Ron Paul: I Wouldn’t Have Sent Troops to Fight Nazis and Save Jews, Israel Shouldn’t Exist

By Gary P Jackson

First, a little music to set the mood:

From YNet:

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul’s past statements are coming back to haunt him – and this time it’s about the US’ role in ending World War 2 and the Holocaust.

Following a controversial revelation by a former aide to the congressman, saying that Paul “wishes Israel didn’t exist,” another blogger said Tuesday that in 2009 Paul went on the record as saying that if he were the president of the United States during WWII he “wouldn’t have risked American lives to end the Holocaust.

Journalist Jeffrey Shapiro posted a 2009 interview he held with the GOP’s leading candidate, in which Paul clearly states that if it were up to him at the time, saving the Jews from annihilation in Europe would not have been a “moral imperative.

I asked Congressman Paul: If he were president of the United States during World War II would he have sent American troops to Nazi Germany to save the Jews? And the Congressman answered: No, I wouldn’t.

You can read the entire interview here.

Words can’t express what a despicable piece of human debris Ron Paul is. Six million Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis.

Though some were used as slave labor first, all had their humanity ripped from them, and in the end, they were all killed. Most marched to their death on an industrial scale.

The Nazis killed so many Jews they had to create better, more efficient ways to do it. They built huge gas chambers to kill hundreds of men, women and children at a time.

Women and children stripped of their humanity, on their way to the gas chambers

Bodies pile up

After being gassed, the bodies were then stacked in ovens and incinerated. Again, mass murder on an industrial scale.

And yet, Ron Paul says if he had been president during WWII, he wouldn’t have lifted a finger to stop the Nazis. If the United States hadn’t intervened, and helped destroy the Third Reich, most of the world would be speaking German today. The world would be a socialist hell.

Remember, with-in days of Pearl Harbor, the Nazis declared war on the United States. They sent agents to America. Saboteurs, who if not apprehended, looked to do major damage. The Nazi U-boats also routinely attacked U.S. shipping. Sinking unarmed merchant ships and murdering thousands.

Ron Paul would have done nothing.

No way to sugar coat this one folks. Ron Paul and people like him, do not deserve to be a part of the human race. There’s a special place in hell reserved for his sort.



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  2. Joy

    Wow! Gary, tell us what you REALLY feel about Ron Paul!!!!! That was some scathing rant – but thank God you presented it all without any sugar-coating! Maybe some of his zealous followers will have a little sense pounded into him. His words will damn and destroy him – we just have to replay them VERY loudly from here on out. Sure hope the Hawkeye Caucii goers get the word about that unbelievable interview he gave as recently as 2009!! Even I, who used to sort of follow him (but no longer and, in fact, haven’t done for ages), was shocked to read those words!

    Keep up the good work digging around for stuff I’m sure he’d like to never see the light of day…

    • Gary P

      Oh I have so much on this lunatic. I just want to get it out of my system. According to a former staffer Herr Doktor Paul wouldn’t even allow staff to mourn those lost on 9/11.

      The man is pure evil.

      I can’t wait for his idiot supporters to weigh in. They’ll bombard you with thousand word cut and paste nonsense. Unless one particularly tickles me, I usually just hit delete. They bore me, and I’m pretty sure they bore our regular readers.

      This stuff has been out there for years, but since Herr Doktor Paul has always been a fringe candidate, no one spent any time focusing on it. Now he’s getting a real look at!

  3. Joy

    Oops – that should have read (lines 3 & 4), “Maybe some of his zealous followers will have a little sense pounded into THEM” – not “him!”

  4. bob

    Nobody entered WW2 in order to save Jews. America only got involved because Japan attacked her. America and Britain both refused to help the Jews during the war. You are attacking Paul for a position which is exactly the same as that held by the allies during WW2. People who are against Ron Paul are dishonestly presenting WW2 as if it was a war to save Jews. American voters are so ill-educated and brain-washed by the media that do not understand how ridiculous this theory is.

    • Gary P

      No WWII wasn’t a war to save the Jews. It was a war to save all of mankind.

      Fact is, at the time, few even KNEW what the Nazis were doing to the Jews. Hell, even the German people, including those living close to the death factories, were stunned. When our boys discovered the death camps they were in shock.

      You think for a second had the American people been aware of the slaughter of 6 million innocent human beings they would have sat things out?

      Look, Ron Paul didn’t spew his hatred for the Jews during WWII, he’s spewing it now.

