Shocking Video: Ron Paul’s Ties to George Soros; Communist One World Government Movement

By Gary P Jackson

If there is one thing that sets the Ron Paul/Alex Jones crowd off more than talk of Bilderbergers, FEMA camps, and the Illuminati, it’s the talk of a New World Order, and a One World Government.

Fact is, the concern over a One World Government is the only thing legitimate these people ever bring up.

There has been a long, concerted effort to turn American sovereignty over to the United Nations. There’s also a concerted effort to bring hard core communism to the United States. That’s also been in the works for decades, since before WWII.

Knowing this, and how it really gets the Ron Paul crowd going, one can only speculate how they will take the news their hero, Herr Doktor Ron Paul, is really a plant by the biggest One World guy on the planet, George Soros.

Readers know who Soros is. He’s a former Nazi sympathizer who has made his fortune manipulating currencies. He’s one of the most evil men on the planet, and the self proclaimed owner of the democrat party.

From funding groups that perpetrate massive voter fraud, to groups that work daily to usurp the Constitution, Soros is like a real life James Bond villain! He’s into everything. Funds many groups with Orwellian names like the “Center for Progress” [because who doesn’t want progress] that actively work to destroy Liberty and Freedom, and hand more and more power to government.

Funny that Herr Doktor Paul, the supposed strict constitutionalist and champion of Liberty and Freedom, would be in bed with the most evil, anti-American, anti-Liberty and Freedom communist in the world.

There are only two possible answers here. Either Ron Paul is a fraud, and a phony. A George Soros plant. A mole. A “Manchurian Candidate,” picked to infiltrate the highest level of government, on behalf of the communists….or….Ron Paul is simply stupid, and has no clue what he’s doing and who he’s hooked up with.

I’ll let readers decide. I’ll say this, knowing what I know now, a lot of the crazy that is in Herr Doktor’s newsletters make more sense now.

It’s also easy [now] to understand why so many extreme left wingers and “occupy” types support Herr Doktor.

I don’t think all of Herr Doktor’s supporters are bad, but enough are to make the entire movement dangerous. Ron Paul is a real loon. His foreign policy is suicidal. His hatred for Israel and love for the Muslim terrorists is well documented. His want to blame America for everything wrong in the world is vomit inducing.

And Herr Doktor is no prize on the fiscal front. Here he’s a fraud as well. He’s one of the biggest pork spender in Congress. Rails against earmarks in public, then quietly brings home the bacon in mass quantities.

Being crazy is bad enough, but being a George Soros puppet is dangerous, and evil.

People who support this nimrod need to wake the hell up!



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25 responses to “Shocking Video: Ron Paul’s Ties to George Soros; Communist One World Government Movement

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  2. Carolyn Watson

    What happened to Ron Paul? He use to be a sane person. Politics make strange bedfellows for sure.

    • Gary P

      I think sanity left Herr Doktor Paul 30-40 years ago.

    • Carolyn W, if you re-read the article, you will find no proof given to back up the junk written against Ron Paul. The video link is now dead.

      If you do your own research you will find that the author is a liar. A bold faced liar. Ron Paul would not have a 30 year track record of opposing big central planned US govt, the UN & the slow forfeiture of US sovereignty to the UN. It’s certain that Dr. Paul would not be calling for an audit of the internationalist banker’s ‘Federal’ Reserve, one of the NWO’s biggest tools for Collapsing The System our republic is built upon, the US Constitution, if Paul were a plant.

      One cannot be a PRO Constitutionalist AND a Soros plant. Otherwise Soros’ ‘kingdom’ would be in opposition to it’s self.

      If Ron was a Spooky Dude plant, Ron would be supported by fringe stream media, not opposed & blacked out by it, including many at Fox ‘News’. Media that Spooky Dude owns or controls much or most of.

      If Ron Paul were a fake, Judge Napolitano would not support him. Not would Jack Hunter, the Southern Avenger. Nor would Michael Scheuer, CIA expert & former CIA chief of the Bin Laden Unit, endorse Ron Paul.

