called “anticipatory democracy,” and bragged that he had worked with him for 20 years “to develop a future-conscious politics and popular understanding that would make it easier for America to make the transition” to a Third Wave civilization.

With Newt Gingrich urging every member of Congress to read Toffler, and with Newt praising him so highly, even going so far as to write the foreword in a book promoting the implementation of this Third way …. one has to ask a serious and fundamental question:

Does Newt Gingrich also think our United States Constitution is obsolete and outlived it’s usefulness? Does Newt advocate trashing our Constitution, the one he once swore an oath to uphold and protect?

By praising Toffler so highly, one has to consider the notion that he likely does.

Barack Obama holds this same view and it’s a mighty dangerous one.

In an article by historian Tim Stanley entitled: The second coming of Newt Gingrich, a progressive conservative who wants government to shape a brave new world of entrepreneurs in the UK Telegraph, Dr Stanley describes a Newt Gingrich who has never met a Big Government idea he wouldn’t embrace.

This in particular caught my eye:

But what would Newt replace the welfare state with? Most American conservatives of a traditionalist or libertarian hue (those folks waving signs at Tea Party rallies) would simply demolish it and leave it at that. But Gingrich’s conservatism is more technocratic and it echoes many of the themes of the early 20th-century Progressive movement, which tried to improve America through governmental and social reform.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, he argued that the welfare state should be replaced with an “opportunity society”. For every problem and corresponding program that the welfare state addressed, he urged conservatives to come up with an alternative “new idea”. To be sure many of these “new ideas” were conservative in flavour (privatised Social Security, tax cuts, term limits).

Conceptually, however, Gingrich remained wedded to the belief that government could and should promote economic opportunity and healthy living. He told Mother Jones Magazine, “I believe in a lean bureaucracy, not in no bureaucracy. You can have an active, aggressive conservative state which does not in fact have a centralised bureaucracy.” Gingrich’s role model was progressive Republican reformer Teddy Roosevelt. “We have not seen an activist conservative presidency since TR,” he said.

One of Gingrich’s new ideas was to hand out government-subsidised laptops to the poor. The role of technology was crucial to Newt’s thinking. Unlike traditionalist conservatives (the guys who hunt Saturday and pray Sunday), Gingrich calls himself a “conservative Futurist”. It’s a staple of Right-wing thinking that the past holds all the answers, but Gingrich has faith in tomorrow. On November 11, 1994, he told his fellow Congressional Republicans that he was a believer in the “third wave” theory of history. According to this view, societies evolve in turn with technological/economic change, and America was in the process of shifting from an industrial society to a consumer-orientated, high-tech one.

Rather than bemoaning the associated loss of jobs and identity, Newt urged Republicans to embrace the future – to use government to reach the stars and spread the revolution across the universe. He made a further, surprising statement: “I do not believe Republicans or the Congress have a monopoly on solving problems and helping America make the transformation necessary to enter the Third Wave information revolution. Democratic mayors … are making real breakthroughs at the city level. Some of the best of Vice President [Al] Gore’s efforts to reinvent government nibble in the right direction.

Let’s see, Newt believes in Big Government, as long as it’s doing what HE thinks it should be doing.

His role models are Al Gore, for whom he lays on high praise, and Teddy Roosevelt, the first “progessive” president we ever elected, and a Big Government, central control, enemy of Liberty and Freedom if there ever was one.

Conservatives have grown up being taught Teddy was a hero of Conservatism. Might be because he was an avid hunter and a good steward of our natural resources. I have no clue. Teddy was an activist president who ushered in the era of Big Government, and centralized control. Our big slide down the slippery sloped started with TR.

Teddy Roosevelt and Al Gore, what could go wrong!

Dr Stanley’s piece is a good read. Though I believe he thinks he’s helping Newt, he makes the case quite well that Newt is as much of a Big Government “progressive” as any democrat, including Obama. Take time to read it all.

For more on this, check out Gingrich, Toffler, and Gore: A Peculiar Trio

All of a sudden the video of Newt canoodling Nancy Pelosi on Al Gore’s love seat doesn’t seem like a one off deal of bipartisanship as much as a pattern of advocating the policies of the most insane, and corrupt among us.

Back to Newt’s history:

Under Newt’s “leadership” as Speaker, Congress passes the largest single spending on education in history, $3.5 billion dollars. If Newt hadn’t help create the Department of Education boondoggle ….

