Tammy Bruce: Newt Gingrich’s Policy on Illegals is Obscene and We Already Fought a Civil War to End Slavery!

By Gary P Jackson

Damn it, when Tammy Bruce is on, she’s on, and in this monologue Tammy is en fuego!

I’ve talked about how Newt’s idiotic “solution” to America’s problem with illegal aliens.

I’ve focused more on the Big Government clusterfark Newt’s plan creates, and how ripe it is for massive class action law suits that will eventually lead to amnesty for the 10s of millions here in America illegally, and Lord knows how many of their family members that will follow.

I’ve also noted the situation we have now is what amounts to slavery, as illegals are, in many cases, working for low wages, and without the protections Americans and legal immigrants enjoy.

Tammy hits the nail on the head though. What Newt wants to do, the second class designation these illegals would have, would indeed be slavery. They will be like the “untouchables,” and we aren’t talking about the movie!

It is absolutely obscene.

She also touched on something that we all know will happen. Newt’s local civilian boards, that will determine who stays and who goes, are a joke. As Tammy points out, these board members will be known to the community. They are in a position they could be easily corrupted. Throw a few bucks at the right ones and these boards will just turn into a rubber stamp brigade.

And that’s the BEST outcome.

Honest, conscientious board members, especially in border states, would be targets for kidnapping and even assassination. This sort of thing is already going on inside our country in certain areas.

There is big money trafficking in illegals. Smuggling illegals across the border pays almost as well as illegal drugs, and the risks are a lot less.

Of course, the likely outcome of Newt’s “solution” is a gang of ACLU lawyers arguing in front of the Supreme Court that the entire scheme violates the 14th Amendment, even though these second class citizens are not “naturalized,” and we’ll see a mass amnesty for the entire group.

Newt is a dangerous man and simply not the sort America wants, or needs. His “solution” is one of the very worst ways ever created to deal with this serious issue.

He should be ashamed for even proposing it.



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20 responses to “Tammy Bruce: Newt Gingrich’s Policy on Illegals is Obscene and We Already Fought a Civil War to End Slavery!

  1. This is great! Love Love Love Tammy! This one needs to go viral! If you don’t listen to Tammy at tammybruce.com what’s wrong with you 🙂 Best education you can get, she’s awesome!

  2. TLemmbert

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  3. Gary P

    Just enforce the law.Go after people who hire them, and stop giving them benefits. Take away the magnets that bring them here, and they’ll stay home, or self deport.

    In 1954 Eisenhower actually rounded most of em up. I’ve written about this before. It was called Operation Wetback.

    Look, I’m all for LEGAL immigration, and I’m for finding a real world solution to this problem. But Newt’s is idiotic, unworkable, and as Tammy points out, immoral.

  4. Well i like Newt,so tell me who has a cure for anything that is wrong in our country,that is why they are able to get our jobs because they take less pay,and a million of legal americans are out of work,so what is the cure,tammy

    • Gary P

      You should research Newt’s actual record. He’s more in line with Obama on the big issues than with the American people. Do your own research. Newt was elected to Congress in 1979, and since then, you can count on one hand the things he’s done that even resemble something Conservative.

      As for fixing our problems, no one person can do it. None.

      It’s going to take us all. Every single one of us.

      That said, we DO have to elect HONEST, Conservative leadership. Newt Gingrich couldn’t be farther from that if he tried.

  5. John Dausend

    Can You say Calculated Enslavement !!!

  6. AJ Steele

    Just like that, round up one million plus. There are so many unaddressed factors here it’s not funny. First off I agree with taking measures to stop
    the current or recent influx of illegals. Go after the merchants who hire them and such. Most of the this million plus have generations rooted here
    so deep you coudn’t imagine. Now, take on the social-economic picture of removing all these illegals who do the jobs most Americans haven’t done for decades. You think the economy is bad now?
    I actually wish this removal could take place but it’s not realistic. Your thinking to small scale. Yes, they broke the law, or rather their great grandfather and grandmother and cousin etc. did. Remove the meg-body
    of people who have been here since probably the late 50s, and their ancestors? Good luck!