      At YouTube look up-

      Judge Napolitano on Ron Paul
      Southern Avenger on Ron Paul
      Michael Scheuer on Ron Paul
      Combat Veterans for Ron Paul
      9-11, war and why Ron Paul’s foreign policy is right

      You will find that the above article is as bogus as a $3 bill.
      Thank you.


      • Gary P Jackson

        Ron Paul is a phony, a con man, and a crook. Thank GOD the old coot is retiring.

        I hope his cult doesn’t harm themselves.

  3. So if Soros wants Paul to run and insure Obama a 2nd term we are all just screwed?

    • Gary P

      Obama is likely to lose, so he’s hedging his bets, hoping Herr Doktor Paul is “our” nominee.

      • Gary P, you are very incorrect. Romney has been the R & D establishment darlin’ from the start. That’s because the way 0 was a continuation of GWB, Mitt would be a continuation of 0. “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss…” lets not get fooled again! The R & D labels are for fooling us into thinking we have a choice.

        Ron Paul is an R only because the rules are rigged for the benefit of the ‘two parties’ against any 3rd party that would stand up for We The People, the way Dr. Paul stands for up US.

        Here is what we have in Romney–

        Romney exposed

        Fake Conservative Mitt:

        Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger

        Romney & 0bama the same.

        Ron Paul is our only hope for any one as POTUS. Don’t be fooled. Do your own research.



      • Gary P Jackson

        You Ron Paul cultists are pathetic.

        Ron Paul barely broke 10% in his home state of Texas.

        Even worse, Ron Paul couldn’t get over 20% in his own congressional district that he has represented off and on for 30 years! The people who know him best, and have benefited from the tens of billion of pork he’s slopped in, completely rejected him!

        Ron Paul is nothing more than a side show, a circus freak. No one takes him serious outside of the small, but loud little cult that has formed.

        Ron Paul will no longer be in Congress after the end of 2012. What are all of you mind numbed robots going to do?

  4. jules

    lol……….what a bunch of made up garbage….The elite are scared of Ron Paul so they will pull out al the stops…George Soros and Ron Paul…..give me a break.

    • Gary P

      So are you saying that a space alien or something snuck in and inhabited this Ron Paul loving loon’s body and made his say that ignorant stuff? Or was it a shape shifter? Oh I know, it was the Jooooooooooooos!

      Ron Paul is a loon, and so are his cult like followers.

  5. Anon

    Glenn Beck is a fucking asshole who jumped the sharked and is doing this beause he panders to the Israel lobby and this is his only ammo.

    • Gary P

      Oh no, the Joooooooooooooos!

      All of you Ron Paul freaks are a laugh riot. Everything is a conspiracy.

      Hell it makes sense Herr Doktor Paul would team up with a Nazi sympathizer like Soros. Birds of a feather, and all.

  6. Dave MacLeod

    The only comment Dr. Paul made, was that he was too busy with the other issues to be bother with the question the reporter asked about 9/11. Glenn Beck praised him for 4 mins on how he is the most honest, and has the best ideas. He then did his usual conspiracy theory, which was untrue, that was Barney Franks committee and was just put together as a study of possible cuts. Talk about Loons, you are a Dope, Gary Jackson! Are you that afraid of an Honest Man!

    • Gary P

      Honest and Ron Paul don’t belong in the same sentence. He’s a fraud and a phony.

      It’s funny how you cultists try to rationalize everything he does. BTW, WAS 9/11 an inside job? Do you believe this?

  7. Bob

    Absolute BS! Glenn Beck is full of sh1t. Please explain the nano thermite found all over ground zero! I personally spoke with and had coffee with a physicist that tested debris from ground zero and I asked him about the dust he tested in a conference in San Diego, the levels of military grade thermite that was found could not have come from anything other that demolition style explosives. Why wasn’t any of this in the reports by the 911 Commission? 911 has stink all over it and the official story was a bunch of garbage! Why did Dick Cheney stand down the F 18s by his own words? How is it that the owner of the world trade center took out an insurance policy on Terrorist attack 2 weeks before the attack. Why did the building 7 that wasn’t struck come down in a foot print on top of itself, in turn loosing countless top-secret documents and traceable money, to tune of Billions? The so called master minds of 911 trained at military bases in San Diego, Ata was affiliated with the military. Stinky stinky stinky! But what the hell I am just crazy like Ron Paul! Oh the government would never do anything to harm it’s people, they wouldn’t use something lime 911 to instill absolute terror into the hearts of a nation, in order to pass laws like NDAA or the Patriot Act! They wouldn’t profit from a war that would so conveniently create an opportunity for Halliburton or CACI or KBR to systematically take over key infrastructure of our military raping the defense budget with billions of no bid contracts. Keep drinking the koolaid kids…