Newt has supported legislation that significantly reduced the Second Amendment rights of law abiding United States citizens.

In a new statement, the Gun Owners of America express deep concern for Newt’s anti-Second Amendment record.

In 1995 Newt gave an impassioned speech in support of an effort to repeal the War Powers Act of 1973 which requires the president to bring troops home within 60 days of deployment, unless they receive congressional approval, for continued involvement in any military action.

The NY Times reported:

Despite a last-minute appeal from the Speaker, Newt Gingrich, the House defeated an attempt tonight to repeal the 1973 War Powers Act. The act requires a President to bring home American troops within 60 days of deployment unless Congress authorizes their continued role overseas.

In a significant foreign policy vote, the House voted 217-201 not to repeal the law. Mr. Gingrich and Representative Henry Hyde, Republican of Illinois, who sponsored the repeal, said they had failed to educate enough Republicans; but they also said the war in Bosnia had scared Republicans away from giving President Clinton a freer hand overseas.

A number of members felt that, on the edge of Bosnia, they didn’t want a year from now to have done something that strengthened the President’s hand,” Mr. Gingrich said. “They didn’t want a vote to come back to haunt us.

But others argued that the bill was defeated on its merits. “Every President finds Congress inconvenient,” said Representative Toby Roth, Republican of Wisconsin, who voted against repeal. “But we’re a democracy, not a monarchy.

Although our Constitution names the president Commander-in-Chief of all military forces, it gives Congress the power of the purse, as well as oversight of the military. It’s one of those pesky checks and balances all tyrants tend to find “restrictive.”

Why Newt would want to cede Congress’ responsibility to approve major military operations is beyond me, but gives us all great insight into how he sees the Executive. Another clue to how dangerous Big Government Newt would be in the White House.

More recently, in 2003 Newt was George W Bush’s front man on the unfunded $17 TRILLION Medicare Part D prescription drug bill. Newt urged: “every conservative member of Congress should vote for this Medicare bill.

Lets not forget Newt is very much a believer in the man made global warming hoax. He’s also made big money shilling for Big Ethanol. Newt has made at least $40 million shilling for various left wing notions over the last five or six years. Good work if you can get it!

Besides the infamous love scene on the couch ….

…. where Newt is seen promoting Big Government solutions to fellow con man Al Gore’s hoax, back in 1989 Newt sponsored sweeping legislation to “cure” global warming. The Global Warming Prevention Act [H.R. 1078] is yet another of Newt’s Big Government solutions, this time to a problem that doesn’t even exist! A proven hoax.

Though Newt has gotten what appears to be over a million dollars shilling for ethanol subsidies, try as I might I haven’t found any direct ties to any of Al Gore’s carbon trading schemes, that had the potential to gross in the tens of trillions of dollars annually for the Chicago Climate Exchange, had cap and tax become a reality. This is a scheme Gore, Obama, Maurice Strong, and others are highly invested in.

However, in a 2007 PBS interview Newt was strongly advocating a cap and tax regime.

This is an interesting read, because if nothing else it shows you how Newt tries to pretend to be a Conservative while supporting some of the most far out of left wing ideas. Newt has the ability to sound reasonable while pushing these extreme views. This is what makes him so dangerous!

In this interview you see the formation of a giant Big Government boondoggle that Newt dreamed up to replace ANOTHER giant Big Government boondoggle. A program that has been described as “Solyndra on steroids!

Again, exhaustive research can’t find any ties to money and influence peddling, when it comes to this cap and tax nonsense, so one can conclude Newt is a true believer. I’d feel better if he was just a corrupt politician. [Oh wait …. !]

Katrina Trinko over at National Review Online has more on Newt’s love of a cap and tax set up, and takes readers down memory lane, reminding them of all of the left wing nuttiness he’s supported at one time or another.

Newt has also stood with Nancy Pelosi in support of a national energy tax as well. Barack Obama supports this sort of thing too.

Then there is health care and governmental MANDATES, something Newt was shilling for as late a May of THIS YEAR and as mentioned above, has gotten $37 million from various companies with a direct interest in seeing mandated insurance come to pass.

Around 2005 Newt became Hillary Clinton’s best buddy, and started praising her to the point of inducing nausea in normal folks. He also teamed up with her to push for government mandated health insurance.

