Ron Paul Group: Third Place Finish in Iowa Part of “Anti-Democracy Jewish Conspiracy”

By Gary P Jackson

A few years back our own Stacy Drake turned me on to Pat Dollard’s blog. It’s become a daily must read. One of the reasons I love it, and follow both Pat and Lisa B on Twitter is because they come up with stuff no one else does, such as this bit of lunacy from one of Herr Doktor Ron Paul’s minions:

This video is provided by the founder of the 9/11 Troofer website, “WhatReallyHappened

His video description describes a supposed eeevvviiilll Zionist Conspiracy to control the US election process

Notice the first thing this moonbat suggests is violence?

Pat has more about this crazy bastard here.

Now SANE people know the vote tabulation center was moved because the violent members of the communist “occupy” movement threatened to disrupt the vote count. Coincidentally, many of these “occupy” thugs are Ron Paul supporters!

The loon in the video talks about “agent provocateurs” who tried to harm Herr Doktor Paul from within. That’s pretty ironical since we have now learned Ron Paul himself is an “agent provocateur” for George Soros, and the communist party.

Ron Paul supporters provide hours and hours of comic relief, that’s for sure, but they are dangerous as well. They create these insane theories, and are now calling on their supporters to get violent if they don’t get their way.

Sounds exactly like Obama supporters!

Folks, Ron Paul, and all of the crazies that support him are delusional, mentally unstable, and dangerous. Watch your back when you are around them.


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2 responses to “Ron Paul Group: Third Place Finish in Iowa Part of “Anti-Democracy Jewish Conspiracy”

  1. iakobos

    So, am I to understand that all Ron Paul supporters are crazy, delusional, mentally unstable, and dangerous or is that just some of his supporters?

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