Newt [illegally] Panders: Say’s He’d Pick John Bolton for Secretary of State, Bolton Underwhelmed

By Gary P Jackson

You ever wonder why, as cool as would be, serious candidates never promise to appoint someone in their administration, if elected?

Turns out it’s against the law. From Political Wire:

Newt Gingrich promised he would ask former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton “to be his secretary of state if he’s elected president next year,” the Washington Times reports.

Unfortunately, naming individuals you would appoint to office before the election is apparently illegal. Here’s Title 18, Part I, Chapter 29, Section 599 of the U.S. Code:

Whoever, being a candidate, directly or indirectly promises or pledges the appointment, or the use of his influence or support for the appointment of any person to any public or private position or employment, for the purpose of procuring support in his candidacy shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if the violation was willful, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.”


It talks about a candidate using their influence. Well hell, influence peddling is what Newt does best! Gets paid very well doing it too.

Newt knows that Ambassador Bolton is considered a superstar by Conservatives, so he throws this out there to his fan boys to keep them excited.

The fact is, Ambassador Bolton is likely on the short list for Secretary of State, or Secretary of Defense, of every serious presidential candidate. Bolton is well respected and a serious man. He has consulted with several presidential candidates during this election cycle, and in a statement has pledged to continue.

In an email response to TPM’s request for comment on Gingrich’s stunt, Ambassador Bolton’s spokesman at the American Enterprise Institute said: “This is our statement that we have been putting out for months.”:

Mr. Bolton has not endorsed any candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. He has spoken to a number of those running, and he would be happy to discuss national security issues with anyone in the race.

Ambassador Bolton is obviously more concerned about making sure the candidates understand world affairs well, than advancing his own political aspirations. He’s a true patriot.

It’s doubtful anyone will pursue any sort of legal action against Newt, because The Establishment™ always watches out for it’s own. Some exemption or loophole will be “found.”

This isn’t the isn’t an isolated case either. Newt has been constantly pandering to supporters of Sarah Palin’s, even going so far as to tell a Delaware audience he’d make Sarah his Energy Secretary, if elected.

Yeah, good luck with that big boy!

It’s doubtful she’d ever accept a VP slot again, and after being Alaska’s top Energy and Environmental regulator under a corrupt governor, who she had to fight, and eventually oust, along with all of his cohorts in crime, I seriously doubt she’d hook up with a corrupt, Washington insider, under any circumstances.

I can’t pretend to speak for Sarah Palin, but as a leader, not a follower, I just can’t see her playing second, or third fiddle to anyone in elected office. Especially not one that will absolutely have a lot of ethical issues from day one.

Newt is great at pandering. He knows what people want to hear, and he’s giving it to them by the bucket loads.

Just remember, Newt’s words never match his actual deeds. While he’s talking about appointing genuine, solid Conservatives, superstars in their own right, the folks he’s actually palled around with are Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, John Kerry, Al Sharpton, Arnie Duncan, and Barack Obama.

Oh, and when he had the chance to back a solid Conservative in New York, he backed a full on Margaret Sanger Award winning liberal, instead. A candidate who was to the left of the eventual democrat winner, who she, herself, endorsed. Thanks Newt.

I suspect that when it comes time to appoint Supreme Court justices, liberals like De De Scozzafava will be “conservative enough” for good old Newt.

Readers might also refer to Government Mandates: Newt Gingrich and the Art of the Con Explained to better understand what Newt is up to.



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18 responses to “Newt [illegally] Panders: Say’s He’d Pick John Bolton for Secretary of State, Bolton Underwhelmed

  1. Loadmaster

    Illegal or not – who is to say you can’t try to put together a “Dream” team. Oh, if you mention it, it’s illegal. If I ran, day one, I would want The Lady From Wasilla to be on my team. Now, is that illegal?

    So, if Newt gets the nomination you voting for Obama?

    • Gary P

      Newt is just doing what Newt does, pander.