Besides being immoral, Conservatives consider a government mandate such as this, forcing an American to purchase any product, by virtue of doing nothing more than existing, unconstitutional.

In fact, the upcoming Supreme Court case concerning ObamaCare is based on the idea that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. The mandate is central to the entire scheme, so having it ruled unconstitutional is the key to having the whole thing come crashing down.

Conservatives have fought a WAR since 2009 trying to stop ObamaCare, and yet their supposed “savior” holds virtually the same position that the man he hopes to replace [Barack Obama] does.

To me this is simply incredible.

We’ve whipped Mitt Romney like a rented mule over this issue since day one, and rightly so, but Newt gets a complete pass from those who support him? Even though his position is virtually the same as Willard’s? [Except Romney claims he only supports mandates at the state level]

Tell me again Newt isn’t dangerous!

I’m not a Romney supporter in any way, shape, form, or fashion. In fact, I think he needs to join Newt and hot foot it over to the democrat party ASAP!

What is interesting to me, is Newt has as many flip-flops as Romney, and unlike Romney, has actually supported more dangerous left wing positions. Some have become law, others are still up in the air.

Newt has already caused more actual damage to America than Romney ever could, and has plenty more where that comes from. All Newt needs is a “title” to put his liberal ideas in motion. And yet, Romney is the one we are supposed to be frightened of?

How is that even possible?

Newt is more ethically challenged than Rick Perry, who is about as corrupt as it gets, and I haven’t seen any charges of unethical behavior in office by Mitt, other than this.

This seems to be standard for Big Government liberals who pretend to be Conservatives though, as Mike Huckabee, another Big Government “progressive” nanny stater destroyed all 12 years worth of records concerning his time as Governor. Like Newt, this tax and spend liberal was also once heralded as our “conservative savior.”

I know someone who not only had 124,000 of her emails gone over with a fine tooth comb by the media, and instead of panicking, encouraged her supporters to not only read every damned one, but share them with everyone they knew!

In fact, this media generated action turned out to be such a boost for Sarah Palin, the lamestream media, that thought it had finally found a way to stop her, dropped the whole thing, with little fanfare, after promoting it like it was the hottest story of the century.

But that’s another subject for another time!

If you are keeping score, Rick Perry stopped destroying his emails after an activist noticed he had a policy of destroying all official emails after 7 days.

By I digress …

Back to Newt:

Gingrich is the only Speaker of the House in the 222 year history of the House of Representative to ever be officially sanctioned for ethics violations.

Newt is currently engaged in corruption, and influence peddling, on an industrial scale. I’ve written extensively about Perry’s corruption, and the system of patronage and cronyism he’s created in Texas, but Newt is the King Daddy of this stuff!

Now is what Newt is doing, selling access and influence for $10s of millions of dollars illegal? Technically, no, but neither is insider trading by members of Congress. Just because it’s not illegal, because those engaged in the process have seen to it they are exempted from laws the rest of us must follow, doesn’t make it right, or ethical.

Sadly, the public has come to accept unethical dealings, and out and out corruption as “just how it is” and let it go.

This has to stop. The American people must stand up and demand corrupt, unethical politicians, in both parties, be removed from politics forever.

Newt is as good of a place as any to start. He’s [thankfully] not in elected office now, and we can certainly keep it that way.

Still, with all the serious ethical questions surrounding Newt …. and others …. it’s Romney we are supposed to be concerned with. Really?

Newt’s career long pursuit of “progressive” ideals and the unethical nature of his dealings, as he pushes his far left, Big Government “solutions,” coupled with his ability to convince people he’s actually a “conservative” makes Newt far more dangerous than Barack Obama.

Newt is seen as an acceptable, even brilliant, alternative to Obama, as well as actual Conservative candidates, as flawed as they are.

This is a national tragedy.

Many people supporting Newt think they are getting principled conservatism, when in fact, they are supporting a “progessive” who agrees with Barack Obama, and the rest of the communists who make up the democrat party, on many of the pressing issues of our time.

If Newt is elected, you can expect government mandated insurance, amnesty for illegals, more centralized, federal control of our schools. [and billions more wasted with zero results]

You’ll see some sort of legislation designed to “fix” the fictional global warming “problem” and more wasted money on nonsense like ethanol subsidies. God only knows what other Big Government “solutions” are floating around in Newt’s undisciplined, liberal mind.