    • Gary P

      Seek help you poor delusional bastard. Next you’ll be braying like Rosie O’Donnell that fire can’t melt steel!

      BTW, moron, step away from Alex Jones’ stupidity and do some real research. Haliburton got a lot of “no bid” contracts because in many cases, they are the only company in the world who provide the services needed.

      Listening to you freaks is comedy gold!

      • Mike

        Hahah ya and the government also said that when the plane hit the world trade center and exploded, one of the terrorists passports flew out his pants, out of the exploding plane and landed 3 blocks away unharmed at the feet of FBI agents. Your sad little Kevin Bacon game of connecting him to Soro’s is laughable at best. His foreign policy is dangerous ha? Thats why he gets more money from the military then all other GOP candidates and Obama combined? That’s why top retired CIA chiefs who worked on tracking Bin Laden say his policy is the best? Ya Pisslam is crazy, but how about we stop sending them weapons? Wasn’t it our government that just handed Libya over to Al Qaeda? Isn’t it our government that sends billions to all of Israel’s enemys as you sit here and preach about how hes “against Israel” because he wants them to be an independent state just like Netenyahu is saying? You little neo con’s make me laugh how you think your conservative? Nice picture btw, wasn’t it Reagan that said the mujahideen of Afghanistan were “freedom fighters” and had principles like the founding fathers? Hahah you make me laugh

      • Gary P

        Seek help. Maybe the nice nurse can ask the doctor to up your meds.

  8. Mike

    Ya exactly, erase my answers and say I need “help” as you dodge every fact I just put up. You can’t answer anything I brought up because it goes against everything Bill O’Reiley brainwashed into your little sheep mind. Keep pretending your a real conservative and thinking Bush loved you as he passed semi automatic weapons bans.

    • Gary P

      I don’t watch O’Reilly, he’s a disgusting loser.

      Clinton/Pelosi/Gingrich passed the weapons ban.

      Go back to Prison Planet and listen to some more Alex Jones. That will remove the last amount of IQ you have. If you are going to be a zombie, you won’t need it anyway.

  9. Most everybody knows who and what George Soros is and what he does. Why is the BASTARD still in the United States? He should be deported back to Austria from whence he came. He nearly destroyed the stupid Brits, are we going to sit around and watch the CROWBATED ASSWHOLE do the same to us? Surely, if there are people who can hack into the most of the Federal Government’s commputors, they can hack into Soros’ stash and anybody associated with him. There should be HACKER GEEKS JUST DRUELING AT THE THOUGHT OF GETTING INTO SOROS’ GOODIES. Without money, the c_ck succor couldn’t do anything. Just as he is trying to steal all of Americas wealth, we should steal his.

  10. markinmich

    If you people believe Paul is linked to Soros then this country is in worse shape than I thought and you shouldnt vote if you cant find your own truth.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I understand that some of Ron Paul’s more unhinged supporters can’t handle the truth, but it is what it is.

      Ron Paul has always been nothing more than an inconsequential congressman from a small congressional district in South Texas, whose only participation was to bring home as much pork as possible.

      Not corrupt, but right up there.

      BTW, Herrr Doktor Paul’s nutty foreign policy is right out of George Soros’ Open Society handbook.

  11. Javier

    This is the best theory i’ve ever read about Ron Paul. It fits. The socialist support he has, the 9/11 and NWO conspiracy stories he often tells (same stories as the socialist/communist propaganda) and many other details fit.
    The bad thing is that he is so charismatic that very few people would believe you.
    Nice card played by the communists.

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