      There is already some dispute if what Newt did as really illegal, or just damned close. What it is for sure is pandering and hubris. We haven’t had a single caucus, or a single primary, and this clown is already measuring the drapes, and ordering the stationary. This sort of thing never ends well for someone like Newt.

      Voters are just starting to remember what a Big Government progressive [liberal] Newt has always been. When the women come out and start talking about his serial adultery, and the fact he’s a sexual predator, I seriously doubt he survives. Herman Cain was destroyed over ALLEGATIONS. There are nearly 40 years worth of one night stands, mistresses, and so on, about to ht Newt right between the eyes.

      I always laugh at people who think if you don’t vote for whatever loser the GOP throws up, you MUST be about to vote for Obama, or whatever socialist the dems put up. There are other options.

      I would hold my nose and vote for any GOP candidate, but Newt. I have more respect for my country. My conscience simply wouldn’t allow me to do it.

      There’s a reason why Conservatives are working hard to expose Newt to people. The REAL Newt. We don’t want to have to make the choice between Newt and Obama. We will never let it get to that.

  2. NHConservative0221

    Hey Gary,

    It’s nice to see Sarah attacking Mittens but I wish she would do the same to Newt. What did you think of the rumors that she was going to endorse Newt and what would you think it she actually did??

    After Sarah decided not to run, my next choice was Bachmann. However, I started supporting Cain because he was leading the polls and had a better shot at beating Mittens and Newt. I’ve realized my lesson to vote my conscience no matter what.

    No one is spectular in this race and the media and establishment have tried to give us two Progressive in Cupcake Mitt and Beltway Newt.

    Bachmann has the best record on anyone in the field. While MB was leading 40,000 Tea Party patriots to protest Obamacare in DC, Newt was supporting the individual mandate. While MB was fighting to shutdown Fanne and Freddie, Newt was taking over $1.6 M from Freddie Mac. Also, MB fought RINO Boehner over the $108B in the continuing resolution for Obamacare, fought for the incandescent light bulb, voted NO on TARP, and NO on raising the debt ceiling.

    MB will eliminate the Dept of Education, the EPA , and make the Fed the size of a peanut.

    She’s a Tea Party conservative and deserves our support.

    • Gary P

      Sarah’s not really going to attack anyone, as we would. She’s called out Rick Perry for his massive corruption here in Texas, but she’s also said nice things about him.

      Said nice things about Ron Paul, but also said his foreign policy was insane.

      She’s been cagier about Newt.As the front runner, she knows if she really rips into him, she’ll make the left happy. She’s more subtle about it. She’s let it be known he’s a lifelong, corrupt, Beltway insider, without actually saying those words.

      Those reports that she’s going to endorse Newt are pure BS.

      I think she understands her place is not to recommend any candidate, or slam any candidate. If you notice, she keeps saying WE must vet these people, and decide for ourselves. She’s more focused of going after corruption in Congress.

      I liked Cain as a man, still do. It’s surreal to me that Cain was destroyed over allegations of misdeeds, and yet, the current “messiah” of the GOP is a serial adulterer and sexual predator, who has had sex with half the gals in DC! {OK, a tad bit of exaggeration, but …] Newt makes Bill Clinton look like a paragon of virtue in comparison!

      My problem was always Cain’s lack of experience, especially on foreign policy, and his seemingly unconcern about it. Still, I might have took a chance, had it come down to say he, or Newt.

      Bachmann, well, she’s a flake and a backstabber. We were asked to hold back on her, out of respect, even though Michele was running around all over Iowa attacking Sarah Palin, calling her a “quitter” and “stupid” while at the same time telling her supporters Sarah wasn’t going to run, and instead endorse and support her. Months later, Scott Conroy over at Real Clear Politics finally reported on the backstabbing Bachmann was engaged in.