Newt will do all of this to America, he will directly assault many of our basic Liberties and Freedoms, ignoring both the First and Second Amendments, and he’ll do it in such a manner than many won’t even protest, or realize it’s been done to them, until his schemes become law.

Newt is a “big thinker,” for sure, but he’s also an undisciplined thinker, as well as a technocrat who not only thinks he has all the answers, but also feels no constraints by the Constitution, or the Rule of Law. “Progressive” technocrats like Newt are as dangerous as dangerous gets.

Newt is the exact sort of life long political hack we are trying to run out of government forever, and yet many of the people who are a part of that fight, want to elect Newt as our president.

If I wanted, I could write more ways Newt is nothing more than a “progressive” con man, who, for some reason, feels he needs to be a member of the Republican Party [rather than the one he belongs in] and call himself a “conservative.” But, this is already a lot to consider, and voters really do need to consider this, and much more about Newt.

I’ll continue to expose the ways Newt is far more dangerous than Obama, and how he supports many of the same things Obama and his crew does, in future posts.

For now I ask readers to ponder this, and understand who and what the real Newt Gingrich is. He is very different from that fictional “Newt Gingrich” character he plays on television.

And for those who think Newt’s word means anything, please remember this promise Newt made, just before supporting some of the most anti-Second Amendment laws ever to pass through Congress:

As long as I am Speaker of this House, no gun control legislation is going to move in committee or on the floor of this House and there will be no further erosion of their rights

~ Newt Gingrich

Any promise from Newt Gingrich is completely, and totally meaningless.

Caveat emptor!



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44 responses to “Newt Gingrich is More Dangerous To America Than Obama and I Can Prove It!

  1. Wow! That’s one impressive article, a lot of research went into this…thanks for sharing.

  2. No Newt for President
    Sean Hannity has said the country needs to elect a true Ronald Reagan conservative to the office of the President. Then he mentions Newt Gingrich should run for President. I do not understand the contradiction, because Newt is not a true Reagan conservative.
    Newt says the United States is a center right country and the tea party movement shows the American people are not happy with Washington. Newt, tell us something we don’t already know. The American people are waking up to the radical agenda of the Obama administration and the Democrats/Statists. Common Sense Conservatism is rising again and the Statist’s day started coming in November.
    Bob Dole/Dull said it was his turn to run for President and we got 4 more years of the rapist Bill Clinton. Then it was John McCain’s “turn” and we ended up with Barack Hussein Obama.
    The following observations and questions are the reason I do not believe Newt Gingrich is a real common sense Reagan conservative Republican espoused by Hannity.
    Gary Gill was running against Missouri’s 3rd District Democrat Representative Dick Gephardt and he was leading in the polls until Newt praised Gephardt. Gill ended up losing the election.
    Newt made the Contract with America that helped the Republicans win the US House in 1994.
    What did the Republicans do after they won the US House in 1994? What was enacted? Did they follow through on the contract? No.
    In 2005 he teamed up with Hillary Clinton on National Healthcare and claimed she would be a formidable candidate for President. He did a Climate Change commercial with Pelosi and teamed up with Sharpton on education.
    Newt backed Dede Scozzafava, another RINO, in the New York Congressional race.

    Newt was on Greta and commented to her, “You strengthen yourself by attracting more people than by driving them away,” implying that you must compromise your conservative principles in order to expand the party. I believe you stand on conservative principles & let the people come to you.
    Newt is another crony capitalist as he is a member of GE’s healthymagination advisory board.
    Newt supports an individual mandate for healthcare, i.e. he supports Obamacare.
    Above all, he stated the Era of Reagan Conservatism is over.

    He is positioning himself to run for President as a middle of the roader, and is being too cute and disingenuous when he is asked about running for President and gives evasive answers. Now he is in. Newt is out for Newt. He is not a true conservative and this country does not need him as President. Before Hannity or anyone else lends too much support to Newt, Newt should have him explain his reasoning for his actions.

