Sarah Palin Our Republic Can Only Survive if We Don’t Embrace The Status Quo

By Gary P Jackson

Man this is a POWERFUL interview once you get past the small talk.

Sean tries again to get Sarah to endorse someone, which it’s obvious she isn’t prepared to do.

She does take a shot at those who have been in positions of power, like Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann, who had the opportunity to make a difference, but didn’t.

She has a list of things that could have been addressed, that have never been attempted by any of these candidates that were in a position to address them.

Of course, she has good things to say about Newt as well, but she always had something good to say about em all. People will likely take her positive comments about Newt out of context, this would be a mistake.

Like in her television interview Thursday night, Sarah tends to favor consistency of positions over all else. This, of course knocks both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney out of the running, as both are champion flip-floppers. Both have been known to change positions within a single day, if caught saying something stupid, or unpopular.

Of course, on the other hand, one COULD make the case that both Mitt and Newt have been ideologically consistent, as both are Big Government “progressives” who have pushed outrageous positions like government mandated health insurance, and global warming “fixes” like cap and tax. The only difference is Romney seems to be, in the mold of his father, a movement “progressive” in the traditional Northeastern Liberal Republican. With Newt it may be a mixture of being a true believer and being well paid to shill for hard left causes. We’ll never know the exact truth.

Sarah mentions Rick Santorum favorably again. She also says good things about Ron Paul, on his fiscal ideas, though isn’t a fan of his foreign policy. Sarah, of course is more Reaganesque in hers, eschewing both neo-con thinking of the GOP Elites™, as well as the isolationism that Ron Paul and his backers push, in favor of common sense.

Very good interview on whole. Sarah is always very candid in radio interviews.

It’s clear though, after Hannity kept trying to steer her towards commenting on a Newt vs Mitt battle that she’d just as soon not see it come to that!

Like most Conservatives, Sarah is looking for that candidate that won’t be more of the same, and will be a true reformer, not just one of the good old boys.

I can’t comment on any Palin interview without pointing out, when she lists her requirements for the sort of candidate we need, if we are to see our Republic survive, that candidate isn’t really in the current field. Not even close. The one with the proven record of doing what needs to be done isn’t running.

Audio courtesy SarahNet



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10 responses to “Sarah Palin Our Republic Can Only Survive if We Don’t Embrace The Status Quo

  1. NHConservative0221


    I’ve been a strong supporter of Sarah for the last 3 years. I was very disappointed when she didn’t run, but I understand. I still feel she would’ve been the best candidate.

    After Sarah I preferred Bachmann, but started supporting Cain since he was doing the best in the polls at the time. I really didn’t want a progressive in Newt or Romney to win.

    If Cain drops out, I’ll support Bachmann. I want a principled conservative, and she has great policies/positions and a stellar record (opposed TARP, fought against the $108B in funding in the continuing resolutions for Obamacare, and opposed the debt ceiling increase).

    You said Sarah criticized MB for having a chance to change things but she failed. How so? MB was in Congress that was at first led by Pelosi. KInd of hard to change things under those conditions. Now she has a RINO in Boehner. I know MB was pushing legislation to fight for the the incandescant light bulb awhile back, I don’t blame here for not getting it passed. There are not enough good conservatives like her in Washington.

    Bachmann would make a great president. I trust her and know she would make some meaningful cuts.

    • Gary P

      In all of her time in office, Bachmann has never sponsored any legislation to do anything meaningful about corruption.Nothing. Nada. Even if you have Pelosi, or Boehner, or Hitler as Speaker, you could do something.

      Not a fan of Bachmann anyhow. She’s a backstabbing loser, and a loon.

      Scott Conroy finally published a story that we’ve known about since June. While saying nice things about Sarah Palin in public, behind the scenes, she and her staff were trashing her as hard as they could.

      She trashed Sarah, called her a quitter, and stupid, THEN went around telling her supporters that Sarah wasn’t going to run, but was going to endorse her instead. This was going on in Iowa for months. Who knows where else.

      Bachmann isn’t who you think she is.

