After Gingrich, Perry Fail to Qualify for Virginia Ballot a Whole Lot of Republicans Sounding like ACORN Thugs

By Gary P Jackson

I always thought Conservatives were the cats who advocate taking personal responsibility for their actions. Evidently this doesn’t apply when their candidate of choice fails miserably.

Since Newt Gingrich failed to make the Virginia ballot, even with FIVE MONTHS to get it done, Newt has been crying like a baby, talking about a “broken system” and his supporters have cooked up more conspiracy theories than your average Alex Jones follower.

In my [dare I say] brilliant analysis of the Virginia debacle, I pointed out, the only people to blame for Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry not being on the Virginia ballot is Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry. They played under the same rules as everyone else.

If you can’t get 10,000 LEGITIMATE signatures on a petition is FIVE FREAKIN’ MONTHS then you might not be the best choice for president. It doesn’t take a whole lot of organizational skills to pull this off.

For Newt, this is particularly telling, since not only is he a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, he’s the supposed front runner. If he can’t get it done in his home state, where he leads the polls, then he has problems.

Now to be sure, there are Perry supporters raising hell too, and of course, many blame The Great Satan™ himself, Mitt Romney, for the entire mess, because …. you know …. he followed the rules.

The reason I’m not going after Perry though, is he isn’t out there trash talking and whining like Newt. All that has come out of the Perry campaign is they will appeal the decision, basically asking for the signatures be checked again. This is a reasonable response, for an grown man.

Perry is acting like an adult. His campaign acknowledges they didn’t qualify, and understands, in the grand scheme of things, Virginia has just a taste over 2% of the delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination. In other words, it’s not a big deal that neither Perry nor Gingrich won’t be on the ballot.

With that said, imagine my horror when I saw the headline at Big Government that shouts VA GOP Ballot Access Rules Changed Last Month.

What’s the problem?

It seems the rule change came after a [still pending] lawsuit by an independent candidate for Virginia’s legislature alleged the Virginia Republican Party wasn’t even checking the petitions to see if the signatures were valid!

First off, why is a political party being allowed to certify petitions are legitimate in the first place? Shouldn’t that be the job of the election officials?

That’s like allowing a NASCAR team to certify their own car is legal! Because, you know, no one in NASCAR ever cheats. Never, ever. No sir, not them boys.

Look up “Smokey Yunick” for fun and highly entertaining stories about how no one in NASCAR ever cheats! Ever.

Why are people now up in arms over Newt’s incompetence?

You see, after the lawsuit was filed, in one of the most evil acts of oppression even known to mankind …. EVER …. the GOP is now actually checking to make sure the signatures on the petitions are legit.

My God! This is like the Spanish Inquisition all over again!

I really wonder if the people bitching about the Virginia law, and the fact Newt [and Perry] aren’t on the ballot because THE CANDIDATES failed to qualify, realize how much like they sound like democrats who whine incessantly when they don’t get their way?

Seriously, it’s like they’ve all become ACORN thugs! It doesn’t help that Newt, instead of acting like a man, and taking responsibility for not qualifying, is out there stirring things up. Newt is acting like his failing to meet some very simple requirements, despite having months to get it done, is some sort of injustice to humanity, rather than just a disorganized, undisciplined campaign.

The thing that really gets me is the very same people losing their minds over this, are the ones who constantly bitch about the democrats and how their buddies at ACORN dummy up petitions and voter registration forms. How ACORN [often illegally] pays it’s workers for every name collected, which results in Mickey Mouse and the starting line-up for the St Louis Cardinals ending up on the forms!

Now let me clarify, no one is alleging Newt or Perry engaged in anything even remotely like that. The only thing we know for certain is a significant number of the names on the ballot couldn’t be verified. Enough to put them under the required amount.

From what I understand many of the names collected didn’t include the most basic information like address, or phone number, so they could be verified.

That’s not a conspiracy, it’s just sloppy work.