  3. Newt and the Mandate

    On May 15, 2011 Newt Gingrich appeared on Meet the Press with David Gregory and stated, “I am against Obamacare,” but then contradicts himself stating he supports a mandate to purchase health insurance. Gingrich said, “I agree that all of us have a responsibility to pay–help pay for health care,” and added, “I’ve said consistently we ought to have some requirement that you either have health insurance or you post a bond …”

    Gingrich also admitted that his proposal is a “variation” of the individual mandate, a key component of the Obamacare legislation President Obama signed into law in 2010. Gingrich’s mandate is better than Obama’s mandate because Obama’s plan basically is trying to replace the entire insurance system, creating state exchanges, building a Washington-based model, creating a federal system.

    Newt went on to state, “There are an amazing amount of people who think they ought to be given healthcare. So, a large amount of people earning $75,000 a year don’t buy health insurance, because they want to buy a second house or a better car or want to go on vacation and you and I and everybody else picking up for them. I don’t think having a free-rider system in health is any more appropriate than having a free ride in any other part of our society.”

    David Gregory brought up the fact when Gingrich was on Meet the Press in October 1993, Gingrich said: “I am for people, individuals — exactly like automobile insurance — individuals having health insurance and being required to have health insurance. And I am prepared to vote for a voucher system which will give individuals, on a sliding scale, a government subsidy so we insure that everyone as individuals have health insurance.” Is Newt saying everyone now needs to purchase auto insurance, even those who do not have a car and do not drive?
    Newt Gingrich is concerned with people who have no health insurance showing up for treatment at a hospital. What is wrong with giving the people who receive treatment a bill for services? He did not mention that insurance companies have an extra charge in people’s health insurance premiums to cover people who do not have insurance. Will the insurance companies reduce their premiums then?
    There is a mandate that everyone who drives and has a vehicle need to purchase liability insurance. That insurance is to protect the other driver, not necessarily the owner of the insurance. Nevertheless, they may not have enough insurance, therefore the insurance companies offer underinsured insurance. However, you must purchase uninsured motorist coverage in order to get the underinsured coverage. Why is that? Could it be the insurance company wants to make more money off of the policy holders?
    There are people who claim an individual mandate to purchase health insurance is Constitutional and people should be forced to purchase health insurance, because sometime in everyone’s life they will need healthcare. People may or may not need healthcare throughout their life, however if they do receive treatment it is their responsibility to pay for their treatment.
    Newt calls for an individual mandate, wherein people would be forced to purchase healthcare insurance or post a bond to cover possible future healthcare treatment. A mandate is a mandate, whether it is from the Federal Government or the States.
    Those people who favor the mandate justify it saying sometime in everyone’s life they will need healthcare. People definitely have to eat. When people go to a restaurant they eat their meal and then pay for the food plus a tip for service. Therefore, using their logic should people be required to prepay for the food they will consume in the future? Of course not, the same should hold true for health insurance.
    Newt stated, “I don’t think having a free-rider system in health is any more appropriate than having a free ride in any other part of our society,” yet he says he would issue vouchers to people who could not afford it (“free-riders”) so everyone would have health insurance. What? Wouldn’t those people receiving the subsidies be considered “free-riders?” People should buy what they want to buy and not have it forced on them by Government. People need to be taught to be self reliant, responsible and not dependent on Government. If people receive goods or services, give them a bill and have them pay for it.

    • Gary P


      The idea of a mandate from the federal government, to purchase any product, simply because you live here, and aren’t engaged in any activity, is repugnant, and a direct assault on the American way.

      If the government can force you to buy health insurance, they can force you to do anything.

      They can dictate the kind of car you buy, either by brand, or specifications. Some may say that’s ridiculous, but the federal government has a pretty significant stake in a major car company. I’m sure they’d LOVE to force Americans to buy their cars.

      Newt is simply an unacceptable candidate for any elected office. He’s corrupt, and of course, as big of a lefty as any democrat in the country.

      • Obi-Wan Kenobi

        The big issue I have with some of the mandated issues is, point it out if I’m wrong, insurance is supposed to be based on probability, cost, and reputation. My big issue with Gingrich is the fact that Newt actually bounces checks, 22 times. This was back when he was speaker of the House, if a guy can’t be responsible with the proper willpower to deal with his own finances, why should we trust him to have the willpower to veto the proper bills, or sign the right ones, regarding the nation’s budget. I may have once felt like avoiding Romney or Obama was blasphemous at one point, but Gingrich becoming the nominee would make me vote for Obama, just because I can’t reward the GOP for pushing forward a guy who is just such a high liability to our country.