      Ron Paul, unlike those who fought in WWII, has the hindsight of KNOWING the Nazis were slaughtering Jews by the millions, and yet he says he wouldn’t have felt a “moral imperative” to stop it. That makes him just as evil as the Nazis themselves.

      Oh, how do you justify that Neo-Nazi’s notion that Israel shouldn’t be allowed to exist today? Only the most evil of people alive today think this.

      BTW, it wasn’t JUST the Jews Nazis slaughtered. Millions more died simply because they refused to be enslaved. If human beings sit back and allow things like that to happen to their fellow man, they are no better than those doing the killing.

      And I wonder, how many of you idiot supports of this nut-job understand that if France thought the way you do. If Ron Paul had been running France in 1776 that America wouldn’t exist today, and you’d likely be living as an enslaved subject of some King or dictatorial ruler?

      You see, France didn’t “mind it’s own business” as simpleton Herr Doktor Paul suggests. No, they “interfered” in the war of Independence. France not only loaned the colonies money, they sent troops to help us defeat the British. We owe the French our Independence as much as we owe our founders.

      Sadly, you dumbasses spent all of your time as a youth smoking dope instead of learning history.

      Ron Paul is a sorry excuse for a human being, and his cult like supporters are just as sickening.

      • Mukki

        World War II was America’s fault to begin with. Are you familiar with eugenics?

      • Gary P

        Yes I am. American progressives like Margaret Sanger promoted it and abortion here. The democrats absolutely worship Margaret Sanger.

        And NO WWII was NOT America’s fault you Paulbot. WWII was Hitler’s fault. He is the one who started invading countries and mass murdering people in 1939. America didn’t even get into the war until after December 7, 1941. If anything America screwed up by not jumping in at the very beginning and crushing the Nazis before they got started.

        Hitler is the reason why we must never allow evil to get a foothold again. Something I know you and Herr Doktor Paul will never understand.

    • IwjwI

      What Gary said. ^
      Ron Paul wouldn’t care a bit if Iran nuked Isreal and us off the map.
      The U. S. A. would be destroyed, as the enemy would be firmly entrenched inside and outside our borders. Planetary Hell would be the norm. All free people would be chained to a world government that wants a herd of workers to help keep it’s golf courses groomed.
      It’s a question of morality that goes soul deep. If Ron Paul’s moral compass is so far off that he would cold heartedly turn his back on the slaughter of millions of people, what would he let happen to Americans when Iran takes us on?

      Ron Paul scares me. Occupy Wall Street supports Ron Paul. These useful idiots are supported by Communists/Marxist/Unions/Obama who want to destroy America and take away our Liberty and Freedom.
      We The People will “Throw Them All Out,” at the 2012 election.

      “United we stand; divided we fall.”

    • eric

      I agree and that is the same problem with the civil war. The civil war had little to do with slavery. In both cases the civil rights and humane morals after these wars benefited the ones who were suffering by the ending results of winning the war. Sothe concentration camps ended and made slavery illegal

    • The point in Paul’s making that comment is that he was making it after the war and as a point in retrospect. Perhaps many didn’t want us in that war, but to say such a thing after the fact gives it a terrible resonance.

  5. Chad

    I aint stupid~ You ought to see how many Charlie Chapin videos there are of “The Great Speech” there are (youtube)~ Him and his cult following trying to indoctrinate the kids on youtube makes me sick~ FEMA camps are a perfect fit for this group along with many others I want even mention~ “God will spin you around and flip you upside down” and in due watch and see everything these hateful immorals think they have set up will end up being used for them~ God isn’t playing, go threatening whole populations and he comes down hard in the flesh~ You all know it as the “Wrath~”

    • Gary P

      You’ve completely lost me here.

      I know Charlie Chaplan made a simply marvelous film called The Great Dictator that really tells hammers Hitler. There’s a speech in there that may be what you mean. This was a powerful movie that showed what life was like for Jews in the ghettos. One of my favorite movies, in fact. I’m a fan of the classics.

  6. Face the fact Rothschild killed the Jews to garner support for Zionism. He is to blame. The Bush family propped up Hitler on behalf of the Zionist families that control the United States. Remember Hitler was Time magazines “Man of the Year”. Twice. Wake up. Jews against Zionism UNITE!

    • Gary P

      I’m only posting this to prove just how incredibly stupid Ron Paul’s people are.

      George HW Bush fought in WWII. He’s a decorated fighter pilot. That’s why George W Bush wanted to, and did, become a fighter jockey as well.

      You little whizzbang creatures sure are stupid, but you do provide endless hours of hilarity.

