Non-Candidate Palin Beats Gingrich and Romney in Latest Hot Air Poll Plus a Write-in Blow-out in Another

By Gary P Jackson

Tell me Conservatives are satisfied with the current crop of candidates.

In their monthly online survey Hot Air included a hypothetical match-up between Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney. The results? Sarah Palin beats latest “flavor of the month” candidate Newt Gingrich 44% to 42%, with Mitt Romney coming in at an embarrassing 14%.

This is not surprising since Sarah won every Hot Air straw poll by impressive margins until it became obvious she wasn’t going to run for President.

There’s no love for Mitt at Hot Air, never has been, so there’s no surprise that he gets little support. This also shows that while some are buying into Newt’s line of BS, many are not.

Yeah, this is an online poll, but Hot Air does a good job of stopping attempts to manipulate the vote, unlike others, and it is a pretty good representation of Conservative sentiment around the country. When they were including interactive maps with their survey results, Sarah Palin was consistently the only potential candidate that had support nationwide.

You can see the complete results here.

Came across another interesting poll, asking if the election was held today, who would you vote for.

I’m can’t vouch for the integrity of this poll, so take it with a large dose of healthy skepticism.

That said, though Sarah Palin wasn’t officially listed as a candidate, she garnered a whopping 43% of the vote, as a write in. Newt Gingrich came in second with 15%. Herman Cain, who just “suspended” his campaign third with 14%.

For what it’s worth, the only other candidate in double digits is Ron Paul, with 12%. Since his supporters are known to spam every poll that doesn’t have sufficient safeguards, draw you own conclusions.

There is an interesting interactive map, that shows you who won where.

Sarah carried states like California, Oregon, and Washington, as well Florida, Virginia, Maine, and even New York.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Since Sarah is not actually a candidate, nor will likely reconsider her decision, it’s hard to say, at this point, what this actually means for the GOP primaries. In my opinion it points to a Conservative base that doesn’t care for the choices that are in front of them. How that will play out in the end is anyone’s guess.

One thing is still crystal clear, had Sarah Palin chosen to run, she would have been the odds on favorite to be our nominee, and the 45th President of the United States. It’s also clear her supporters are having a difficult time finding someone they can get behind.

I can only speak for myself, but as a long time supporter of hers, I can’t find anyone who even meets one of the requirements needed to be acceptable as a candidate. We need, as Sarah puts it, sudden and relentless reform, and none of our candidates have embraced this at any time in their career. Worse, some of them wallow in the very corruption we must stop.

Lots of soul searching between now and November 2012.

We must remove Obama from office, but more importantly, we must replace him with a person of good character, and wisdom. We simply cannot elect another Washington insider, career politician, or morally and ethically challenged loser.



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30 responses to “Non-Candidate Palin Beats Gingrich and Romney in Latest Hot Air Poll Plus a Write-in Blow-out in Another

  1. Maybe she will learn in time.

  2. Tim

    To hell with the “chosen one” (Romney)….Give us Barrabas!!! (Palin)

    • Gary P

      Our buddy, the Poll Insider actually makes a reasonable case for Mitt Romney, since Sarah isn’t running.

      I’m not a fan, but we’ve spent so much time saying “anyone but Mitt” we’ve let a far worse person take a huge lead. We should have been paying attention and saying anyone but NEWT!

      • Joy

        Thanks a bunch, Gary, for posting that link to Poll Insider – what a terrific overview & analysis!! Even I, who has never even considered Romney as a distant possibiliity, can see the wisdom in his “default” endorsement – and why!! One simply has to ask, “What’s more important?” (1) Writing in Palin’s name and possibly handing the election to Ovomit? or (2) Voting for Romney (nose firmly held shut!!) and bolstering our chances of retiring that rotten Fraud-in-Chief once & for all (so he can go on to become some sort of spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood – which, I’m beginning to believe, was his TRUE mission from the get-go!!)?

      • Gary P

        Yeah Poll Insider is a really sincere journalist. I’ve NEVER seen anyone who could analyze a poll like him.

        I’ll have more to say on this, but if it comes down to Newt vs Mitt, it’s not even a contest. Mitt it is!

        I keep praying for a miracle though.

  3. BELLE


    • Kazia Zak

      do that and you are giving the election to obama

      • Gary P

        Please explain, in detail just how would that work? Sarah Palin is the only one who has taken the fight to Obama since day one. She’s also the only one who appeals to independents and even sane democrats.

        Right now millions are asking her to reconsider, and thousands are actively organizing write-in campaigns across the country, and she’s not even running. Show me any time in history any candidate has had that sort of support.

        I’ll wait here.

      • joy

        Good point, Gary; besides, how is writing in Palin’s name in the various primaries “handing a victory to Obama?!?” The Dems aren’t even in the race during GOP primaries (except in their own columns to register votes for the handful of super-minor Dem challengers to Obama). Indeed, in 2012, the primaries are all about the GOP! Period. Not sure how things will flesh out by the time Calif. has its primary in June, but I’m planning to write in her name then as well. Don’t care about any of the others, except I will vote for whomever is the GOP candidate (except Ron Paul!) in November.

