Hawker-Beech Sues to Block Embraer Air Force Contract

Embraer Super Tucano

By Gary P Jackson

Doing some follow up on a story about the battle between Hawker-Beechcraft and the United States Air Force, concerning contracting rules that excluded them from bidding on a project that was eventually awarded to Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. What caught our eye in this deal initially is the fact Obama’s puppet master, George Soros, the self proclaimed “owner of the democrat party” has ties to the Brazilian company.

From Flying Magazine:

Embraer has won a hotly contested contract to build counterinsurgency aircraft in its first deal with the U.S. Air Force, marking a major victory for the Brazilian company and an important milestone in relations between the two countries. The contract award has also touched off a fierce PR and legal offensive by the losing bidder, Hawker Beechcraft, which has filed a lawsuit in federal court aimed at blocking the decision.

At the heart of the matter is Embraer’s successful win over Hawker Beechcraft of a contract potentially worth nearly $1 billion under which Embraer will provide the Air Force with Super Tucano light attack aircraft and support services for missions mainly in Afghanistan.

Hawker Beechcraft filed suit with the Court of Federal Claims following notification that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) declined to review its protest of an Air Force decision to exclude the Beechcraft AT-6 from the Light Air Support (LAS) competition. The company says it was given “no concrete reasons” for the AT-6’s exclusion, having been denied an explanation by the U.S. Air Force on two separate occasions.

We are disappointed in the GAO’s decision as we were relying on their investigation to provide transparency into what has been a bidding process of inconsistent, irregular and constantly changing requirements,” said Bill Boisture, Hawker Beechcraft chairman and CEO. “We find ourselves still without answers, which is unacceptable, and continue to believe that our exclusion from this important contract was made without basis in process or fact.”

For the past year, Hawker Beechcraft and Embraer have competed for a contract to supply 35 airplanes to the Air Force. That number could grow to 55 and be worth up to $950 million.

The AT-6, Hawker Beechcraft notes, is designed and manufactured in the U.S. to be used by the U.S and its allies. Keeping the contract in the U.S. would help preserve 1,400 domestic jobs at 181 companies in 39 states. Adapted from the company’s T-6 trainer, the AT-6 is designed for counterinsurgency, close air support, armed overwatch and homeland security. The company has said that winning the contract would keep its T-6 production line running after 2015, when final deliveries of the trainers to the U.S. Navy are scheduled to take place.

While losing the contract could lead to job losses in Wichita, Embraer has made a compelling case for U.S. job creation in its bid proposal. The company said it will build the Super Tucanos in Florida in partnership with prime contractor Sierra Nevada, a U.S.-based technology company. The companies say they’ll use more than 70 U.S. suppliers and create more than 1,200 U.S. jobs.

Hawker Beechcraft doesn’t deny that the Embraer contract award could lead to job creation. Rather, the company says it is seeking straight answers from the Air Force.

As a U.S. company, we believe we deserve a fair chance at this contract,” Boisture said. “Hawker Beechcraft has been delivering U.S. Department of Defense aircraft certified to military specifications for more than 50 years. We are qualified and prepared to continue doing so for the Air Force’s LAS operations with our capable, affordable and sustainable AT-6 aircraft.”

Hawker Beechcraft also said it was kept in the dark about Embraer’s contract win, learning about it only at a court hearing after it filed its federal lawsuit.

“During the hearing, the government revealed that the unannounced award apparently was made on Dec. 22, 2011, shortly after the Government Accountability Office declined to review Hawker Beechcraft’s protest against its exclusion from the LAS competition,” the company said in a statement. “Per federal regulations, federal agencies are generally required to make a public award announcement by 5 p.m. ET on the day of the award.”

Arguing that the facts don’t add up, leaders at Hawker Beechcraft seem to sense a conspiracy is brewing. “This is yet another example of the Air Force’s lack of transparency throughout this competition,” said Boisture. “With this development, it now seems even clearer that the Air Force intended to award the contract to Embraer from early in this process.”

At the hearing on Dec. 28, Hawker Beechcraft requested that the court grant a temporary restraining order to preclude the Air Force from moving forward in the contract process. The court agreed to establish an accelerated schedule for briefings on the temporary restraining order and the legal merits of the case. A ruling on Hawker Beechcraft’s request for a temporary restraining order is expected as early as Jan. 11.

Businessweek adds:

We were relying on their investigation to provide transparency into what has been a bidding process of inconsistent, irregular and constantly changing requirements,” Bill Boisture, chairman and chief executive officer of Hawker Beechcraft Co., said in an e-mailed statement. We “continue to believe that our exclusion from this important contract was made without basis in process or fact,” he added.

The company claims that it worked closely with the Air Force and has spent more than $100 million over the past two years preparing to meet the contract requirements, according to the statement.

The Air Force, in a one page memorandum, notified the company on Nov. 1 that the AT-6 was excluded from consideration, according to a court filing.

Laura Sweeney, a Justice Department spokeswoman, declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The case is Hawker Beechcraft Defense Company LLC v. U.S., 11-897, U.S. Court of Federal Claims (Washington).

Lack of transparency and irregular activities are the hallmark of the Obama regime. It will be part of Obama’s legacy.

I can’t comment on the fitness of either aircraft for the tasks they would be assigned. The Hawker AT-6 is a new aircraft from a well established manufacturer with a great reputation. The Embraer Super Tucano is built by an upstart company, but the aircraft is already in service around the world, and by all accounts performing well.