      • Gary P

        Well said!

  4. Hey Gary…great job! A lot of this I recall…mention it but not all the particulars…ya did very well…and sharing too!

    • Gary P

      Thanks. I felt Newt’s record wasn’t being exposed to enough people. We cannot allow this liberal to be our nominee!

      • Ed Fiskeaux

        I have never liked Newt ever since I cast my first vote, and that was for Reagan. I don’t see for the life in me why so many people that supported Sarah Palin are now drifting over to his side. I have my eye’s wide open and I still don’t see any one on the horizon to realy restore this nation but the one lady that has said she wont run this time. Keep writing these great articles Gary P.

      • Gary P

        Thanks Ed. That means a lot.

        A lot of people who support Sarah Palin are new to political activism. Good people, but not as familiar with Newt as those of us who have followed Newt for decades.

        That, and Newt has been pandering his ass off to Palin supporters. He’s saying the things they was to hear. Even promising to give Sarah “a job.”

        He doesn’t mean a word of it, of course, but he’s conning a lot of good people.

  5. I own a carpet cleaning company in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. When I hire someone I take it very seriously and pay attention to detail. Honesty matters. Integrity matters. We have standards. If the American people, when hiring for the nations highest office and the leader of the free world, don’t have standards at least as those our carpet cleaners must meet, then we deserve exactly what we get.

    “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: and a people who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” ~ James Madison 1822

    This is who some of the Republican base is so excited about:

    Lord Help Us!

  6. Okay, if Newt’s not the guy…then who do you consider the best choice among the available options in terms of conservatism? Bachmann? Paul? Santorum?

    • Gary P

      Haven’t settled on a candidate. Not sold on any.

      That’s not the point. The point is Newt is more dangerous than Obama, and is totally unacceptable.

      I’ll likely support the nominee, unless it’s Newt. My conscience simply wouldn’t allow me to vote for someone like Newt.

      • Jonathan

        I agree that Newt is more dangerous than Obama but the fact remains America cannot afford another four years of Obama so this makes the Republican primaries more important than they’ve ever been because if we end up with a nominee like Newt, Romney or Perry then we’re stuck with a choice between reelecting a big government commie Obama or electing a big government RINO..either way America wouldn’t survive the experience. Right now Ron Paul or Bachmann would be my choice..the others are too establishment Republican for me.

      • Gary P

        Ron Paul is unacceptable because of his lunatic foreign policy that would get us all killed.

        It’s basically elect a less corrupt, but still corrupt Rick Perry, or go with Romney. At least Romney isn’t corrupt.

        Fact is, Newt can’t beat Obama. He has far too much baggage. Even if he did win, with all of his Big Government “solutions” it would be like granting Obama a second term.

        Problem is, we all spent so much time looking for a candidate named “Not Mitt Romney” we took our eye off the real dangerous candidate.

        Not good.

        BTW, it don’t get more establishment Republican than Newt. He’s nothing but a corrupt insider.

  7. D. Ford

    Great article! I knew there were reasons I didn’t trust Newt, but I couldn’t remember them. You summarized everything! Do you think we have anyone that can knock off the Obama machine since we don’t have Sarah?

    • Gary P

      I don’t know. We have a pathetic field that gets worse by the day.

      I’m not as optimistic as I’d like to be!

      • Thanks for the lesson. Here are three books I read recently about what’s coming Books to read:

        “Toward a New World Order” author Donald S. McAlvany; publisher Western Pacific Pub. Co

        “The New Economic Disorder” author Larry Bates; publisher Charisma House Publisher

        “Fast Facts on False Teaching:” author Ron Carlson & Ed Decket; publisher Harvest house

        “Willful Blindness: a memoir of the Jihad….by Andrew C. McCarthy this guy is a former federal prosecutor…that was a prosecutor for the 1st bombing of the 1993 trade center….Good ‘ol Clinton didn’t do a thing about it…..

      • Gary P

        Thanks for the great book recommends! I hope all of our readers check them out!