      Bachmann’s record isn’t all that great either. She’s been a completely ineffective congresswoman. And is not well liked by her peers. I know of one candidate for president, who came and went as soon as her numbers cratered, whose entire reason for “running” was to stop her.

      Her record as a state senator is more toward Big Government, especially when it came to global warming stuff.

      She also has a scandal or two. Seems she wrote passionately to get a convicted drug runner a presidential pardon. Once secured, a $27,000 donation came in from the convict’s family. At the turn of the 20th century we impeached a Governor here in Texas, for selling pardons. What he would do is take customers out to his ranch near Temple, and point to a beat up old cow, and make his sales pitch. His cows always brought a premium price, if ya know what I mean.

      Bachmann won’t be our nominee, nor president. Too many skeletons in her closet. I’ve held back on reporting most of it, simply because she imploded before I got around to it, and more important issues came up.

      Best put, Bachmann is the living caricature much of the media tried to paint Sarah Palin as. Bachmann has a real hatred for gays. Her sister is gay. As a state senator, rather than worrying about fiscal issues, she focused almost entirely on social issues. This lead her to do some really idiotic things.

      She once called the police claiming she was kidnapped by lesbian nuns! What really happened was after a town hall meeting, several women, lesbians, saw her and followed her into the bathroom to ask her a question or two. According to accounts, Bachmann freaked completely out and the police were called. In fact, there is a very long list of complaints to the police over nothing issues.

      Oh, and there was the time she was caught hiding in the bushes spying on a gay rally. And don’t get me started on her husband Marcus, and his pray away the gay clinics.

      The democrats would FUND Bachmann’s presidential run themselves if she was the nominee!

      Spend some time on Google, or Bing. This woman is not stable.

      I do believe she is a Conservative, and has a LOT of good ideas on a LOT of things, but she is simply not stable enough to be president.

      We gotta find someone who won’t turn half the country off. With this crowd, that’s a monumental task!

  3. NHConservative0221


    You said you believe MB is a conservative unlike Newt and Mitt who are progressives. That’s a pretty clear distinction.

    If MB won the nomination, then it’s pretty simple for the Genear: Capitalism vs. socialism. People would have to decide do you want Obamacare for life? That’s why I think a ham sandwich could actually beat Obama.

    Finally, what do you think of Santorum?

    • Gary P

      I just don’t think Bachmann is stable enough to be president. Not sure she is all that competent as a congresscritter.

      Being Conservative isn’t the only requirement. Actually having experience as an executive matters. It’s why we usually elect Governors.

      It’s elementary though, as there is zero chance Bachmann would be our nominee, and again, if she were, the DNC would happily fund her campaign! If you haven’t looked into her nutty past, you should. All of it is just sitting there fermenting, making a very strong brew. And unlike having to make things up, like they did with Palin, the media would easily make the case that she’s unstable, and they wouldn’t have to lie.

      We really have a choice between Mittens who is marginally Conservative, with a crappy record as Governor, and Rick Perry, who couldn’t be more corrupt if he worked at it, and who is only successful as Governor because under the Texas Constitution, the Governor is basically a figurehead, with little power. Had Perry had the absolute CEO powers that Sarah Palin did in Alaska, Texas would be as big of a sink hole as California.

      That’s where we are. A corrupt Texan, who is pissing off independents left and right, or a milquetoast North Eastern liberal, who might screw up occasionally and do something Conservative.

      I don’t believe on voting purely on electability, IF you have a real candidate, a genuine person of honor and ability. None exist in this race.

      I beat my head against the wall daily because this has become an exercise of weeding out the worst of the worst, rather than spending 24/7 supporting an honorable, worthy candidate.

      This makes me sick to my stomach.

      Santorum is OK, but he’s a bit of a Big Government guy himself. He’s one of those social Conservatives who wants to play bedroom monitor more than money and foreign policy monitor.

      I have deep personal convictions, but that doesn’t mean I want government imposing them on anyone else. Just like I don’t want the left pushing THEIR social agenda on me, I don’t won’t the right doing it either.