As I look around and see all of this bellyaching, I am ashamed of my fellow man. Certifying the integrity of an election should be considered a good thing, no matter who it effects. You can’t just pick and choose what sort of rules you want to see followed, based on the fact those rules adversely effect someone you support.

It’s like saying it’s against the law to murder someone, unless it’s someone many people would like to see murdered!

Many people would like to see Newt and Perry on the ballot, but they didn’t follow the rules. Tough, better luck next time.

The Big Government article is built on the outrage the rules were changed last month.


Are we to think candidates that knew Virginia law REQUIRES a candidate to have a minimum of 10,000 signatures including 400 from each of the 11 voting districts, were expecting those signatures wouldn’t be checked by someone? Especially after not only Virginia election officials AND the Virginia Republican Party had been telling candidates for weeks they should try to get 15,000 signatures, including 600 from each district?

Why do you think that higher recommendation was given?

Wouldn’t that sort of recommendation imply the signatures would be checked, and the possibility of some signatures being disallowed a real consideration?

We’re not dealing with children here. We’re dealing with people who are [allegedly] adults, and candidates for President of these United States! Just because the Virginia GOP had allowed petitions to slide through unchecked in the past, doesn’t mean that was right, or that it’s now evil they are checking them now.

Again, I always thought Conservatism stood for something.

Voter fraud is a real issue in America and anything that makes that less likely is a good thing. Again, I’m not saying Perry or Newt did anything fraudulent. They simply failed to qualify for the ballot. They had the exact same opportunity to qualify as those who did. If they want to blame someone, look in the mirror, and at campaign staff. Not the law.

Rules change, and it’s up to those involved to not only keep up with them, but follow them.

Again, I find it disgusting that Republicans, who raise holy, righteous, hell when the democrats don’t follow election law, are acting just like them!

If there is one thing we’ve learned from this deal, other than Newt and Rick Perry are running sloppy campaigns, is Rick Perry is an adult, and Newt, definitely is not. Perry is acting like a man and taking responsibility. Newt is blaming a “failed system” instead.

All I can say is shame on those who are complaining about the “horror” of officials actually checking the petitions submitted by the candidates to make sure they meet the requirements of Virginia law.

There’s no crying in politics!


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5 responses to “After Gingrich, Perry Fail to Qualify for Virginia Ballot a Whole Lot of Republicans Sounding like ACORN Thugs

  1. Chad

    Makes me want to cry just reading it~ hehehe

    • Gary P


      This whole Virginia deal makes me realize a whole lot of people don’t understand why we have rules.

      I once set an IDBA world record and had the back-up run thrown out, because, according to the test, my gasoline was not gasoline. Never mind I did it on pump gas, bought only a mile from the drag strip! [I never saw any improvement in my performance from race gas with the set up I ran]

      I didn’t cry. I did ask the tech guy if he had any ideas. Then I went and got more gas and made another pass later that backed the record up. It passed inspection.

      Man, we used to have to tear our engines apart for inspection if we set a new national record or won an event, to make sure we were legit. That’s a lot more work than getting 10,000 signatures, I’ll tell ya that!

  2. Ernest Kapphahn

    My complaint about Virginia is not about their ballot requirements. With only two candidates on the ballot and NO write-ins allowed, voters are forced to make an unrealistic choice that will satisfy only about 40% of Republicans. If they want to erect hurdles for candidates to jump over to get on their ballot, then fine, they should allow voters to write-in who they prefer. They will have a lot of people stay home in this primary.

    Face it, none of the people in this field is a favorite, none can probably beat Obama, and the Virginia primary isn’t going to decide anything. The primary process is where the people are supposed to have input to select their candidates. It won’t happen there.

    • Gary P

      If I lived in Virginia my only gripe would be no write-ins. That has to violate some part of the Voters’ Rights Act, but past that. the rules are the same for everyone, and they aren’t all that hard to meet.

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