      • Mukki

        Prescott Bush. Don’t be so defensive, lol. But you’re clearly a neocon, so I’m probably talking to a wall.

      • Gary P

        You Paulbots tickle me. Never has so much stupid been so tightly compacted in one group as it is with you guys. The Guardian is a left wing rag with a poor relationship with the truth.

        And you guys need to learn what neo-con means. You throw it around so much you look even stupider.

        For the Record I’m a Reagan-Palin guy when it comes to national defense. That is definitely NOT neo-con.

        Go back to Prison Planet and Alex Jones where you belong!

  7. FruityEric

    Are you working for FOX News? If not, send an application, I think you’ve got great chances.,

  8. Robert

    There were reports of the killings long before the US ever got involved. For example Jewish newspapers inside the United States reported the killings. US intelligence chose to ignore this. There is a difference between not knowing what was going on and choosing to ignore what was going on. The fact of the matter is that the US got involved in WWII because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and Germany subsequently declared war on the US. Ron Paul in the same situation would have declared war. Ron Paul main point is that he will not declare war on a nation if they do not attack the US. Under your theory, the US should get involved in every massacre that goes on in the world. You should be criticizing the US government for not coming to the aid of Syrians at the hands of Assad. The terrible tragedy is that massacres go on all over the world. It is not the responsibility of the US alone to end every massacre. That should left to organizations such as the UN which as we see has many flaws.

  9. Douglas Jones


    Your attack on Ron Paul is typical of a self-righteous arrogant bastard like yourself. Including photographs of concentration camps are a typical way to convince other self-righteous bastards like yourself that you actually use intellect to make your point. What you do is repeat the half truths that other self-righteous bastards have told you so it fits your dumb ass agenda. It’s typical for self-righteous bastards to ignore other truths around the world because it doesn’t fit their agenda. Bashing people like Alex Jones is just more proof that your mind is completely closed. You are an ignorant bastard who thinks that Jesus Christ is on your side but you ignore who he is and what he taught. America has lost Gods blessings only because of one reason. Too many self proclaimed Christians are nothing more than self-righteous bastards. I’m sure you won’t get the point of this comment. Instead you will spout some kind of rhetoric that fits your dumb ass opinion.

    Douglas Jones

  10. Where are you getting this info? Probably from some blog. Anyway, what’s wrong with speculating about the past? It’s called the what if’s of history. No one knows what things would have looked like if the US had never entered the World Wars. Maybe it would be better- maybe worse. We just simply don’t know. I think a better case can be made for WW I. WW I was a large mistake and without it there would have been no WW II. We could also speculate about the Versailles Treaty and reparations. Ron Paul simply wants to apply just war principles to foreign policy. This is a good thing and long past due. Our present circumstances do not resemble the WW II era anyway. If anything, they are more like the WW I era but this time the Federal Reserve will not come out smelling so good. The people were simply in ignorance of the shenanigans of the “Creature from Jekyll Island”.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Herr Doktor Paul’s own words. Oh, and had we not entered WWII, and not destroyed the Nazis, the world would be a very dark place. America was reluctant to enter the war as it was, even as Hitler’s army took over most of Europe and slaughtered millions. Too many Ron Paul characters back then, and they were driving the conversation.

      Of course, the only reason America entered the fray was Pearl Harbor. When the Japanese declared war on America, so did Germany. When a nation declares war on you, you go kick their asses, you don’t sit there and twiddle your thumbs.

      Ron Paul is an idiot. He is dangerous and unstable. Also a con artist who is getting rich off his cult like followers. He’s a detestable and despicable human being.

  11. David McCluskey

    Hindsight is always 20/20 Gary. I suppose you support the invasion of Iraq as well?

    You are correct, the federal government should just continue doing the same thing they’ve been doing over the past 45 years. The dollar is much more stable than ever, and our national security is at an all time high. The fed should just keep an interventionalist foreign and domestic policy, and we’ll be in great shape.

    For some strange reason Einstein’s definition of insanity comes to mind.

    Good luck Gary.

    • David McCluskey

      Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan are your conservative role models?

      LOL, you are just a small minded, mainstream media Simpleton, playing a game.

      The Revolution will win in the end.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Your boy Ron Paul is a fraud.

        He’s also finished. After sitting on his ass in Congress and bilking the tax payers out of millions in pork, the weasel has finally retired.

        The “revolution” is dead.

        And yeah, I’m PROUD to say Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin are my political heroes. They’ve actually accomplished big things politically. Both are true conservatives.

        Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot, and pulled us out of the Nixon-Ford-Carter economy. Thanks to Reagan’s policies, we had the longest peace time economic expansion in our nation’s history.

        Sarah Palin took on corrupt Republicans, reformed politics, and has inspired millions to get up and get involved. She was the best governor in the country. Tops on fiscal issues.

        Other than bilk his mindless cult out of their milk money, what has Herr Doktor Paul ever accomplished? All those decades in office, and he has NOTHING to show for it. It’s like he was never there!

    • Gary P Jackson

      You Ron Paul cultists are nothing more than mindless drones.

      Damn right I supported the Iraq war. Saddam was the leading sponsor of terror in the world. He was paying the families of terrorists $25,000 a piece when their kids went and strapped a bomb on and blew people up. That crap stopped once we ran him out of office. Saddam used weapons of mass destruction on his own people. The guy was worse than Hitler. So yeah, I’m glad he’s dead and gone. That’s what’s supposed to happen to evil.

      As for the federal government doing what it’s been doing for the last who cares how many years, seriously? Hell no I don’t want the government to keep doing what it’s doing!

      This is why it’s impossible to talk to Ron Paul cultists, you aren’t intelligent enough to have a serious conversation with. All you care about is smoking dope and screaming about the war. Too much Alex Jones nonsense rattling around in your head.

      Life is more complex. Maybe when you grow up, and put away childish things you’ll get it. Maybe. If not, you’ll just continue to be ignorant, and a non-functioning member of society.

      • Thanks for the input Gary! You are a class act! I’m a constitutional conservative, and I respect the opinions of others, event though all the time I don’t agree.

        The Revolution is alive and well. I live in Iowa, am a state delegate, sat on the Polk County Platform committee, and believe in Ron Paul’s message of Liberty. I have learned that there really isn’t much of a difference between somebody like you, and a left wing liberal nut job. Neither has any respect for other’s opinions.

        I find it ironic that a self proclaimed conservative author, would say I’m not intelligent enough to have a serious conversation with, but ends a sentence with a preposition. In that same sentence, no less. Nice work Einstein.

        Feel free to hit “delete”.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Dude, Ron Paul is a phony. A fake. Yeah he has one, maybe two good ideas like auditing the Fed, but everything else that comes out of his mouth is pure insanity.

        His foreign policy ideas are suicidal. The founding fathers would whip his ass if they heard his bullshit!

        Oh, and he’s no Conservative. You know who that old jackass endorsed for President in 2008? A COMMUNIST, Cynthia McKinney. A far left KOOK. An anti-war, anti-American Communist nut bag. THAT is who you dear Doktor Paul endorsed.

        The “revolution” was built on a bunch of lies. Ron Paul is no Conservative warrior. He’s never done a single THING for Conservatism.

        It disgusts me that a member of his cult would show up here and disrespect the great Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin, two REAL Conservatives who fought and are still fighting the fight. Ronald Reagan stood up for Liberty and Freedom his entire life, as has Sarah Palin.

        Ronald Reagan is the reason we still have Conservatism today. Sarah Palin was an activist at an early age. As a young mother she became a member of the Wasilla, Alaska city council where she immediately became an anti-corruption crusader, taking on a fellow council member. In fact, the man who talked her into running, because he was corrupt.

        As the Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, one of the most powerful jobs in Alaska, she uncovered massive corrupt in the legislature, the governor’s office, and even with the state Republican Party chairman. When the governor and his minions refused to do anything. She threatened to make it all public. At that, the state’s Attorney General then told her if she did, she would be prosecuted and go to jail! What did she do? She resigned her high paying gig and took down the entire corrupt Republican Party in Alaska!

        THAT took courage. REAL courage.

        The party chairman paid the largest civil fine in Alaska’s history. The Attorney General was forced to resign. She defeated the sitting Republican governor in a landslide in the primary, then defeated a popular former democrat governor in a landslide to become the Governor of Alaska.

        The FBI was still frog marching corrupt Republican lawmakers off to prison 6 months after she took office.

        As Governor she cut spending, not only balancing the budget, but putting $15 billion away for a rainy day. She did this while still increasing spending on things like education and health services.

        She was the only governor in the nation to not only reduce debt during her tenure, but liabilities as well. No other governor in the nation reduced their state’s liabilities. NONE.

        What the hell has Ron Paul done except create a bunch of mind numbed zombies who sent him their lose change that he uses to keep his family employed? Seriously, other than vote no on everything, while at the same time sucking up billions in earmarks, even after every other Republican in the Congress agreed to take no more, what has that old con man accomplished?