    There are huge pockets of illgals who have worked without a soc. sec. #

    in decent capacity jobs. They are protected by many employers. I haven’t heard one candidate

    • Gary P

      Like Reagan always said, there are no easy answers. Simple ones, but not easy.

      All we have to do is actually enforce the laws already on the books, and secure the border. The illegals will self deport. This isn’t rocket surgery.

      And since when did will allow mob rule to trump the Rule of Law?

      Illegal is illegal.

      This is not nearly as difficult as some make it out to be.

  7. AJ Steele

    …..state a true solution to solving the question of what to do with the ones here now. The round up solution is good but it will not work in this current society. Even the most conservative politition won’t and can’t get it done.
    If they do try you will see an outcry that makes Occupy Wall Street’s
    “little tussles” look like a walk in the park. The concept of amnesty sucks
    but this should have been addressed ages ago. Now all we can do is fight
    the good fight towards prevention.

  8. Deb

    That’s not what we would be creating….she needs to go to Newt’s site and read what he really says….

    • Gary P

      It’s EXACTLY what it would be. Put down the Koolaid. Newt is by far the worst human being in politics today.

      He’s a corrupt, Big Government Statist. A progreswsive. A democrat hiding amongst us.

  9. AJ Steele

    The real trouble is not with enforcing the borders or upholding the laws on the books, I believe that CAN be done. Again though, these are the type of answers that get us no where. It’s the same circular stuff. The question is
    to address the 1 million ALREADY here. Few are touching that. It’s not a matter
    of mob rule, it’s about REALITY. You will never see the
    people who have been here for decades removed, period.
    It’s the fake clap trap that bothers me.

    • Gary P

      Again, if we enforce the law already on the books, they’ll self deport.

      What worries me is people who would rather just forget the Rule of Law, because we might piss someone off! That’s the real problem. No one has the guts to do the right thing, because they are afraid.

      Living in Texas I know a lot of Mexicans. They are a wonderful and important part of Texas’ heritage. Texas born Mexicans, and legal immigrants, for the most part are pissed off at the illegals as well. ESPECIALLY those who came here legally. They waited in line, and jumped through hoops, and they see illegals get favored status over them.

      Look, I know some illegals as well. Not all of them are evil, or even particularly bad people. They only want to provide for their families. It’s hard not to empathize. That said, the cat who robs the gas station, or corner liqueur store is only trying to do the same. Breaking the law has consequences. It MUST have consequences, or there is mo civilization, just anarchy.

      I agree with Tammy, and it would be cheaper too. Arm these people and support a revolution in Mexico! Let them run the drug cartels and corrupt politicians out at gunpoint. We are fighting around the world, when we have a violent, corrupt third world country on our border, that is flooding our nation with it’s refugees.

      Viva la Revolucion!

  10. ajsteele

    I agree with some of what you say and I don’t think we should just give up and accept illegals.There are to many hard connections in the employment world as well as the personal realm for such an action to work though. Of course we should try something but no candidate is going to entrench himself in the uprooting process. I’ve heard talk about this type of law enforcing for many years. You would have to have one kick ass candidate
    to follow through and accomplish this decades long problem. As you said, politicians are afraid to touch it. This subject has been talked to death with zero results.

  11. Fully agree on Newt’s amnesty proposal, and it’s potential for corruption/intimidation. Who do you see as a viable alternative? If conservatives don’t coalesce behind someone else (Bachmann, Paul, or Santorum) rather quickly, I’m concerned that we’ll end up having to choose between Gingrich and Romney.

    • Gary P

      Bachmann and Paul are out, for obvious reasons. Don’t think Santorum has the juice, even if Sarah Palin actually gets behind him.

      Between Newt and Mitt, it’s no contest. I’d vote for Mitt all day long, though I’d hate ever second of it.

      If Newt is the nominee I will simply leave that space on the ballot blank. My conscience simply wouldn’t allow me to do it.

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