Flashback: Newt’s Passionate Support of Mandated Health Care Insurance, RomneyCare

By Gary P Jackson

I’ve noticed something about Newt Gingrich’s supporters. I’ve noticed a lot of things really. Like Ron Paul supporters they believe Newt can do no wrong, and every fact about his Big Government socialist ways is a lie.

Of course, like most Conservatives, they also think Mitt Romney is the Great Satan™!

This is frustrating to me, and I don’t support Mitt Romney in the slightest. Most people’s biggest problem with Mitt is RomneyCare. Sadly, Newt’s supporters are so mesmerized by his nonsense, they fail to realize NewtCare is just RomneyCare with a twist.

When you break both NewtCare and RomneyCare down to their core, what they really are is government mandated health care. The government telling you that you must have health insurance, or else.

One of the few differences in Newt prattles on about posting a bond of say $100,000 to $150,000.

Newt has been pushing government mandated health care as long, if not longer than Mitt Romney. The only reason it hasn’t much mattered [until now] is Newt was just a well paid shill [$37 million from Big Pharma and Big Insurance] rather than a poor, corrupt, government official.

You can bet your ass if Newt had been in office, we’d have NewtCare, just as surely as we have ObamaCare now.

Remember, Newt was the front man for President George W Bush’s Medicare Part D bill.

There’s tons of video of Newt pushing mandates. Heck, he was shilling for government mandated health care insurance in May of 2011!

Here’s vintage Newt, circa 2008, telling you it’s “immoral” for you not to have insurance.

How many times do you have to hear Newt, in his own words, tell you he supports MANDATED HEALTH CARE INSURANCE for it to sink in?

I think it’s immoral for a government to force you to buy anything, just because you exist.

Health insurance isn’t like automobile insurance. You aren’t forced to own an automobile. In fact, driving is not even a right. It’s a privilege. You earn the privilege to drive by passing proficiency tests, and obtaining a license.

Besides, mandated car insurance is only liability, not full coverage. You are only mandated to maintain liability insurance to protect other drivers and property owners for damages you may cause them. You are not required by law to protect yourself. Though lenders do make having full coverage insurance a requirement for getting a loan.But again, that is to protect them, not you.

Driving is a voluntary act. The government doesn’t force you to drive.

On the other hand, government mandated health care forces you to buy a product, simply because you exist, and the only alternative is to die.

What’s really pathetic, is now that Newt is running for president, he has been attacking Mitt Romney over RomneyCare. Back in 2006, Newt praised RomneyCare. And why not, it’s what Newt had been pushing for years, and still pushes!

From the Wall Street Journal: [emphasis mine]

Newt Gingrich voiced enthusiasm for Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health-care law when it was passed five years ago, the same plan he has been denouncing over the past few months as he campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination.

The health bill that Governor Romney signed into law this month has tremendous potential to effect major change in the American health system,” said an April 2006 newsletter published by Mr. Gingrich’s former consulting company, the Center for Health Transformation.

The two-page “Newt Notes” analysis, found online by The Wall Street Journal even though it no longer appears on the center’s website, continued: “We agree entirely with Governor Romney and Massachusetts legislators that our goal should be 100% insurance coverage for all Americans.“

The earlier bullish comments about the Romney health-care plan are another potential embarrassment for Mr. Gingrich, who is leading Mr. Romney in most national polls for the GOP nomination. But with a week to go before the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses,

Mr. Gingrich has slipped to third place in that state behind Texas Rep. Ron Paul and Mr. Romney. On other issues including climate change and mortgage giant Freddie Mac, Mr. Gingrich has struggled to reconcile his stance as a conservative with his long history of policy positions that sometimes run counter to that.

Oh, and how does Team Gingrich respond? They go for the “Ron Paul defense,” claiming Newt didn’t actually write the newsletter. How pathetic.

Mr. Hammond said the Newt Notes essay wasn’t written by Mr. Gingrich himself. The Journal was able to view a copy using a web search engine that archives old and even deleted versions of Web pages.

You can read Newt’s entire newsletter heaping mountains of praise in RomneyCare here.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you Newt isn’t a sleazy opportunist, who just tells his followers what they want to hear. Ever.

Newt is just as much for RomneyCare as any lefty would be. He’s patently dishonest when he attacks Mitt Romney, and so are his supporters.

I wrote a while back that even though I’m not a Romney supporter, and have many problems with him, I find myself wanting to defend him more and more. Anything Romney can be accused of, and I do mean anything, Newt supports the same thing, and has likely had more influence getting it done.

In other words, no matter how many people tell you different, Newt is worse than Mitt Romney in every single way.

While I think RomneyCare was stupid, it was also constitutional, as things like this are, and should be, left to the states. Of course, just because you CAN do something, it doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

NewtCare, FEDERALLY mandated health care insurance, would NOT be constitutional, and is a direct assault on Liberty and Freedom. If the federal government can force you to buy health care insurance, they can literally force you to buy anything. I think most of our readers understand the concept of a slippery slope, of the camel’s nose under the tent.

Oh, and for the record, I think RomneyCare is a direct assault on Liberty and Freedom too, but at least you can pack up and move to another state that won’t destroy your Freedoms. Under NewtCare, just like ObamaCare, you must leave the country to escape it.

Somehow Conservatives have become convinced Mitt is the Great Satan™ and must be vanquished at all costs, even if they sit the election out and hand it to Obama.

Friends, there are far worse outcomes than a President Romney. A President Gingrich would top that list, a list that includes a second term for President Obama.

Newt Gingrich is a corrupt, lying Big Government “progressive” who can never be trusted.

You might want to check out Government Mandates: Newt Gingrich and the Art of the Con Explained for more information on how you are being conned by Newt. This includes video of Newt from 2005 strongly pushing, you guessed it, government mandated health care insurance.

There’s also a stern warning from Ronald Reagan about guys like Newt Gingrich.


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