      This is why I support Sarah so strongly. At every level, socially, fiscally, and foreign policy, she and I share the same values on a personal level. Like me though, she’s very much a libertarian, an many issues. The only place she, and I would want to see Big Government making social policy is on pro-life, anti-baby slaughtering issues. Even then, both of us are states rights people.

      I don’t think Santorum is a bad guy, and if he was our nominee, I’d gladly vote for him, but remember, he couldn’t even get invited back as Senator.

      Again, there are no good choices, just some far worse than others.

      • NHConservative0221


        It’s unfair to blame Bachmann for not getting anything done in Congress. She sponsored a bill to protect our right to use the incandescent light bulb, but was it really going to pass with a bunch of socialists in the House led by Pelosi? MB led 40,000 patriots to protest Obamacare in DC. Like Sarah, she’s been a leading voice in the fight against Obamacare. I didn’t like Ed Rollins taking shots at Sarah either, but we need as many good conservatives as we can get and MB is one of us. MB also voted no on TARP unlike many so called conservatives.

        As I said ealier, MB fought Boehner over the $108B in funding for Obamacare in the continuing resolutions. I don’t blame her for not being able to get things done, I give MB credit for bringing this up and challenging the establishment RINO’s. We need more people like her in DC.

        Personally, I’m not religious at all. However I always side with the social conservatives because we agree on national security and fiscal issues. Usually it comes with the territory. I’m actually for gay marriage since I don’t believe it has any affect on our lives. However it’s not my top priority. I know about Marcus Bachmann and his disciplining gays, but again it comes with the territory. Do I wish it weren’t the case, yes I do, but it’s better than being a Progressive like Newt or Romney. MB did give a great response to a question from a kid about gay marriage:

        So no one is perfect. Sarah should’ve run but she didn’t. However if we just bash all the candidates, then we’ll get stuck with a really terrible one in Newt or Romney.

        Yes MB looks like a long shot, but I’d rather vote my conscience for a conservative. She wants to eliminate the Dept of Education, the EPA, and reduce the Fed to the size of a peanut. And there’s no doubt she’d repeal Obamacare and repeal Dodd Frank among other monstrosities.

        Another thing I really like about MB is that she has the balls to call out the RINO’s:

      • Gary P

        Sigh. You seem to ignore the fact she is bat-shit crazy, and stabbed Sarah in the back over and over, while calling her a “good friend” in public. Remember when her boy Ed Rollins came out and trashed Sarah? You think he did that on his own?

        Michele claims she called Sarah and sorted things out. I know for absolute FACT, she never contacted Sarah, or any of her staff at any time.

        No way in hell is this unstable loon worthy of my vote, or anyone elses. Do some research. She can’t even run her meager congressional staff. She goes through chiefs of staff like people change socks. All of those she’s hired and fired paint the same picture. She’s disorganized, hateful, and just doesn’t have the skill it takes to manage things.

        There’s a REASON why we generally insist out presidents have been governors beforehand. It’s the only job that somewhat prepares someone to be president.

        Sarah was especially appealing, because Alaska’s constitution makes their Governor a true CEO, in some ways, even more powerful that the president. By that I mean she had the power to do things in Alaska, a president would have to run by Congress for approval and legislation. Sarah was, and will always be, the most prepared, as a governor, to be president.

        Her unique position as Alaska’s governor, and the high level national security briefings she regularly received, put her miles ahead of the competition, as well.

        Sarah’s not running though.

        We don’t have any appealing choices for president. None.

        Even if we nominate this idiot, there is no way she beats Obama. Even Conservatives want no part of her constant gay bashing. The left will destroy her. And rightly so. Michele and Marcus are absolute loons.

        Move on to someone real, or we are going to be stuck with either Newt, or Mitt. BTW, if that’s the case, I will vote for Mitt.