      • Gary P

        Most of the sudden surge in Ron Paul support is coming from the hard left democrats, according to the polls. Makes sense. LOTS of Ron Paul signs at “occupy” events. I didn’t write about it, but the occupy loon who caused $10 million arson damage in Ft Collins, Colorado was a Ron Paul supporter.

        All I know is if folks in Iowa want to write Sarah’s name in, they should. Voting one’s conscience is never a bad thing.

      • Joy

        Now that there seems to be a switch from Bachmann to Paul (among some in her campaign and in Iowa), maybe the Paul-bots will finally be “smoked out” and the rest of the GOP can see him for what he is. At this point, something inside of me says that Palin’s voluntarily absenting herself from this mud wrestling event was not a bad idea after all. She’s been through the media wars and, if anything, has been thoroughly vetted (at least, as of Oct. 2011). What happens next is anyone’s guess, but I can’t remember such animosity and crap prior to McCain’s nomination in 2008!

  4. Joy

    Such a painful reminder of “what might have been…” Unlike the other “flavors of the month” (mostly leaning Conservative) that have faded/imploded, the devils at the DNC and in the LSM could only fight Palin on the issues! She’s so clearly vetted that it would take REAL lies to even attempt to “bring her down” and destroy her politically (and, again, personally). But the sad and ironic thing, of course, is that HER primary issues are ALL of America’s issues as well. So, is our Cause lost for the immediate future? Is there still any meaning to her oft-remarked words (and, in a sense, promise) that “this election would be VERY unconventional?” Frankly, I am still adrift – can’t believe the scenario as it stands today. This was to have been the GOP’s election to lose; now, I’m not so sure…

  5. Like most of her supporters, I am also adrift since she declared she’s not running. At the moment I am uninterested at all the choices in front of me, that include disinterest in Bachmann.
    How it all would translate come voting time– I really don’t know!
    I still want Sarah to reconsider… she’d get my money and my family’s vote.

    • Gary P

      Most of us are in the same boat. Back in June or July buried in a Gallup poll was an interesting number. Gallup asked Palin and Romney supporters how strongly committed they were. 52% of Sarah’s supporters said they wouldn’t switch candidates. They were solidly in her camp. The number for Romney was 30%

      I suspect this is the reason why so many people are still calling for her to reconsider.

  6. Burton


  7. Until yesterday, I was a Cain supporter. I’m now leaning toward Bachmann…but not quite sure. Since I’ve not really been researching her up to this point, what is it about Michele that makes you say she “[has not] embraced this [sudden and relentless reform] at any time in [her] career?”

    • Gary P

      She simply hasn’t. In fact, she has serious ethical issues. She advocated for the presidential pardon of a convicted drug dealer, and magically somewhere around $27,000 ended up in her campaign coffers from the convict’s family. Oh, and he went on to commit more crimes. And there’s more.

      Her record as a state senator is pretty far left on everything but social issues. Especially “global warming” nonsense. Both she and Tim Pawlenty are big ethanol whores. On social issues she’s an extremist. I’ve not written much about Bachmann and her craziness, because I was asked to keep my powder dry, even though she has been backstabbing Governor Palin all along. Since the earliest days in Iowa she has been playing dirty politics. Trashing the governor, while simultaneously claiming that she was going to endorse her.

      That said, the file on her craziness is quite thick. The democrats would have a field day. Her stories about being kidnapped by lesbian nuns, and hiding in the bushes spying on gay rallies, complete with photos, would keep Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno, and Pervert Letterman in fresh scripts for years to come. Spend a little time searching for it. She has a long police file, from filing insane complaints.

      She’s too unstable to be in office. Any office.

  8. Baron

    Palin on the issues? If media will try REAL lies to even attempt to “bring her down” and destroy her politically (and, again, this will be very PERSONAL FOR ALL supporters, (start occupied media), boycott TV station, and more. We are too tired of BS Politics.

  9. ajsteele

    “Good character and wisdom” means Rick Santorum, but that’s very unlikely. Unless something earth shattering happenings, your choices are Bachmann, Gingrich or Romney. No one else is getting in. Trump is the only one that could enter in the summer of 2012 and possibly win (money). You might say it’s too early to settle on a candidate and I agree but it’s best to let the light of reality shine through.

    • Gary P

      Bachmann is completely and totally unacceptable. She’s mentally unstable, and not of the temperment needed to be in an executive position.

      Gingrich is also totally unacceptable, and would be more dangerous than Obama. He sides with Obama on many issues. Government mandated health care, federal government interfering with our schools, cap and tax, and more. Unlike Obama, Newt is skilled enough to make the left’s wet dream of legislative initiatives a reality. I don’t trust his judgement on Supreme Court nominees either, and the next president will nominate two, possibly three.

      Problem is, Conservatives have spent so much time looking for a candidate named “Not Mitt Romney” they’ve allowed the real threat to our nation’s survival to become our current front runner.

