Matthew Falconer: We Need Sarah Palin’s Alaska Ethics Reform in Florida

By Gary P Jackson

Here’s a neat article out of Florida that shows just how Sarah Palin’s talk of sudden, relentless reform, as well as her record of actually bringing about those reforms, is hitting home with Americans all across the nation.

A while back I wrote how Governor Palin championed sweeping reform, and made the sort of crony capitalism we see in Washington, and some state capitals, a crime. I must admit, I just touched on the highlights and gave readers links to follow the rest.

Matthew Falconer really does Governor Palin’s tough, common sense reforms justice.

Like Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin took on the establishment and became Governor.

The special interests and their well funded candidates did not want to see a Governor Reagan or Palin. And while Sarah Palin’s selection as John McCain’s running mate made her famous, her biggest accomplishment as Governor was to end the culture of corruption in Alaska.

Many politicians talk about ethics reform but rarely do we see real ethics reform. But Sarah Palin promoted and signed one of the strongest ethics bills in our nation. It is a remedy we need in the Great State of Florida every bit as much as Alaska needed theirs.

I took the liberty of taking Palin’s ideas and put them into a bill for Florida. House Bill 109 (same as Palin’s bill number) will give our government back to the people. It will create a sea change of policy to benefit the average taxpayer and not special interests.

With thanks to Governor Palin, I introduce;

Florida’s “Sarah Palin” Ethics Reform Bill

Falconer really lays it out well. Check out his “Sarah Palin” reform bill for Florida here.

Folks, when Sarah Palin says that she [and you] don’t need a title to make a difference, this is what she was talking about.

Yeah, it can be argued Sarah needed a title to get those reforms done, and divine providence may have placed her in Alaska so she could grow up and became governor of a state that makes it’s Executive a real CEO, the second most powerful Executive in the nation, thus assuring any reforms she proposed had a better than average chance of becoming law, but that isn’t the point.

Sarah’s common sense solutions to real problems not only worked for Alaska, but have become a real inspiration to others who seek honest government, free of corruption, with laws that ensure it.

Please read the above linked article and then think how you can uses Falconer’s blueprint in your state to bring about the same reforms. Print his article out and circulate it around. Get others excited. Get it in the hands of your state representatives, as well as those in Congress. Tell them this is, at minimum, what you expect.

Use your imagination on how to get this to as many people as possible. Have fun with this, but make sure that you get others excited as well, and ask them to urge their elected officials to make these reforms on both the state, and national level. A few 100,000 very loud voices can make a real impact.

Besides, it beats sitting around bitchin’ about the presidential race!

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