    • IwjwI

      Rick Santorum, A Traditional Conservative Republican

  4. NHConservative0221


    One thing I forgot. Executive experience was one of many reasons I preferred Sarah over MB. It would definitely be a plus if she had that experience, but it is what it is.

    Would we rather have executive experience with Cupcake Mitt or no executive experience with MB who’s committed to her principles as proven by her record in Congress.

    Electing a Tea party conservative in MB is more important in electing a flawed candidate just because they have executive experience.

    • Gary P

      I would like a Conservative as well, but there IS no electable Conservative.

      We got Ron Paul, who is certifiable, and would get us all killed with his foreign policy. Almost a guarantee we’d have WWIII before the end of his first term. Without America standing watch, the world would go to hell quickly.

      Rick Perry, crook.

      Mitt Romney, squish.

      Newt Gingrich, quite possibly the most despicable human being to ever enter politics. The living embodiment of everything that is wrong with politics from the beginning of time.

      I don’t like this either. But this is where we are at. Pick your poison.

      This was supposed to be the first time we could vote FOR someone, instead of against everyone else, since Reagan. It didn’t work out that way.

      • NHConservative0221

        So Bachmann isn’t worthy of your vote?

        Sounds like no one in this race is.

        Would you really vote for Mitt over Bachmann or Santorum? Both of them are conservatives and should be supported over the Progressives.

        Like you said, some are worse than others and Mitt and Romney are the worst. In Romney’s case what has he done that’s conservative??

        So we either back one of the two conservatives or sit back and let the squish get elected (and I don’t include RuPaul who’s an absolute disgrace).

      • Gary P

        I wouldn’t vote for Bachmann against anyone. As I have said, there is plenty of evidence that she is completely unstable.

        I’m not one of those who use “electability” as one of my important criteria for selecting a candidate, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a consideration. It’s obvious that you haven’t took my suggestion and looked at what will be waiting for her as the nominee.

        Obama would win re-election in a landslide.

        I don’t want Mitt either, but as all of the rest are so unappealing, unqualified, or downright unacceptable, what are we gonna do?

        No one is stopping you from supporting Bachmann. Especially me. But you can bet I won’t be wasting a vote on her. She’s done.

        If you want to get behind a candidate who is an exercise in futility, but isn’t a backstabbing weasel, get behind Santorum. At least he comes in sane. [as opposed to insane]

        If Gary Johnson was pro-life, and not high every waking moment, I’d suggest him, by all accounts, he was a good governor, that said, not gonna happen.

        We got what we got. There are no perfect, or even appealing, candidates this go round. We wasted too much time looking for the candidate named “Not Mitt Romney” While doing this, we got a front runner who is 1000 times worse.

  5. NHConservative0221


    The thing you’re missing that the the Left will attempt to destroy whoever gets the nomination.

    You keep talking about the crazy stories about Bachmann and her fear of gays. I read some of that that stuff. Look, I’m actually for gay marriage. I’m for gays adopting kids and I think homosexuality is genetic, not a choice. I’ve had many arguments with social cons on this. Obviously I differ greatly with MB on this. However, I usually end up siding with a social con since they agree with me on the core issues (obamacare, the debt, national defense, cutting departments, elimination excessive regulations, etc).

    So what would be worse? The left attacking MB over these stories or them having a field day with Mittens flip flops? You said he was marginally conseravative, how so? All Obama would have to do while debating Mittens is to thank him for the idea of Obamacare and simply say that he improved it to implement at the national level. The left could expose Romney has having no core convictions since he’s flip flopped on just about every key issue. Plus, Mittens can’t stand to be scrutinized. He got upset for being asked tough questions by Bret Baier!

    We need a conservative who’ll stick to their principles. You admitted that MB is a conservative and she’s proven that she’ll stick to her principles. She also as balls as she had the courage to challage the “Newt-Romney” progressive duo last night. She’s 100% right on that and exposed who those clowns for all the ignorant voters who don’t do their homework and only make up their minds based on how well someone speaks.