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi

      I know it sounds bad, but if Newt got the nomination, I would vote for Obama. The GOP doesn’t deserve my vote, or a reward, for choosing a man of such bad reputation to be the nomination, when they are supposed to be choosing a viable alternative to Obama. Newt Gingrich is no such viable alternative, I will not be forced to even vote Republican if Newt gets the nomination, his financial character is so bad that it’s honestly proof that there’s no need to go for exactly anyone but Obama, Gingrich will only hurt the GOP way worse than an Obama victory, one way or another. I don’t like to say it, but it’s just my opinion.

      • Gary P

        I don’t sound as bad as you think! I’ve had the same thought. It’s why Newt simply cannot be our nominee.

        There are times I think the Republican Party has reached it’s “sell by” date. It no longer reflects the values of most Conservatives. Of course, we’re not going to vote democrat, so they are the only game in town!

  8. NHConservative0221


    Newt is very bad as you have clearly explained in this article. You have convinced me that he would be worse than Romney.

    However, I would still vote for Newt over Obama. Due to public pressue and the need to not be a hypocrite after promising to repeal Obamacare, I think Newt would actually sign a bill repealing Obamacare. On that issue alone it makes him better than Obama.

    Granted, he would be a disasater overall, someone you just couldn’t trust. However, if Obama is reelected we’re stuck with Obamacare probably forever. If Obama loses, the GOP moderate, even Newt or Romney would sign a bill repealing it.

    • Gary P

      Newt actually STRONGLY supports individual mandates. He’s supported them THIS YEAR.

      BTW, Newt or any president, can’t repeal ObamaCare. That’s up to Congress. Romney would likely sign such legislation and move own.

      Newt, on the other hand, has his OWN form of “ObamaCare,” which includes individual mandates, and he would absolutely push for it’s implementation.

      I’m not saying Romney is the answer, but if it’s between Romney and Newt, there’s no contest. I’d hold my nose all day long and vote for Romney.

      If it was Newt vs Obama, I wouldn’t vote for Obama, but I absolutely COULD NOT vote for Newt. I have to live with myself, and I simply couldn’t be part of any crowd that would allow Newt anywhere near elected office, of any kind.

      • NHConservative0221


        I know that congress has to pass the law first. What I’m saying that Newt WOULD sign a repeal of Obamacare. The pressure from the American people and the backlash would simply be too great for him to stab us in the back on something like this.

      • Gary P

        Newt would sign it it, but replace it with his version of the exact same thing.

        Newt is FOR individual mandates, and always has been. Newt is also for cap and tax, and all sorts of radical left wing things. Newt is a progressive, a liberal, not one of us.

        Newt has been consistently supporting individual mandates for as long as it’s been discussed. And yet, there are many who actually believe he does not. That’s how good of a con man is.

        I don’t trust Congress to reign in Newt in the least. Remember, we have Republican controlled Congress when Bush was in office and they just rubber stamped everything.

        The ONLY thing we stopped Bush from doing was amnesty for illegals.

        We simply can’t vote for a Big Government progressive like Newt and hope for the best. We might as well keep Obama.

        Newt can never be trusted to do what’s in America’s best interest.

        The only way to make sure newt doesn’t screw us, is to not let him in the house in the first place.

  9. My goodness! Gary, you didn’t leave anything out! Its almost midnight and I just finshed reading the whole thing. You have managed to change my mind about Newt. I’m very disillusioned with politics in general. Your clusterfark term sums it up pretty well.

    • Gary P

      Yeah, it’s kinda lengthy, and believe me, I barely scratched the surface.

      Thanks for taking the time!

      Please help inform others. Newt would be a serious mistake.

  10. TLemmbert

    Many supporters want Sarah Palin to reconsider running for President. Today, Conservatives4Palin will begin running an ad on TV. To show that you think she should run, you can wear items that proclaim the message and help spread it far and wide. Please go to the link to find a t-shirt, jewelry, hat, tote bag, button, mug, water bottle or other item to advertise your support of the “Reconsider Movement”!

  11. I have to keep reminding myself that God is in control. Psalm 18:30-32. And when I get stressed & nervous about where this country is going I am continually going to scripture for comfort. This is the only way that I can keep from having STRESS over all this crap!!!! Thanks for keeping us informed. Please “KEEP IT UP” !!!!

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  16. This is who I WILL BE VOTING FOR….NO MATTER WHAT….millions of us will write his name in if he doesn’t get the NOMINATION……he is the only man with integrity, honesty and the courage to do the RIGHT thing and stand up to the corruption in BOTH PARTIES…..WAKE UP AMERICA….DON’T BE SO IGNORANT…..

