New Iowa TV Ad Appeals Directly To Sarah Palin To Reconsider

By Gary P Jackson

There’s a brand new television ad set to run in Iowa, that asks Sarah Palin to reconsider her decision to not seek the nomination for president.

This is quite different than the other ads the independent group Sarah Palin’s Iowa Earthquake have been running. This one uses Sarah Palin’s own words urging Americans to choose a quality candidate and ask them to serve.

As more and more voters express a serious displeasure with the Republican candidates, we’ve seen numerous calls for someone else to jump in. The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol wrote an elegant piece asking for those on the sidelines, who chose not to run, to jump in. I talked about it here.

The 2012 election is shaping up to be like no other in recent history. Nearly half the country says they think no one running for president [in either party] would make a good one. I don’t know if that has ever happened before. Almost half of those in Iowa say they are undecided.

If there was ever a time for a real reformer to hit the ground running, this is it.

Though no one knows how Sarah would react, I would think a good showing in Iowa, via write-in votes, would have to make her at least think about answering the call. She’s asked the people to make a choice, and a whole lot have. They now want her to make the choice to run.

As I’ve said before, a great personal sacrifice is being asked of Sarah Palin. More than should be asked of anyone. Is it fair? No, not really. But our nation is in peril, and looking at the options before us, what are the American people to do?

The current field of candidates are simply not up to the task.

If you live in Iowa, or know someone who does, and are not happy with the choices before you, consider writing in Sarah Palin on your ballot. It’s spelled S-A-R-A-H P-A-L-I-N.

Whether Sarah runs or not, you will have sent a strong message to the GOP, and it’s candidates, that more of the same is totally unacceptable.



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7 responses to “New Iowa TV Ad Appeals Directly To Sarah Palin To Reconsider

  1. Chad

    S-A-R-A-H P-A-L-I-N ~ Just practicing~!

  2. Tomlyn

    Sarahpalin is the one to lead our country out of the mess it is in !

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  4. I had been advocating for a very long time in her Facebook that Gov. Palin should reconsider her decision given the high stakes in 2012 Presidential election.
    Currently, no one is talking about the reform of the DC political class and corrupt culture, big business’s grip on both parties and the financial mess of the country.
    To me, her entry would depend on the outcome of the IOWA, NH and South Carolina. The likely scenario for her entry into the race are as follows
    1. Ron Paul win in IA
    2. Romney win in NH
    3. Newt or Perry win in SC
    No clear front-runner before Florida. In the meantime, just wait after the Iowa caucus. Ron Paul and Perry would start pounding on Romney pretty hard in NH. So far, Romney has avoided being bombarded by the negative ads by his opponents.

    The RINOS and the Elites would be so panicked that every candidate would be damaged so much before Florida.

    Run Sarah Run.

  5. Mary

    i am sick she is not running for president. I could almost cry for my country and what they’ve done to Palin to scare her into not running. But if she reconsiders and jumps into the race, we must all back her with heart and soul. I think she would revitalize the election and I think she can win……and I’m from NY.

  6. Michael J. Larkin

    She is our “Joan of Arc” who could save our nation from Obamnism..she would electrify the base if she should announce..she and Rick Perry could advocate to drill here, drill now, and end our dependence on the muslims for our oil. She gets my money, and my vote!!

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