    If you really can’t stand MB that much, I’d recommend Santorum who’s a good conservative. However, his past votes for No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D don’t sit well with me. Don’t know if you saw the debate last night, but at the end they asked a really ridiculous question: “who on this stage do you admire” or something like that. Santorum said Newt since he admired all the work Newt did back as Speaker. Very bad answer as Newt is a Progressive and the current frontrunner. If Santorum wants to have any shot, complimenting the Progressive frontrunner is no way to do it.

    BTW for the record, I would choose Newt over Mittens (it’s close though) due to the fact that Newt has actually done a few good things like balancing budget and welfare reform while Romney has not. However, as I’ve stated mutliple times I’ll fight like hell to prevent that from happening. You never know, stranger things have happened. MB has good ground support in Iowa.

    PS: I’d be right with you fighting for Sarah had she run. I always liked your posts at Hotair and that’s how I found this blog. I thought Sarah could’ve run it all and won big. It’s a damn shame she didn’t run for whatever reason, maybe we’ll never know.

    • Gary P

      I’m rather liberal socially, or at least, like Sarah, a libertarian.

      I’m not for gay marriage, but some sort of civil union is fine by me, and if gays want to adopt, and will make good parents, it would be a crime not to let them adopt.

      For my money, I’d like to see government get out of the “marriage” business. That’s what the Church is for. For legal purposes, every “marriage” should be considered a civil union. Spell out the terms, like any contract, before hand, like any legal contract. Then go have the ceremony you want. If your church sanctions gay marriage, cool, if not, whoever you want to officiate your ceremony is cool. The civil union documents signed are the ones that bind. In affect, every marriage would have some sort prenuptial agreement.

      Bachmann is unstable. I mean seriously unstable. Who hides in the bushes at a gay rally spying on them? She’s just too crazy for me. Plus there is the whole Michele stabbing Sarah in the back when absolutely no one but Sarah had Michele’s back, when the rubber met the road. Character matters. This is also why I can’t ever support a despicable human being like Newt.

      As for Newt, get right. On Romney’s worst “RINO” day he’s better than Newt on his best “conservative” day. If you go back and REALLY look at his record, most of the things he gets credit for during his time as Speaker is actually someone else’s work. The only real credit is he didn’t stand in the actual Conservative’s way.

      Of course, after promising to kill any attempt at gun control, promising to not even allow it out of committee, let alone the House floor, Newt also “didn’t stand in the way” as some of the most anti-American, anti-Second Amendment legislation in our nation’s history became law.

      What I am saying is a promise from Newt is meaningless. Not worth the paper it is written on, or the time it takes to read [or hear] it.

      Newt is the kind of guy who will lie to you when the truth would work better. It’s who he is.

      When Newt left Congress in disgrace, his fellow congresscritters threw a party! They couldn’t WAIT for him to get out the door. No one, in either party liked him. He’s not a leader, and constantly talked out both sides of his mouth.

      He has a keen mind, but it’s completely undisciplined. He can’t stay focused, and no matter what kind of hair brained idea he comes up with, he goes off on that tangent, until something else comes up.

      Newt has more baggage than American Airlines. I can tell you, once all the sex scandals break, and they will, Obama will beat him in a landslide.

      All I know is I’ll vote for the nominee, unless it’s Newt. No way a person of good conscience could allow Newt to be our nominee, let alone president.

      BTW, If you take an objective look, Mitt Romney is actually more Conservative than Newt. I’m no fan of Mitt either. But saying Mitt is worse than Newt is just wrong. I doubt Mitt can beat Obama though. i KNOW Newt can’t.

  6. Yet no charges filed….. Guess he really is above the law

  7. MB is a f’in joke…. She never states facts and always looks crosseyes.
    Ron Paul is contitutionally conservative and for peoples rights, EVRYONE else wants to choose for you what is your right.
    You choose for me, then I gt to choose for you!

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