Daniel Hannan: The Euro is 10 years Old Today As Sarah Palin Might Put it, ‘How’s That Workin Out for Y’all?’

By Gary P Jackson

I must admit to having somewhat of a man-crush on Daniel Hannan, and not just because he “gets” Sarah Palin!

On Sunday Hannan, a member of the European Parliament, tweeted a video of him going nuclear over the failure of the Euro, and the wisdom of Britain’s decision to keep the pound as it’s currency:

While the tweet was fun, the video that accompanied it is delicious.

Much like Sarah had great fun with Obama’s “Winning the Future” [WTF] slogan, Hannan has his own little twist that works perfectly:

If only there was some way to exchange one of our worthless members of Congress for this man, and make him “natural born” while we were at it!

There are few real and true leaders in this world, and Daniel Hannan is most certainly one of them. With little tweaking, he could make this speech in our House chambers. What he says here could easily be said about Congress’[and the president’s] attitude toward the American people.

As Whitney and I would later fantasize [her retweet came up in my timeline before the original] wouldn’t a Palin-Hannan partnership, much like Ronald Reagan had with Maggie Thatcher, be completely awesome, should Sarah decide to become President, and Daniel become British Prime Minister.

I don’t deal in fantasy often, but the thought of such a possibility sent a thrill up my leg!



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3 responses to “Daniel Hannan: The Euro is 10 years Old Today As Sarah Palin Might Put it, ‘How’s That Workin Out for Y’all?’

  1. I’m alert and ‘up on’ what is happening in Europe on a daily basis. I’ve been following Hannah for awhile now. I can get on your ‘fantasy’ boat. Well said. Bravo!!!

    • Gary P

      I’m likely not as up to date as you are, but I follow Hannan on Twitter, and always look forward to his speeches. He’s a true, and yeah, jump in the boat with us!

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