Addicted to OPM: 59 Senators Vote AGAINST Earmark Ban

By Gary P Jackson

On Thursday the Senate voted on an amendment to the STOCK Act, legislation concerning corrupt insider trading. [which passed] The amendment would have banned earmarks. It did not pass. The vote was 59-40 against with Senator Mark Kirk [R-IL] who is still recovering from a stroke, not voting.

To see how your Senator voted, click here. From there you can contact your Senator and either thank or chew a little, depending on how they voted.


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4 responses to “Addicted to OPM: 59 Senators Vote AGAINST Earmark Ban

  1. Chad

    Immune to the same laws that would put any of us in federal prison go figure~ Money thats what I want~ Yeah like they want all of it hunh~? These videos make me feel old~! Well it has gotten to the point now where I cant do nothing but laugh~ hehehe

  2. Joy

    Grrr!! I’m fightin’ mad!! I read over that list of Senators – and, true to form, most of the Dems voted NAY and most of the GOP voted YEA, but a few sensible/brave/up-for-re-election Dems voted with the GOP and a few marxists turncoat GOPers voted with the Dems (incl. that piece of trash, big-mouth Murkowski from AK). So, what was the excuse(s) of those who want to keep earmarks? This was a good Tea Party amendment (Toomey, bless his heart!) even though it didn’t pass. I’m hoping that Republicans who challenge some of the nasty Dems in the Fall will use this vote as way to hammer the greedy-guts Dems!!

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