      I’ve purposely held back publishing a lot of stuff about her, but suffice it to say, she is not stable enough to hold office. Anyone who would call the cops claiming they were being kidnapped by gay nuns, after a couple of ladies tried to ask her a question, is an absolute loon. Same goes for anyone who would hide in the bushes at a gay rally to spy on the attendees. Bachmann has done both.

      Bachmann has no skills, other than being a loon.

      I think if you go back and look at her time spent as a state senator you’d learn real quick that she’s just as bad as the rest.

      We really don’t have a good option going into this election. Not even close to a good option.

      • NHConservative0221


        Bachmann could’ve run her campaign better, but are you going to tell me she’s a Progressive like Newt and Romney?

        As you’ve noted, Newt supported the mandate, voted for the Dept of Educations, did the commerical with Pelosi, voted for Medicare Part D, supported TARP, took money from Freddie Mac..etc.

        How is MB anywhere close to that?? Isn’t it worth getting behind a conservative to fight the two progressives the establishment has picked for us?

      • Gary P

        I’m not saying she is as bad as Newt, hell, I’m not even sure, in the grand scheme of things, Obama is as bad as Newt. But she has a history of supporting progressive ideas, as a state senator. She didn’t get fiscal religion until she ran for Congress.

        The big problem with Bachmann, past her total lack of any relative experience, she’s never run a city, never run a state, is her instability, and downright nutty past. Anyone who would call the police, scream she was being held against her will by lesbian nuns, and file a complaint of false imprisonment, just because a couple of women asked her some questions in the bathroom, is not exactly who I would trust in the WH.

        Also, it’s a little personal. Bachmann wouldn’t even BE a Congresswoman right now If Sarah hadn’t held that huge rally for her, and managed to get national coverage for it. Bachmann was on her way to a massive defeat before that.

        And how does Bachmann repay her? By stabbing her in the back over and over. I don’t want a weasel like that in office either. If I wanted a lying, corrupt crapweasel for president, I’d go for the gold and support Newt!

        This doesn’t even reveal all of the stuff Bachmann has done, but it’s a nice start. There’s a reason why most Palin supporters spit on the ground when Bachmann’s name is mentioned.

        Again, many of us were asked NOT to say anything about this, or Bachmann’s nutty ant-gay crap. I can tell you, had Bachmann not imploded, I was ready to go full speed outing her nutty stuff.

  2. Gail

    I think that Republicans are thinking the same things that Democrats thought when John Kerry won the nomination. So disappointing. But the problem is not with the politicians. It is with the voters who do not “write in” the candidate of their choice rather than vote for those who are already bought and paid for by those who do not have your best interests in mind. Sarah Palin is bought and paid for as well.

    • Gary P

      Don’t be stupid. Sarah Palin has been fighting against corruption, as an elected official, for two decades. If there is one politician who cannot be bought or sold, it’s her.

      And unlike any of the others, she has the record to prove it.

      • Gail

        Yes, Sarah Palin does have a record of her ethics. It’s available to anyone willing to look at the evidence.

      • Gary P

        Yeah, her record is as clean as it gets. Morons funded by the Obama campaign, filing bogus ethics complaints that were thrown out almost as fast as they could file them, aren’t exactly legitimate.

        There has never been any actual evidence of impropriety at any time Palin has been in elected office.

        On the other hand, she sure helped send a lot of corrupt bastards to prison!

  3. The Drug War was a Progressive program. You would be surprised at how many “staunch” conservatives support it. It was opposed by Conservatives when proposed. Now they support it. In fact “conservative” support is the only thing keeping it alive.

    In fact there are very few limited government conservatives around. Conservative socialism revolves around moralism and liberal socialism revolves around money. Ah. Well. In time they will be united again as they were in the Progressive Era.

    Something to look forward to.

    • Gary P

      So we should just allow drugs to be legal? Hell, why not just make absolutely everything legal? Then there would be no crime.

      The reason the drug war didn’t work is because we weren’t serious. Throwing some moron with a joint in prison is worthless. Things like the death penalty for dealers, and troops on the border with rules of engagement that allow them to shoot when necessary would.

      We all want limited government, but law enforcement as well as protecting the nation from all threats foreign and domestic, actually IS the government’s job. It’s in the Constitution.

      Things like taking over the schools, or mandating light bulbs, and health care is NOT.

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