Sarah Palin Wins South Carolina Primary No Endorsement Moving Forward Wants More Ideas Discussed

By Gary P Jackson

When it looked like Mitt Romney was going to run away with the South Carolina primary, and the nomination, Sarah Palin stepped up and said we’ll just see about that!

In an effort to make the primaries and the debates continue, Sarah suggested a different plan, and it worked. Like many of us, Sarah believes in tough competition and hard fought battles. Competition, strong competition, only makes everyone better. As she said: “steel sharpens steel.

By continuing the fight, Sarah is forcing all of the candidates to be at their best. This is a good way to force the cream to rise to the top. Whomever wins the nomination will have earned it, and be in a better position to defeat Obama. This primary battle will expose all the warts, and steal the democrat’s thunder. It will make the eventually nominee much stronger.

Speaking with Megyn Kelly on Saturday night, Sarah said she was pleased with the outcome, but would not be endorsing any candidate yet. She also said Rick Santorum should fight on. We agree!

If there is one thing that saddens us, it’s that all of this just reinforces the fact that had Sarah run for president herself, she would have won it all hands down.

One thing I have to point out though. While she’s right, Newt Gingrich did fight against HillaryCare…. sorta…. in 2005 Newt teamed up with Hillary to push government mandated health care insurance. Newt has consistently pushed for government mandated health care insurance for almost a decade. His last big push was in May of 2011, when no one was paying attention. After that he’s laid low, hoping no one would notice that NewtCare is basically RomneyCare, except for the entire nation.

On to Florida!

Video courtesy SarahNet


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9 responses to “Sarah Palin Wins South Carolina Primary No Endorsement Moving Forward Wants More Ideas Discussed

  1. Kaycey351

    Sarah Palin did not have any effect whatsoever on the outcome in SC. It was all Gingrich. For her to even elude to it is ludricous.

    • Gary P

      Even the communists over at the Huffington Post give Sarah all of the credit for this deal, you loon! Newt was going to be crushed until she suggested people vote for him, in order to keep things going.

  2. CHad

    Dont ever under estimate the Power of Palin the woman is backed by God and so is the rest of her family and everything she touches turns to heavenly gold~ What I am dying to see now is Nikki Haley’s face on a follow up~ And Megyn Kelly avoided that question~ I call Sarah’s last question a sucker punch~ POW! How you like them apples~?

  3. Newt’s a Rhino – Progressive – Only a month ago he said FDR was his favorite President and he called himself a Wilsonian Republican … WTH??? Nothing conservative about him, but he KNOWS what conservatism is and can obviously recite it’s vision.

  4. Palin made that comment Tuesday night after Newt’s late Monday night Juan Williams throw down. Gingrich admitted they had an increase in both cash and volunteers on Wednesday, but it is (at best) inconclusive that Palin caused the surge.

    Remember Mitt looked terrible in that debate. My guess is that Sarah caused it to accelerate from a close win to a large margin – but we won’t know.

    Now if she endorses Santorum (God forbid) in FL and he overcomes Newt and Romney, you may have something there.

    PPP didn’t start daily polling until Thursday

    • Gary P

      Newt was going to lose by 20 points until Sarah pseudo-endorsed him. Lots more jumped on board after that.

      She’s already said she has no intention to endorse moving forward, at least not yet.

      Even the commies at the Huffington Post credit Sarah, so does Newt himself.

      Damned shame she didn’t run because we wouldn’t be stuck with all of these sub-par losers if she had!

  5. patricia cala

    She is a good person. She is honest and thoughtful. The perfect candidate would be Santorom, but it is too early for him, next time.
    But, in any case, Obama has already lost and as she said, keeping the momentum going is good for the election.

  6. Joy

    Sarah’s profile at the last minute in the race in SC was very powerful – and it wasn’t an endorsement!! It was a directional nod, folks – “Keep this sucker going and let the best Conservative candidate emerge – and/or toughen up Mr. Bland and see if he has the ability (in his 5th year running for POTUS) to FINALLY rip off his Clark Kent shirt & tie and put on his Superman outfit!!” Short of performing a lobotomy on Romney, Palin is hoping that he’ll finally find his inner Conservative – that is, if he has an inner ANYTHING!!

    I still don’t see her jumping in anytime soon, she’s more interested in building up her GOP leadership bona fides and reinforcing her leadership position within the Conservative Movement. Only in that dominant position will she finally lead the long-overdue charge and de-fang the RINO wing of the GOP once & for all! She is strategizing every step of the way – you betcha!

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