Insane: Ron Paul Supporters Threaten Bronze Star Iraq War Vet, Family With Murder, Rape

Jere Brower, who served four tours in Iraq and was twice awarded the bronze star, with his wife Clara and daughter Ana at a 2010 birthday party. The Browers have been targeted with death threats from angry Ron Paul supporters.

By Gary P Jackson

More proof many of those who support Herr Doktor Ron Paul are mentally unstable, and dangerous.

Pat Dollard reports:

Jere Brower, his wife Clara, and his 4-year-old daughter Ana, have a very good reason to believe Texas Congressman Ron Paul when he said people view his supporters as “dangerous.”

The 38-year-old Atlanta man and his family have been targeted by militant Ron Paul supporters, one of whom threatened to “kneecap” him, then rape his wife and young daughter. Mr. Brower said he has also received death threats from supporters of Ron Paul.

The trouble started when Brower and some of his Facebook friends decided to have a laugh over Ron Paul’s ties to racist and anti-semitic groups.

Read more here.

This is totally unacceptable. We’ll have more on this sort of behavior from Ronulans coming soon.



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7 responses to “Insane: Ron Paul Supporters Threaten Bronze Star Iraq War Vet, Family With Murder, Rape

  1. Kaycey351

    Oh come on guys!!! Trying to tie such deplorable, criminal behavior to Ron Paul is criminal in itself. Stupid is as stupid does and the responsiblity for the threats are completely owned by the people who made them. I’m not a supporter of Ron Paul BUT, ….Shame on you!!

    • Gary P

      His supporters do this crap all the time. Herr Doktor never asks them to calm down. These people are like the brown shirted thugs who stood by Hitler as he came to power. WE can’t tolerate these losers or Herr Doktor.

  2. Chad

    I think Ron Paul and Obama ride the same pale horse hunh?

  3. Jeffrey

    Just like events in the middles east, those who are blamed are those who reacted to the offense.

  4. Sal

    You’re so full of it! Had nothing to do with Jere saying RP was “dangerous”, and you know it!

    Jere said via facebook

    “If you live in South Carolina and want to have some fun with these Paulbots here is what we do,” he wrote.

    “Go online and buy or make your very own KKK robe, complete with hood (hood is important). Then get some Ron Paul signs or make your own. Follow Paul around South Carolina and be sure to get photographed by the media. Again, hoods are important. All can be Klansmen for Paul. Black, white, Jewish, Asian – those Paulbots will s**t a brick.”

    • Gary P

      So it’s OK for Ronulans to threaten his life? Threaten to rape his wife and kids?

      An you wonder why people equate Romnulans to Nazis.

  5. flinst

    Please. Ron Paul supporters never threatened any of this. The author of the Examiner article has been outed as a member of the same ‘Stop Ron Paul’ group and long time friend of Jere Brower. Anyone can post articles on the Examiner website, it’s not an actual newspaper.

    Do some research for yourself. Jere Brower has actual -newspaper- articles published over a decade ago. He is a member of the Aryan Nation and hands out racist papers.

    Don’t believe me?,4637314&dq=jere+brower&hl=en

    Jere Brower is NOT the ‘victim’ he claims to be. He’s an avowed racist who is trying to stop Ron Paul by smearing Ron Paul’s name.

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