“Earthquake” Hits Nebraska, New Radio Ad in Iowa Asks Voters to Write-in Palin

Gary P Jackson

A couple of nights ago I learned a group of patriots from Nebraska are looking to create an earthquake of their own. Not a lot of details to report yet.

The group has a Facebook page. I believe people interested in helping the Nebraska effort can ask to join.

With The Iowa caucuses just a week away, the movement to get voters to write in Sarah Palin’s name is growing. The national media has picked up on this, which will only help spread the word to Iowa voters.

Sachi’s blog has a list of national media covering the Iowa write-in effort. You can check out all the coverage here.

Here’s the new radio ad:

Brian Lerch from the Iowa Earthquake group talks with Simon Conway from WHO Radio 1040. This is a great interview. Listeners will understand this group is realistic, and are saying they understand Governor Palin is not seeking the nomination, but the nomination is very much seeking her. They know she won’t win as a write-in candidate, but feel a 5% showing will be very powerful.

We’re also hearing folks in New Hampshire are organizing as well.

Depending how things work out in Iowa, things could get quite interesting.



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4 responses to ““Earthquake” Hits Nebraska, New Radio Ad in Iowa Asks Voters to Write-in Palin

  1. IwjwI

    I think that everyone will remember who said ,”Drill, Baby, Drill,” when the price of gas goes up because our oil supply is being threatened by a country that doesn’t like us.
    The price of oil went up today because of this threat.

    Sarah Palin saw into the future when she gave her V.P. acceptance speach. She predicted what BHO would do and predicted what would happen if we didn’t become an energy independent country. She stated that it was for the security of America.
    Well, we aren’t secure and becoming an more oppressed people. We have the destroyer of America setting at the Oval Office desk and another country threatening to bring America to it’s knees without firing a shot, or world war three.
    How much more can the American people tolerate?
    I guess we wait to see if we are going to still have an election.

    We The People in 2012 and Sarah Palin as president can make all the difference to America.
    She would tackle corruption at all levels and win.
    “Sudden and relentless reform,” is what she will do because she keeps her promises.

  2. Chad

    Earthquakes rumble whether people want them to or not~ Noone can defeat the power of nature~

  3. Tim

    Sign holding for Palin (Iowa Caucuses)

    Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

    8:00 am to 8:00 pm
    (You’re invited to come at any time
    and stay as long as you wish. Just
    look for people holding Palin signs)

    Iowa West Trailhead Park
    4100 Harry Langdon Blvd,
    Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503

    Please wear your Palin shirts, hats and buttons.
    Dress warm and bring flash lights to illuminate
    your signs when it gets dark. Bring cameras!!!

    Make signs saying:
    “Caucus for Palin”
    “Help Sarah Reconsider…Caucus for Palin!!!”

    Iowa West Trailhead Park
    4100 Harry Langdon Blvd
    Council Bluffs, IA 51503


    Depending upon turnout, people will be placed at strategic locations near these two caucus sites….

    LC-Titan Hill Intermediate School
    4125 Harry Langdon Blvd.
    Council Bluffs, IA 51503

    Iowa School for the Deaf
    3501 Harry Langdon Blvd.
    Council Bluffs, IA 51503

    Contact person is Timothy Jacques
    (O4P Omaha Coordinator)

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