Congressman John Campbell: Newt More Obnoxious than Obama! More Arrogant than Obama!

By Gary P Jackson

Congressman John Campbell, while talking with BreitbartTV Editor Larry O’Connor, who was hosting the Hugh Hewitt Show, rips into Newt Gingrich. Calls him more obnoxious than Obama and more arrogant than Obama.

Now I know Newt’s fan boys will start screaming about conspiracies and The Establishment™ being against Newt, but that argument will fall pretty flat. You see, Congressman Campbell is from Orange County, California. Doesn’t get more Conservative than that, at least not in California. Congressman Campbell has a lifetime rating of 92.7 from the ACU. He’s hardly part of The Establishment™.

I know it’s hard for some to understand, but Conservatives who don’t like Newt do so on principle. Campbell gets to the heart of the matter in his interview. We don’t need or want a candidate who sounds exactly like Barack Obama when he attacks capitalism.

Newt uses the language of the Communist/Occupy crowd when he attacks Mitt Romney. That should frighten all, because it reveals to us who the real Newt Gingrich is. His default position is to run to the left.

In the interview Campbell also echoes Sarah Palin’s sentiment that all of these debates sharpen the candidates and prepare them for battle.

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