Good News! Union Thug Richard Trumka Endorses Newt’s Attacks on Romney and Bain

By Gary P Jackson

Well this should make it all better. Communist, union thug, [and AFL-CIO President] Richard Trumka is down with Newt Gingrich’s attacks on Mitt Romney and Bain. That’s some great company Newt is keeping. All that’s missing is an endorsement by Satan and Obama to make this story complete!

From Politico:

I heard [host Joe Scarborough] say it’s going to backfire because of the attack on free enterprise. The question is what kind of free enterprise, and who does that free enterprise benefit?” Trumka said. “If that kind of free enterprise only benefits the top percent, you’re going to see more of what you saw on the street.

It resonates with people” when you explain leveraged buyouts, said Trumka, asserting that 22 percent of the time, Bain’s buyouts failed.

Wait a minute. The union thug, Trumpka, asserts Bain’s bailout’s failed 22% of the time. I’m a glass half full kind of guy, so the way I look at it, this means Bain SUCCEEDED 78% OF THE TIME! I’m sure a lot of companies would kill for that kind of success.

BTW, the Obama regime’s bailouts have failed 100% of the time. Or put another way, they have a 0% success rate.

78% success rate vs 0% success rate. Is this REALLY the argument Trumka wants to make?

It’s nice to know that Newt’s message resonates so strongly with the communist movement though.

Back when all of the candidates were gearing up, I noted several candidates who should be running as democrats and primarying Obama, because that’s the party they belonged in. Mitt Romney was one of these candidates, Newt Gingrich was another.

These latest stunts prove I was right. Newt DEFINITELY belongs in the democrat party.

Real Clear Politics has more video here.


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2 responses to “Good News! Union Thug Richard Trumka Endorses Newt’s Attacks on Romney and Bain

  1. Kaycey351

    If it were only as simple as most lead us to believe. I would be surprised if Trumpka (liberals & organized labor) didn’t realize that defending Gingrich might hurt his support from conservatives. We all need to be careful in placing too much creedence in what we read. Regardless of who supports who,….what does each candidate stand for and what do their records reflect. Granted, many candidates change their stance on issues throughout their political careers and rightfully so. As more information comes out on certain topics and as a person matures their opinions often do as well. Reagan was somewhat of a liberal early on. I am not ready to abandon Gingrich (the best candidate in my opinion) merely because some idiot labor union thug appears to be defending him. I’ll wager that no union funds are being pumped into Gingrich’s election campaign. All of that money is earmarked for Obama.

    • Gary P

      No, it’s pretty simple, actually. Newt is a Big Government Statist. A “progressive” a liberal. He chose, rather stupidly, to attack Romney from the hard left, communist/occupy side. Using their sort of language. It was a failure because it’s a lie.

      Even people like myself who have no love for Romney are defending him, because we are also defending free markets, capitalism, and the American way.

      Oh, and Reagan was NEVER a liberal! I suggest you educate yourself, starting with this video, which she be part of a required course in school!

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