    Ron Paul: A True Republican
    Gary C. Huggins – 20 November 2012

    There is a faction within the GOP that points to Ron Paul’s libertarian views as a basis for the erroneous claim that Paul is neither a Republican nor a conservative. This is absolute nonsense. There has always been a strong relationship between libertarianism and conservatism.

    In an interview with Reason Magazine in July 1975, prior to his second candidacy for the GOP nomination, Ronald Reagan, the icon of conservatism, stated, “I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism”.

    He further asserted, “The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is”.

    Reagan confidently added, “I stand on my statement that I think that libertarianism and conservatism are travelling the same path.”

    Reagan clearly understood and acknowledged the relationship between conservatism and libertarianism.

    The following passage is an excerpt from Senator Robert Taft’s book, A Foreign Policy for Americans. The book was written in 1951, during the height of the Korean war. Taft, who earned the nickname, “Mr. Republican” was the chief ideologue and acknowledged leader of the conservatism of the Republican party from 1939 to 1953. He led the Conservative Coalition against Roosevelt’s New Deal, believed in a strong national defense, opposed the draft and alcohol prohibition.

    Like Robert Taft, Ron Paul is the only candidate that advocates a true Republican foreign policy. Here is an excerpt from Taft’s book along with a link to the full text:

    “War should never be undertaken or seriously risked except to protect American liberty. Our traditional policy of neutrality and non-interference with other nations was based on the principle that this policy was the best way to avoid disputes with other nations and to maintain the liberty of this country without war. From the days of George Washington that has been the policy of the United States. It has never been isolationism; but it has always avoided alliances and interference in foreign quarrels as a preventive against possible war, and it has always opposed any commitment by the United States, in advance, to take any military action outside of our territory. It would leave us free to interfere or not interfere according to whether we consider the case of sufficiently vital interest to the liberty of this country.”

    Senator Robert Taft, A Foreign Policy for Americans, 1951
    Full text available here:

    There are a few old-school Republicans, like Cal Thomas, a Fox News commentator, conservative columnist, and syndicated author, that can actually recognize a true Republican when they see one. During the 2008 GOP primary, Cal Thomas correctly noted that:

    “The only one behaving like a real Republican is Ron Paul, who actually wants to cut spending and get government out of our lives. He won’t get the nomination because too many Republicans are into handouts and redistribution, just like Democrats.”

    Cal Thomas, January 17, 2008 Commentary

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  19. I’m voting for Newt. These latest attacks only prove why. Palin supporters should not be acting like Ron Paul drones.

    • Gary P

      I see. Pointing out a candidate’s ACTUAL RECORD equates to being a Ron Paul drone?

      You Newt supporters sound more and more like the Obama supporters of 2008 every single day. Character doesn’t matter, record doesn’t matter. It’s all “Hey look, Newt can debate” and “Hey look at Newt’s pretty words” [swoon]Zombies!

      Newt is an incredibly corrupt, morally bankrupt, Big Government Statist. The worst possible human being to take Obama’s place.

      Put down the Koolaid and look at this con man’s actual record.

      • Now IS the time to be vetting the candidates, which means looking at their record and what they have said and done. Newt should be at the bottom of the list of presidential candidates, and really should not be on it at all.

      • Gary P

        Amen Greg!

        I am continually amused by supporters of inferior candidates like Newt who get upset about the truth. I’ve even been told I’m “doing the democrat’s job for them.” Yeah, like the democrats don’t already know this, and can’t WAIT to run against a corrupt liar like Newt Gingrich. It would be like Christmas morning!

        I support Governor Palin 100% , in whatever she does, only because I spent years watching her career, and then going back and learning about the years before I first learned of her.

        Too many hear a pretty speech, or go all weak in the knees because someone can debate. Record, and character matter.

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  21. P.S.

    Newt first and foremost is a bad human being despite being a bad politician that is an insider of the corrupt Washington establishment. He cannot beat Obama. Period. Yes Obama is the “Socialist in Chief” and must be stopped, but we cannot stop him with an evil man that is an outright fraud such as Newt. Unfortunately if I have to vote vs. Him or Obama I might (not for sure though) have to vote for this devil -Newt Gingrich

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