Devastating Anti-Newt Gingrich Ad: Serial Hypocrisy

By Gary P Jackson

Flip-flops, corruption, influence peddling, Big Government “progressive” idelogy. Newt Gingrich is the complete package …. if you’re a democrat.

Readers know I’m not too big on Ron Paul, but man, his campaign sure has produced a devastating video entitled: “Serial Hypocrisy

Short, sweet, and to the point, this video shows Newt, in his own words, as well as Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Congressman Paul Ryan in their own words:

By the way, Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit reports the democrats intend to use Newt’s dastardly attack on Paul Ryan’s budget plan as “right-wing social engineering,” against the Congressman in the upcoming elections.

Thanks Newt! For the umpteenth time in your career, you have given aid and comfort to the enemy. Someday “Newt Gingrich” needs to join “Benedict Arnold” and “Vidkun Quisling” as names synonymous with treachery.

If you haven’t already, please read Newt Gingrich is More Dangerous To America Than Obama and I Can Prove It! and Government Mandates: Newt Gingrich and the Art of the Con Explained for more details on why Newt cannot be our nominee.


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4 responses to “Devastating Anti-Newt Gingrich Ad: Serial Hypocrisy

  1. I have not been a fan of Newt since he sold the congress to the Democrats, but today, I see him as the best and, at this time, ONLY candidate that can positively beat Obama. As things look right now, maybe any one could beat Obama, but I am not prepared to chance changes in the national mood for 2012. Newt is the only one of the current potential candidates who can beat Obama in a serious debate. Anyone who is not happy with Obama best give this some serious thought! Ron Paul would look like a high school freshman in a debate with Obama, and I think that Dr. Ron is a fine, intelligent gentleman, but with visions of grandeur.

    • Gary P

      It’s not just about beating Obama you know. If we beat Obama while electing his clone, we haven’t accomplished much, have we?

      Newt, like Obama is a Big Government progressive. Newt and Obama agree on all the biggest issues. Both want individual government mandates forcing Americans to buy health insurance, or pay a fine. We already know what a disaster that is in Massachusetts.

      Newt also believes global warming is real and most certainly wants to do something to “fix” it.

      Newt will use pretty ways, and tell you he has “conservative solutions” to all of our problems, but the end results of Newt’s solutions are the same results as Obama’s.

      More government, less Freedom and Liberty.

      It’s dangerous to focus on “electability” over solid principles. We have never, ever elected a Republican president after we have chosen our nominee based on this mythical “electability.” Never.

      That said, I doubt Newt would beat Obama in any case. Too much baggage, both personal and professional. I would imagine the democrats would have orgasms the second we nominated that weasel.

      Like most, I’d love to see Newt and Obama debate, just for the show, but unlike most, I’d know Newt didn’t mean a word of it!

      BTW, I’m with ya on Ron Paul.

  2. Joy

    This one’s pretty devastating – but VERY well done!! And it comes from the Ron Paul camp, too!! Sad, as well, that the Dems are going to use his intemperate words against Paul Ryan in going after Ryan, too, in next year’s election….

    • Gary P

      There are a lot of things Newt has said, against Conservatives, that are about to come out, and you can bet, if Newt is the nominee, the democrats have them ready to go.

      The left would absolutely love to run against this guy!

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