        There is no significant legislation with his name on it. It’s like he was never there.

        He’s made a cottage industry out of running for president, using left over funds to make sure no one could afford to challenge him in his congressional district. Thanks to his crazed cult members, several REAL Constitutional Conservatives have been unable to throw him out of Congress.

        Ron Paul is a joke. His cult members are worse.

        How anyone with a working brain could fall for his nonsense is beyond me.

  12. Hit a nerve?

    At least you didn’t end a sentence with a preposition this time. Nice work!

    I don’t recall “showing up here and disrespecting Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin.” I went back and looked, but couldn’t find anything. Please enlighten me “Oh Great Thinker”.

    I am a big fan of President Reagan. I believe he was one of the greatest leaders of our time. He knew how to surround himself with the right people, who would give him sound advice, and then made sound decisions based on that advice. He is one of the greatest American Presidents.

    Sarah Palin has done an amazing job putting a conservative message out to the American people. She is very polarizing. I’m impressed with her ability to grab the spotlight, and make TONS of money in the process. I think she is a quitter, who is all about what is best for Sarah Palin, not the people she served. She didn’t even complete one term, quitting when the fire got hot, and while the iron was hot for her appearance fees. I would never support her politically in my state, even though I do like her conservative stance.

    I could give a crap less about social issues, and focus strictly on fiscal issues when it comes to politics. Social issues are used to simply divide the country. My fiscally conservative heroes: Peter Schiff, Thomas Sowell, Thomas Woods, Ludwig Von Mises, Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell, Politically, I really like Allen West, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal.

    Significant legislation? There you go again. Let’s depend on the federal government to give us everything we want/need to fulfill our lives. I personally prefer a Congressman who sticks to what is Constitutional. Here is a list of legislation sponsored by Ron Paul during his time in Congress:

    The Revolution is alive and well!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Dude, when people call Sarah Palin a quitter, they just prove how stupid they are. And hateful. I’ve noticed most of the Ron Paul cult members are hateful. Just like liberal democrats.

      If you don’t understand that the coordinated attack on Palin, was not only bankrupting her personally, but costing the state of Alaska millions of dollars, then you are too stupid to continue commenting here, or anywhere else.

      Thanks to a coordinated attack led by Pete Rouse from the West Wing of the White House, the paid democrat operatives in Alaska were able to paralyze Palin’s government. Under Alaska law, anyone can file a “complaint” for absolutely any thing. The Executive is not protected under law, like every other Governor in the country [and the President] from such bullshit. Hell, you don’t even have to live in Alaska! There is this nutty bitch here in Texas that was filing bogus complaints as well! [Malia Litman] In fact, the Alaska Attorney General recently took her to task.

      Long story short, all of this was costing Alaska millions of dollars to deal with. It was costing Palin almost a million personally. Sarah knew she could pay her bills, but she busted her ass saving the state of Alaska billions of dollars, and wasn’t about to let the left steal those savings. She did the right thing.

      Knowing their laws were screwed up, in December of 2011 the law was changed. No one can ever pull this crap on another Alaska governor.

      As for making money, what you got against that? She’s the most popular politician in the country. She’s in high demand as a speaker, has written two number one best selling books, and was the executive producer of her own travel/adventure series on TLC, a show that set ratings records.

      If you weren’t so busy following around that modern day Jim Jones, Herr Doktor Paul, around with your nose up his ass, you’d understand more.

      Again, what has Ron Paul done other than create a cult of unhinged loons?

      What has Ron Paul accomplished? What fight has he fought, and won?

      ObamaCare was on it’s way towards flying through Congress when Sarah Palin uttered two little words “death panels.” She energized the entire Conservative movement. She still does.

      When the Fed started buying debt, “quantitative easing” Your boy was silent. It was Sarah Palin, a year before anyone else started raising hell, who took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal, and the airwaves raising holy hell!

      She was raising hell world wide as she spoke in China, India, and Taiwan.

      Where was your precious Ron Paul when union thugs were literally destroying the state capital in Madison, Wisconsin, as Governor Walker was reforming his state?

      I know where Sarah Palin was! With violent, armed union thugs surround the event, Sarah Palin took to the stage and supported Governor Walker. At the end she told the GOP to grow a pair, and told Obama “Game on Mr President!”

      Sarah Palin is still the only Republican politician with the balls to call a spade a spade!

      Oh, when it came time to call out grifters, con artists, and crony capitalists, where was Ron Paul? Out grifting himself!

      Where was Sarah Palin? FORCEFULLY calling out the corrupt rat bastards in the Republican Party, along with Obama and his crew, that’s where.