My concern is the bidding process, the fact the Air Force allowed Hawker-Beechcraft to invest $100 million, only to exclude them from bidding, and instead of giving them a detailed explanation, gave them what amounts to a “Dear John” letter. It raises suspicions, and certainly deserves a look at.



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28 responses to “Hawker-Beech Sues to Block Embraer Air Force Contract

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  2. patricia cala

    No bids. It happens all the time and once the deal is signed, it cannot be undone. I presume that this is one of the ways that politicians make their under the table money. So, when they are no longer in office they can still live it up big, on retirement and without another job. The Clintinos left office with a $7,000,000.00 bank account.

    • Gary P

      It’s worse than a no-bid. Hawker was part of the bidding process, then without explanation, pushed out. Now there may be a legit reason, but if there is, it was never disclosed.


  3. patricia cala

    A few years ago the news papers disclosed that there was a large strip of mineral (or coal) land that was GIVEN to Canada, by the United States Government.

  4. John Sharer

    This is another one of george soros leading obama by his nose ring. Our country is in terrible shape and may not be repariable. I hope everyone is prepaired to having an armed revolt if obama and his cronies get another 4 years. He is already prepairing to inflict increasingly severe damage to our nation. I am ready!

    • Richard Vandervort

      If you think we have another year your so wrong in the way you think. Look up the Bill just being entered for vote by Joe Lieberman and Scott Brown to give government the ability to revoke your citizenship as a individual that is a potential domestic terrorist and combined with the powers they just pushed through giving the Department of Justice untold powers over our freedom. The way these Bill’s are written if you appose anything government is doing you could fall victim to their hostility.
      Although Obama claims he would never use these powers we all know better don’t we?

      • Richard Vandervort

        Much of this language should sound quite familiar, for it is taken directly from the recently enacted National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. There was great concern surrounding the authority given the President by this law to imprison American citizens without trial or charge if he should consider them enemies who present a danger to the United States and its people. And, just as the President is granted that authority by the NDAA, should the Enemy Expatriation Act pass both the House and Senate, he will ALSO have the authority to revoke their citizenship.

  5. In this time with are people out of work and more going everyday how can Obama stand by and give a contract to a brazilian comp. and lock an american comp. I my self would love to see Obama locked out of office!!!!!!!!

    • Rene pACE

      Don’t you remember in 2007-8, he campained, change, well the people who voted him in office did not require from him the changes he was going to make, well we certainly see now, don’t we? He’s driving our country into point of no return, so people out there, you must vote him out of office B-4 it’s too late. R. Pace, Mar272012

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  8. Eddie Jones

    You should all do your homework on Hawker Beechcraft, Canadian owned, run into the ground by there union and up to ther neck in debt.

  9. James

    This all results from the 1980’s big lie “that we must compete globally.” It is a lie because we were and to an extent still are the worlds economic engine. This global competition has cost jobs and lowered our standard of living. It is a plan but the globalist council on foreigh relations to increase profits and profitability by a cabal of super rich billionares like Soros to increase their control and profit form it. We the people do not have the information or connections to be able to see the big picture or maintain control of our government. Thanks to Gary and other interested individuals we get a small peak that the m.s. media doesn’t want to investigate or provide because they are part of the cabal..

  10. MSimoes

    kkkkkkkkkkkk. Dude you know nothing about the Company, and Soros is not invested in this company.
    Write real things and not just half-truths.
    The truth is that the AT-6 plane is a bad, bad made ​​a prototyping
    that if you need a machine gun that will fit it on top of the wings. Can you imagine the lack of precision that cause?

    • Gary P

      Dude, I guess reading isn’t your strong suit. Links are provided to back this up.

      • MSimoes

        okay, you want your child protected by an approved aircraft?
        Or would you prefer a prototyping?
        You’re smart, see what the USAF calls in competition.
        I believe in the ability of the USAF to make the right choices.

  11. Erin

    Don’t Americans need jobs? What is going on here? This isn’t right.

  12. The article says it will create jobs…. In Florida. The company is going to make the planes there, right? Still shady…. business as usual. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  13. mike poelke

    Mr. Bill Boisture, why don’t you do what you know is right. Stop the crap with this lawsuit. You lost. Get over it. Re-tool and get back in the game. Don’t try to sway the public and insult the United States Air Force with your words and actions. Try harder to produce a better product. Mr. Bill Boisture,in the name of decency, allow the best plane to provide air support for our nations BEST. It MATTERS to me, and AMERICA it should MATTER to you.

  14. Carcarah

    Well, I am brazilian and I can affirm the Super Tucano is not a prototype, it is a good plane used in a lot of countries.
    However, I have to agree it is very suspect.
    Maybe I could light up this case after I say you the following information:
    There is now a licitation in Brazil buying a bunch of supersonic fighters… and USA is losing, and France is winning. If you are thinking “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”, me too.
    I’m wondering if that guys are very smart bad guys,

    • Gary P

      Spot on!

      From all I’ve read the Super Tucano is an excellent plane. It’s the way the deal was handled that has everyone angered.

  15. MOOSE43

    Yeah and the obumsornuts just cost me my lump sum payout from the Raytheon era. November is coming!!!! Mitt Romney, come on down!!!!

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  17. This is a topic that is close to my heart.

    .. Cheers! Where are your contact details though?

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