  10. Jim Thompson

    Run, Sarah, Run!!!!! America Needs you. Other than Herman Cain, which I’m fired-up for what the Obama Establishment, Sorry ass LSM Did to him. It’s no suprise that Sweet SARAH COMES OUT ON TOP AS THE CLEAR WINNER. Please, please Sarah, reconsider.

  11. ajsteele

    Palin is out. No matter how you want to reword it, not voting for one of the candidates running is voting for Obama. Start coming to terms with the weaknesses of the candidates as unfortunate as that sounds.

    • Gary P


      That’s why we are having so much trouble. A crap sandwich is a crap sandwich. Now we are down to the regular crap sandwich, or the double-double!

      It’s likely to come down to Mitt vs Newt.

      Mitt it is, if this happens. [curses Ann Coulter under breath]

      No way in hell a person of good conscience could ever vote for Newt. A bridge way too far.

      • ajsteele

        Can’t figure what the “duh” is for. You’ve religiously pulled apart almost every candidate running and no one would think you could vote for any of them. If your a gung ho conservative why would you even consider Romney? If Newt is the nominee your allowed to sit it out. Obama won’t mind your non-participation that contributes to for more years of hell.

      • Gary P

        If it comes down to Newt vs Romney, I’ll vote for Romney. If it comes down to Newt vs Satin I’ll give Satan a second look.

        Newt is completely unacceptable as a candidate, as a member of the Republican Party, and as a member of polite society.

        I love how people think pointing out someone’s actual record, using FACTS, is somehow a bad thing. It’s like people think the democrats don’t already have all of this info, ready to trot out the very second we have a nominee.

        Better we pick an honest, decent human being as our nominee, than a corrupt, morally bankrupt, Big Government megalomaniac who is only out for himself.

        I’ve never said I’d sit the election out, just if Newt is the nominee my conscience would allow me to vote for him. I’d definitely vote down ticket.

        The Republic is too important to place it in the hands of a progressive like Newt. We might as well just leave it to Obam, because either way we are screwed.

        I don’t trust Newt any more than I do Obama to pick Supreme court justices that would follow the Constitution.

      • AJ Steele

        There is a big difference between pointing out facts
        (and I’m all for it) and making a person appear unfit
        for office. One can’t help but come away from many
        of the facts that you point out leading to the
        individual being totally unacceptable. Only a few
        months ago it seemed Romney couldn’t be dog catch-
        er according to some of your writtings.
        You may not have said you will sit it out but reference
        after reference of corupt and shakey people sure
        makes it seem like you couldn’t vote for them.

        It’s a positive thing that people evolve and change
        toward positions. Romney is a perfect example. I
        don’t know that others can’t and wouldn’t assume to

      • Gary P

        Newt is unfit to serve. Besides the fact he’s a Big Government Statist, who agrees with liberals, more than America, on every major issue before us, his personal life is a disaster.

        Newt is a sexual predator. A serial adulterer who used up women for decades. All of this is about to come out. Thankfully BEFORE we screw up and nominate him.

        I sat back and watched Conservatives, as well as everyone else DESTROY Herman Cain over ALLEGATIONS, with absolutely no proof of wrongdoing whatsoever.

        It’s surreal. While destroying Cain, these same people have embraced Newt like he’s our savior. And yet Newt is one of the most despicable humans in politics. He’s so vile he makes Bill Clinton the paragon of virtue!

        Again, the good news it will hit before the nominee is chosen, rather than after, so hopefully the effects of the Koolaid will wear off.

        Here’s a sample of what’s coming, and it ain’t pretty:

        Character still matters.

        Mitt Romney is not a great choice either, but his record of flip flops is no worse that Newts, and when you dig, Mitt’s record is more Conservative than Newt’s. Hard to trust either one, but when push comes to shove, Mitt would be better than Newt. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that.

        Newt is simply unacceptable under any circumstance. He can’t keep fidelity with his mates, Conservatism, or America.

        It’s no more difficult than that.

  12. Joy

    I happened to be listening to Fresh Air on PBS last evening – and it was very revealing about Newt! Actually, you’re a lot harder on him than even the WaPo writer who’s written about him for 30 years – first for Time Mag. and now for the Wash Post. But she was very thorough in her dissection of Newt throughout his career – a real reincarnation of “What Makes Sammy Run?” Only this new version is should be renamed, “What Makes Newt Run?” The writer being interviewed (forget her name now) focused mainly on his political career – and also how and why his fellow GOP colleagues hold him generally in very low esteem. Gingrich definitey “has issues!!”

    • Gary P

      I haven’t even scratched the surface yet!

      Remember when Obama went to San Francisco, after being in the Heartland trying to pass himself off as the second coming of JFK and Reagan, combined? A couple of days later he was in SF saying what he really thought at a private fundraiser. The famous “bitter clinger” event.

      Well guess what, just days after pandering to a group of Tea Party Patriots, this slug was at a private GOP Establishment™ affair. There he pronounced the Tea Party as the “militant wing” of the GOP. The left has already used that over and over to attack the Tea Party.

      I’ll be talking about this next week.

      Newt is a two faced liar.

      Oh, and wait until the stuff on his serial adultery and his life as a sexual predator hits the fan! The stuff I’ve found is very bad.

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