      Ron Paul could never give this kind of speech. Why, because he doesn’t believe it!

      I notice you didn’t address the fact that Rather than side with CONSERVATIVES in 2008, Herr Doktor Paul endorsed a COMMUNIST for President. A goddamned COMMUNIST!

      Ron Paul is a phony, and he’s not fit to shine Sarah Palin’s, Ronald Reagan’s or any real patriot’s shoes.

      Now be gone with you!

      • David McCluskey

        Touch a nerve?

        Starry eyed for Palin? According to the US Constitution, the citizens of Alaska have that right, and I am sure she was blindsided by all of it, huh?

        At least she made all that money back ten fold. She still quit on her supporters notated how you want to slice it.

        Boy, you are correct! That death panel comment stopped Obamacare dead in it’s tracks!

        I think you are my new hero Gary!

        (I noticed you didn’t comment on your poor use of English.)

      • Gary P Jackson

        According to the US Constitutions Alaska’s have the right?

        Seriously? I know Ron Paul supporters are as stupid as they come, but do you REALLY think the United States Constitution addresses ALASKA ethics law?

        I thought you morons were for limited CONSTITUTIONAL government, and yet, you have the FEDERAL government overseeing the minutiae of the states.

        Thing is, since 2011, the citizens of Alaska NO LONGER “have the right” to do what was done to Palin. In fact, there are not only protections for the Executive, there are harsh penalties for those who bring phony ethics complaints, and break the longstanding law that says complainants are not allowed to discuss or publicize the complaint until after there is a ruling.

        You cultists need to pull your head out of Ron Paul’s ass and learn something about the real world.

        It’s funny, you Ron Paul cultists are all alike, your hatred for anyone who isn’t Herr Doktor would be comical if not so pathetic.

        Look moron, Sarah Palin is one of the very few serious people who will say nice things about your cult leader. She’s also chewed the GOP leadership out telling them not to disrespect his nutbag supporters. She’s far too kind. Because you vile, nasty little creatures don’t deserve any respect.

        Again, it’s obvious you know nothing of Alaska politics, who was behind the illegal activities, and how it effected the state. I was one of the first to break the story on Obama’s efforts, and noted that all of the attacks were coordinated from withing the White House.

        Now I know a power mad asshole like Ron Paul wouldn’t CARE that the people of Alaska’s money was being stolen by left wing loons on a jihad. Ron Paul has proven that he doesn’t respect the people. He’s a grifter and a con-man.

        As Claude Sandroff wrote in his piece Virtue and Sarah Palin:

        On July 3 when Sarah Palin announced from her Wasilla home that she would step down as Governor, we got a glimpse of a person none of us had seen before: this remarkable woman, nothing less than a phenomenon, always unflappable now seemed wounded and shaken. Five simple words were particularly haunting: “…and it’s not so comfortable.”

        One of the most famous women in the world, Sarah Palin relinquished state power in the simplest of settings. It was obviously not comfortable, nor easy. However we define Palin, as frontier feminist, movement conservative or middle class populist this will always stand as her finest hour. It might not have been her finest performance, but it crystallized in a moment the very essence of virtue. It was Sir Thomas More resigning as Lord Chancellor and George Washington returning to Mount Vernon. It showed how rare virtue has become in our politics. It shows why we adore Sarah Palin and why we need her. And it explains why, even without office, she has become the most important political figure in America.

        Of all the attributes we fix to her, charisma, fearlessness, wit, and most recently to our delight, formidable polemicist, we should remember that she entered national life in Dayton, Ohio as the enemy of politics as usual and a champion of the politics of virtue.

        She sold the state’s private jet as governor, brought property tax relief as mayor and resigned from appointed office when necessary. We should remind her vacuous, raging, class-obsessed critics that the governorship was not the first office she “quit“. Her reputation of “quitter” is one we should celebrate and demand that other politicians emulate. For she hardly quit as Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for venal or trivial reasons. She quit when she found her office so ripe with corruption that she was rendered ineffective as a moral leader.

        The question her political biography begs is why don’t more politicians resign? Why didn’t Ted Kennedy creep into a hole after Chappaquiddick? Why doesn’t Robert Byrd resign, clearly too feeble to hold office effectively? Isn’t fifty-four years in office enough for John Dingle? Hasn’t Mark Sanders learned how to say adios? And how about Bill Clinton, and John Ensign and Charlie Rangel, and on and on.

