Sarah Palin Talks with Sean Hannity and Eric Bolling; Why The Hell Isn’t She Running?

By Gary P Jackson

A couple of interviews. One with Sean Hannity one with Eric Bolling.

Big news from the Hannity interview is no endorsement. She also calls on both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich to be transparent.

The Bolling interview is a tad more lively! She kicks Chris Christie’s big fat RINO arse. Delicious.

As this was the most boring debate night ever, I think Scott Conroy summed the whole thing up right here!

One thing. Sarah says to watch who the elite is attacking and who they go easy on. Obviously meaning the one who the media and elites go after is the one to run toward. After watching NBC gang up on and even cut off Mitt Romney, while going easy on Newt, one has to wonder!

For those thinking she’s solidly behind Newt for whatever reason, you’ll note that she challenges Newt and Santorum and has some praise for Romney.

Final thought after listening? Why the hell isn’t she running!

Videos courtesy SarahNet



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16 responses to “Sarah Palin Talks with Sean Hannity and Eric Bolling; Why The Hell Isn’t She Running?

  1. patricia cala

    In the debate set up; I would like to see Paul and Santorom in the center and Romney and Gingrich on the outsides. It was no accident that the arrangement was that way. I wanted to hear more from Santorom.
    Frankly Mitt hedged and rambled too much.

    • Gary P

      I agree. I want to hear more from Santorum as well. The deal with Romney and Newt is getting tiring. Though I would love to see Mitt grow a pair and punch the little pot bellied socialist out. Won’t happen, but a man can dream!

  2. ajsteele

    I have never seen Sarah Palin slam Newt Gingrich. She’s not in office, she’s a commentator and can say what she wants. If she believed Newt was a monster as is often greatly inferred in your writings, she’d put it out there.
    I also see a lot of attempts to find covert meanings behind Sarah’s words.

    I don’t see that she’s solidly behind Newt as you say some do but she certainly plays it fair with him. Yeah, she slammed Christie, but for what? Seems it was for ill spoken words against Newt! If Christie’s words are true (and they tend to be) she appears to want to stay “party loyal” even if it means Newt is a horrible man. Strange.

    I disagree with her that Fred Thompsons endorsement means anything for Newt. Also Art Laugher may “perhaps” endorse Newt but he is sure on the same page as him. It’s good to point out facts about a candidate but Palin is of the opinion that you don’t spew out rhetoric against your own party (I guess that only applies to “in office “people. right?)

    I know you praise Sarah Palin (as I sometimes do) but your words on Gingrich don’t line up with a woman who’s husband endorses him. I would think the two of them are pretty close. Even if you want to believe they are totally different, it still remains true that Sarah doesn’t even come close to saying the words you do about Newt. Just saying they need to be transparent is not exactly harsh or revealing.

    • Gary P

      Not sure if you know this, but I’m not a spokesman for Sarah Palin. Myself and all of our writers support her. That said, we all have independent minds. We think for ourselves.

      I’ve been following Newt Gingrich’s sorry excuse for a career for decades. Ad what I write isn’t an “I say” situation, it’s fact. Documented fact.

      Sarah Palin has said nice things about all of the candidates. Remember, it was her words for Rick Santorum in Iowa that not only brought him a million dollars in campaign cash, but took him to a win.

      I have no idea what her end game is. All I know is Newt Gingrich is the sort we must run out of politics forever. He is a liar and a Big Government Statist. He would be Obama’s second term.

      Newt is bad news, plain and simple.

      None of these candidates are very good in my opinion, and I wish we could start over, with Sarah in the mix. But I live in the real world and realize that isn’t going to happen. So, rather than voting for someone, it’s become an exercise in stopping the worst of the worst, and going on from there.

      Oh, and I’m not a member of a political party. I’m an independent and a Conservative. Newt Gingrich is not now nor has he ever been a Conservative. Since the 1970s Newt has stood with the socialists every time the chips are down.

      Newt is a democrat who is in the wrong party. There are plenty of them in the GOP.

  3. ajsteele

    Thats a savvy answer, that your “not a spokesman for Sarah Palin”. You often interject “what Sarah means” by a certain statement she makes. You hold extremely close to her ideology, no? I remember when it was unsure if Sarah was running and you said she wouldn’t let all those grass people down in Iowa by not running.

    It seems to me what you mean to say is that your not an “official” spokesman for Sarah Palin. Look, you can mess with words all you want, but the bottom line is that if Sarah Plain thought Gingrich was a Marxist or a serial (sexual) predator she would speak out about it. It’s hard to believe you would think a woman with her integrity would not comment on these things. Gingrich is the furthest thing from a prize, I know.

    However, being that I hold Sarah in as high a regard as you i can reconcile a final endorsement, if it comes to it, by her her for Newt Gingrich. I think it’s fair to say that would be a perplexing situation for you. Gingrich is a poor candidate but the Marxist stuff is over the top.

    • Gary P

      Newt is absolutely a Marxist. Hang on. I’ll have more to support that.

      I hold Sarah in the highest regard. Doesn’t mean I automatically just do whatever she says. She wouldn’t want that either.

