Travel Wisconsin’s Symphony Snowball Fight

By Gary P Jackson

Saw this being tweeted around the other day, and thought it was fun, and figured our readers would enjoy it. This video was created by famed Hollywood director [and Conservative] David Zuker:

What happens when Hollywood director David Zucker unleashes his wacky humor on the historic Riverside Theater and the renowned Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra? You get a little something we’re quite familiar with in Wisconsin: fun.

You might remember David Zucker as the director of classics like Airplane! and The Naked Gun. But you might not know that David was born and raised right in Shorewood, Wisconsin! This is David’s first Wisconsin project in over 40 years, but he sure hasn’t forgotten one thing: Wisconsin is fun in every season. See for yourself! Start planning your Wisconsin vacation with accommodations, attractions, and a calendar of events at

Wisconsin has a pretty cool governor too!


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