        Sarah Plain speaks quite often about the way she is “wired” for politics. This means she can appear unwearied day after day to intoxicate average Americans with a stump speech. It means too, that she takes an oath of office very seriously. If ethics reforms boomerang to neutralize her administration, she has the moral courage to step down. She swore an oath to serve her constituents, and when she could no longer fulfill its requirements she resigned. No, it was not very comfortable but it was very moving and humbling to watch. “What is an oath but words we say to God“, wrote Robert Bolt in “A Man for All Seasons.

        Sarah Palin and virtue and God. We should take the Governor at her word when she cites faith and family — in that order — as her guides in life. I try to imagine a forty-four year old woman, at the height of her power, influence and popularity finding herself pregnant. Not only pregnant but carrying a trisomic child. This was probably something not very comfortable, and certainly there was an easy way out. But Sarah Palin didn’t choose it. She would say that we have more to learn from special needs children than they have to learn from us. Surely this episode and many others show we have more to learn from Sarah Palin than she has to learn from us.

        Ultimately, virtue is the result of recognizing evil and ensuring that it does not prevail over good. It’s a simple formulation, but who in politics is audacious enough to speak in such stark terms? Sarah Palin has, with world-shattering results.

        In her first explosive Facebook entry into the health care debate, she pointed out that “death panels” were the logical consequence of the government rationing of health care. And that such rationing was “downright evil.” There were health care policy wonks galore, and Medicare and Medicaid experts by the droves who offered endless technical details about the health care bill. But only Palin distilled the debate to its fundamental moral core. No mere politician can create a phrase so mythic, that a national policy debate becomes redefined almost overnight. In its moral force “death panels” will be enshrined in our political lexicon as definitively as Churchill’s Iron Curtain was over sixty years ago.

        America has always done well, when its leaders recognize and call out evil when it threatens. Ronald Reagan’s evocation of the Evil Empire and George W. Bush’s citation of the axis of evil stiffened our spines for the coming challenges.

        Sarah Palin has too, and not a moment soon.

        One of the reason you Ron Paul cultists make me, and every other Conservative sick is the fact you chase after a phony, racist, grifter, while talking shit about a true leader who has actually made a huge difference in every position she’s ever had. Unlike Ron Paul who has done nothing but build a cult following, she left the City of Wasilla and the State of Alaska much, much better than she found them.

        No one takes Ron pail or his cult seriously. When Sarah Palin speaks, however, people listen.

        Again, she’s said nice things about Herr Doktor,much nicer than he or his deranged cult deserve.

  13. Who do you think he should have he endorsed in 2008? There was a big problem in 2008, in that, there wasn’t a fiscally Conservative Republican to endorse. I’m sure you were supporting McCain. Although McCain is a Patriot, he is NOT a conservative. I voted for him, but I regret it. I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils. I could care less if that offends you.

    Ron Paul didn’t endorse McKinney. Ron Paul endorsed ANYONE EXCEPT Obama or McCain, and in hindsight I agree with him. All you are doing is spreading half truths. Like I said before, you are a main stream media simpleton.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I love how you cultists will excuse ANYTHING this rat bastard does. Being one of the biggest porkers in Congress, even after every other GOPer voluntarily stopped taking earmarks [while hypocritically claiming to be a fiscal Conservative] no problem. You can rationalize it.

      Being batshit insane of foreign policy, so what.

      Yes, Your Dear Leader endorsed Cynthia McKinney, a goddamned COMMUNIST, and a hard core spend, spend, spend liberal. Yeah, he endorsed other nutbags as well, but ALL of them are fringe, spend, spend, spenders.

      Paul, who unsuccessfully sought the Republican presidential nomination, will tell supporters he is not endorsing GOP nominee John McCain or Democratic nominee Barack Obama, and will instead give his seal of approval to four candidates: Green Party nominee Cynthia McKinney, Libertarian Party nominee Bob Barr, independent candidate Ralph Nader, and Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin, according to a senior Paul aide.

      Cynthia McKinney is a loon. No sane person would EVER mention her as a candidate for president, or ask their supporters to even THINK about backing her.

      Again, Ron Paul is a fake, a phony and a liar.

      Yes, you read that correctly, Ron Paul endorsed Cynthia McKinney in 2008. For those who do not know, Cynthia McKinney is a certifiably insane anti-American anti-Semitic lunatic. She first came to widespread public attention when she was arrested for punching out a member of the capitol police who tried to stop her when she wasn’t wearing her pin.

