Amateur Hour: Mitt Romney Likely to Be Only GOP Candidate on Illinois Ballot

By Gary P Jackson

First off, leave the conspiracy theories and the insane hatred for The Great Satan™ Mitt Romney, at the door!

Fact is, Mitt Romney is the only one who is professional enough to run a presidential campaign. Period. Does it make him our favorite choice, or even a an acceptable choice? Maybe, maybe not. But it must be said, that candidates who don’t have the skill and organization to get on the ballot so they can run for President, probably don’t have the skill and organization to BE president.

This is simple folks stuff, and something anyone running for any office, at any level, must do. It’s as basic as it gets.

There’s still a couple of days to go, and one or more candidates may come through, but judging them by their complete incompetence, and inability to get on the Virginia ballot, I ain’t holding my breath!

From Warner Todd Huston:

The first filing date for candidate petitions has now come and gone and those that are going to appear on the Illinois primary ballot is being set. And — drum roll please — we can just dispense with this whole primary dealio because apparently Illinois’ Republican voters will choose Mitt Romney.

Ah, but you might bristle at this. You might immediately launch into paroxysms of calling me a RINO for picking Romney over all the other worthy GOP candidates for president, right?

Well save your ire.

You see, I am not saying Romney is the best candidate for Illinois. I am saying that he’s the ONLY candidate for Illinois… literally.

Mitt Romney was the only GOP candidate for president that had the ground game in Illinois to even get on the ballot with the first filing date.

Below is a screen shot of the Illinois Board of Elections page showing all the candidates for president that filed their petitions.

Read more here.

People are so anti-Mitt that it boggles my mind. Again, he’s not my idea of the ideal candidate, especially in these times. But he’s going to be our nominee simply because he’s the only one who has his act together.

In a Republican field that has absolutely no one that excites me, no one who meets my expectations of what we need in our next president, I gotta say, and least Mitt is competent and detail oriented. That’s like a cool drink after wandering in the desert, compared to watching the clusterfark the other GOP presidential candidates and their campaigns have become.

Again, I’m not saying Mitt is the ideal candidate, but the rest are so disorganized, he’s going to be our nominee by default!

Candidates have until January 6 to turn in their homework. Let’s see if any others make the cut, or start crying the dog ate it!

H/T Whitney Pitcher

The GOP responds:


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7 responses to “Amateur Hour: Mitt Romney Likely to Be Only GOP Candidate on Illinois Ballot

  1. Michael Stefani

    The fix is in-maybe the Romney campaign learned the Chicago way

  2. patricia cala

    … and I assume that they have to obtain signatures too?

    • Gary P

      Levin is as big of a crybaby about this as the rest. Everyone had the same rules to play under. They had FIVE MONTHS.

      Levin’s argument is bogus. It’s just making excuses for sub-par candidates. It’s sad and pathetic. Immature.

      I’ve written a lot about the Virginia fiasco, and the childish whiners who can’t deal with reality.

      Both the GOP and the Commonwealth of Virginia recommended the candidates get 15,000 signatures, rather than 10,000, to make damned sure they had enough.

      Newt even admitted one of his canvassers turning in over a 1000 bogus names. Newt had since July to do all of what had to be done, but that disorganized, unskilled loser waited until the week the names were due to get serious.

      Newt is a joke. Period.

      People need to either grow up, or find some other hobby besides politics. These candidates are running for President not school crossing guard. If they can perform a simple task like getting on a ballot, I damned sure don’t want them having nuclear launch codes!

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