  4. ajsteele

    I’ll read your stuff, i always do. I just find that none of what your saying addresses why Sarah doesn’t point out the supposedly glaring horrors of Newt. My following statement is even sadder: If Palin is “holding back” about Newt because of party loyalty, she’s seriously flawed herself.

    • Gary P

      You realize that Sarah never actually “endorsed” Newt, right? She simply said if she was a SC voter, she’d vote for the bugger to keep the process going.

      That’s a pretty simple concept that even I agree with. The longer this goes on, the more vetting that occurs, the better. Vetting is actually bad for newt. The more you know, the less you like.

      On the other hand, vetting will make the rest stronger.

  5. Dennis

    I completely disagree with you on Newt. I find what you find as objectionable as unimportant nonsense. He is the only one on that stage capable of bringing the necessary change to Washington. He worked with the LEFT when he brought them to OUR side. He said and did stupid things to survive politically, but he is the guy with the cajones to get the job done.

    • Gary P

      You find it OK that Newt has NEVER stood with Conservatives? That instead Newt has ALWAYS stood with the socialists when it matters?

      I swear, Newt supporters are exactly like the Obamazombies.

      Character doesn’t matter, record doesn’t matter, ability doesn’t matter. But boy he sure can talk pretty, and if an idiot journalist throws him a softball, he sure can go into a tirade.

      Your boy Newt was pissed after the NBC debate because the audience wasn’t allowed to clap and NBC’s moronic moderators are smarter than CNN’s moronic moderators, and didn’t tee him up for one of his insignificant tirades.

      Newt is a Big Government Statist who is every bit as dangerous as Obama.

      Why not talk to those who served with him at the time he was speaker? Ask them why they staged a coup to get him out of that position!

      Newt was disorganized, undisciplined, and no one could work with him. Well, no one but Nancy Pelosi, that is. While he was Speaker he was one of the biggest gun grabbers in the country!

      Newt would make a horrible president. He’s never run a city, never run a state, and the only business hes ever run lives off the government tit.

      Stay tuned for my discussion of Newt and Toffler, the Marxists he sat at the feet of for 20 years.


    Forget about her endorsing Newt (which I know she really didn’t). The question of why Sarah doesn’t speak out about Newt keeps being avoided.
    He’s nearly Satan according to you. You don’t think Sarah is privy to the information you have?


    Catchy response, but I would never make Sarah out to be that uninformed
    in the political world. Some pills are tough to swallow.

    • Gary P

      I don’t know. I really don’t. I don’t know if she did much homework before she endorsed Rick Perry in 2010. Of course, it didn’t matter, as even I, who live here and know how corrupt he is, voted in the primary for him, because Kay Bailout Hutchison would have been worse. Perry always wins the lesser of all evils vote.

      Thing is, I cannot and will not support Newt. That’s kinda all that matters, to me!

  8. Dennis

    What part of Welfare Reform do you not understand? What part of a Balanced Budget do you not understand. Have you read Contract With America? Is that a Big Government Socialist document to you? Do you happen to notice that the Republicans went on a spending spree after Newt left the Speaker’s position. Newt Gingrich did not commit any crimes to my knowledge so that puts him ahead of either Bill or Hillary Clinton. Romney’s a nice guy, and would probably make an OK President. I don’t see Newt as you do and I think he would make a GREAT President. To begin with he won’t be blaming anyone else if the job doesn’t get done. The problem I have with Romney is that he bought his way into loaning out the Republican infrastructure to get elected even though the Republican Party accounts for about 1/3rd of the voting block on the RIGHT. His staff is full of those similar to McCain’s who show contempt for those in the TEA Party and the Conservaives who happen to account for 2/3rds of the nominations vote. They are arrogant and only want us to show up on Election Day to vote for THEIR guy. I stopped vote AGAINST someone in 2004. I want to vote FOR someone and I can’t do that for Romney or Obama. So good luck getting the 70% on the voting block on the RIGHT to vote for YOUR guy, and trying to get others outside that voting block.

    • Gary P

      I don’t have a “guy” My preferred candidate chose not to run. SHE is sitting in Wasilla, Alaska.

      That said, Newt gets far to much credit for other people’s work when he was Speaker. In fact according to those that actually created the Contract with America, Newt worked to scuttle parts of it.

      One thing I notice. Newt don’t seem as proud to take credit for teaming up with Nancy Pelosi to create the most anti-American gun grabbing laws in history. This after promising Americans no gun legislation would ever see the light of day.

      That is Newt’s true legacy, screwing over the American people. Standing with the socialists when it matters. Newt has been supporting socialists over Conservatives since the 1970s. Newt has done more to advance socialism in this country than most democrats!

      BTW, since when was Newt a Tea Party guy. He’s never campaigned FOR Tea Party candidates. The one time he had a chance, he supported far left socialist De De Scozzafava, a Margaret Sanger Award winner, over the Tea Party guy.

      Oh, and Newt called the Tea Party the “militant wing of the GOP”. Newt is NOT one of us. Trust me, have watched him for decades. Newt only cares about Newt.

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