      Cynthia McKinney is so crazy that she got defeated in a primary by a guy who thought Guam might tip over and capsize. McKinney was once arrested by the Israelis while trying to give aid to Hamas and penned a bizarre anti-American and anti-Israeli screed. See more of her anti-Americanism here.

      Now, I know that the above is not necessarily persuasive to the average Ron Paul fan – after all, if they were bothered by siding with terrorists, they’d have probably jumped off the Paul bandwagon already. What is perhaps more important is that Cynthia McKinney is also next door to being a communist in terms of her domestic policy.

      McKinney is an open and avowed enemy of free market capitalism, preferring instead Ghadaffi-style socialism. Seriously, she literally and openly favors dictatorial socialism. McKinney ran on the Green Party ticket, whose platform explicitly includes guaranteed open-ended welfare (at a living wage) for everyone regardless of their ability or willingness to work, among other quasi-communist and far-left economic policies.

      You live in a fantasy world. All of you Ron Paul cultists do. I’m done wasting time with crackpots such as yourself.

      • You are a piece of work! I’ve never spent my time with such a hating, self-proclaimed conservative wanna-be author, in my entire life.

        You first complain about how Sarah Palin was treated, because of the lack of legislation in Alaska, then you turn around and try to throw it in my face that the state of Alaska created legislation to protect their executives from such abuse. You completely missed my point, and verified your own simple little mind at the same time. You don’t get it, you freakin’ redeck.

        You said:


        Why would I care about Alaska legislation? I could give a crap less what Alaska legislates, because I don’t live there. I think you live in Texas, and unless you have plans to move to Alaska, (I would suggest a move out of the country), then why would you care?

        Feel free to read the 10th Amendment, and you’ll see that the US Constitution does indeed address ALASKA ethics laws.

        Let me help you out with the 10th Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

        Since the US Constitution doesn’t directly address ALASKA ethics law, and it is NOT prohibited by the US Constitution to the States, then it is up for the people of ALASKA to decide on it’s own ethics laws. Get it??

        I have never, and would never say anything in favor of the FEDERAL government overseeing the minutiae of the states, unless of course the minutiae of which you speak is prohibited to the States by the US Constitution.

        Like I said earlier, I think you are just a mainstream media simpleton, who spreads half truths, lies, and a message of hate. Nothing more, nothing less.

        I’m glad I paid a visit to your little world.

        The Revolution has just begun, my simple minded friend, it’s just begun.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Man, you Ron Paul cult loons are truly insane. And you wonder why you are not welcome on most websites, and Ron Paul has never earned enough presidential delegates to get even close to being elected.

        A Ron Paul nut bag lecturing ANYONE on how the Constitution works is hilarious.

        I care about Alaska ethics law because idiots like you keep talking trash about one of nation’s strongest leaders. Your fact free tirades are disgusting. Every Ron Paul cultist I ever met sounds just as ignorant and hateful as you do.

        Again, Sarah Palin is one of the few who has actually stood up for Ron Paul, and even his idiotic supporters, such as yourself. Instead of being grateful that she’s threatened the GOP leadership on the old coot’s behalf, you nut jobs still attack her with numerous lies and hateful rhetoric.

        Get a clue loser. Ron Paul is done. His career is OVER. His time of bilking his cult out of their milk money, and grabbing tens of billions in pork are over.

        Here’s a guy who spent 30 years in Congress and got exactly ONE piece of legislation with his name on it passed. An inconsequential nothing, agreeing to sell a government building. Something a first year newbie could have done. And it took almost all of those 30 years before he even did that.

        Ron Paul is and will always be a fringe loon with no power, no hope, and no future. Maybe he and Lou Rockwell can write some more racist newsletters. They can grab the other nut, Alex Jones and have a complete circle jerk!

        Now go away nut bag, the comments are closed to you. I’ve already wasted far more time on you than you are worth.

  14. eric

    I think you need to really review history why we entered ww2. We didn’t enter it to save the jews. Also our ships were sunk by the germans because of the aid we were giving the brittish. The germans warned the usa that they would sink us if they entered waters that patroled.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I know WWII history very well. There were a number of reasons we entered the war. That doesn’t change the fact that Ron Paul, and most of his supporters are downright hostile to the Jewish people, and Ron Paul said Israel shouldn’t exist.

      Of course the old senile fool thinks it’s OK for Iran to have nuclear weapons. He’s a moron and the world is lucky his “career” as a politician is coming to an end.

      Ron Paul is an embarrassment to humanity. Good bye and good riddance!

  15. Pingback: Libertarianism and Humanitarian Intervention: the Libertarian Rorschach Test | Theo Jones

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