NHRA Funny Cars and Indy Cars on Display Prior to Super Bowl XLVI

Ron Capps NAPA Auto Parts Dodge Charger on display alongside John Force’s Castrol GTX High Mileage Ford Mustang

By Gary P Jackson

Indianapolis is a racing town. It’s home to both Indianapolis Motor Speedway, host of the Indy 500, the largest one day sporting event in the world, and Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis [formerly Indianapolis Raceway Park] home of the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals presented by Lucas Oil, the oldest, largest, and most prestigious drag race in the world.

The Indy Racing League is based in Indianapolis. Many of the teams have shops there, and drivers live there. Over the past decade or so, many of the top NHRA drag racers have moved there and a lot of teams are based in Indy as well. Though based on the west coast, NHRA has technical facilities there and owns Lucas Oil Raceway.

You see the name Lucas a lot in motorsports. Forest Lucas’ company supplies some of the finest lubricants and additives to teams in every form of racing. They also have products for daily drivers as well.

Lucas Oil sponsors NHRA’s entire sportsman program and Forest’s son Morgan drives the multi-event winning GEICO Top Fuel Car

You’ll hear the Lucas name a lot this weekend as Super Bowl XLVI will be played in Lucas Oil Stadium.

For the event both NHRA and the IRL have displays allowing football fans to get a look at Indy’s big business, racing.

From NHRA.com

NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series Funny Cars from Don Schumacher Racing and John Force Racing will be prominently displayed at two leading tourism destinations across central Indiana leading up to Super Bowl XLVI.

NFL fans who touch down at Indianapolis Int’l Airport will be greeted by the Castrol GTX High Mileage Ford driven by John Force and the Auto Club Ford Mustang driven by Robert Hight. Both cars competed in the 2011 NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series. One car will be on display at Concourse A and the other at Concourse B, and both will be highly visible to those arriving in the city. The displays will feature custom welcome signage and information about the Big Go, the prestigious Mac Tools U.S. Nationals held at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis during Labor Day weekend.

DSR and JFR cars will also be on display at the Super Celebration Site at Metropolis Mall in Plainfield, Ind., in Hendricks County. Both the NAPA Funny Car driven by Ron Capps and the 2010 John Force Castrol GTX 25th anniversary Ford Mustang will be a focal point of the 18,000-square-foot Super Celebration Site display.

At the Super Celebration Site, fans will not only be able to see the Funny Cars, but also be able to race an IndyCar simulator and test their football skills on the NFL Blitz video game. Metropolis Mall will also house a replica Izod IndyCar featuring the decals of the Baltimore Ravens as part of the Super Cars promotion. For more information on the Super Celebration Site, log on to http://www.tourhendrickscounty.com/supersite.

Having the Super Bowl in Indianapolis is an enormous thrill for all of us who live and work here,” said Mike Lewis, vice president of Don Schumacher Racing, based in Brownsburg. “Considering the culture of auto racing in Indiana, it only makes sense for industry leaders like Don Schumacher Racing to become involved in Super Bowl activities. We hope NFL fans will want to experience our brand of 320-mph excitement at some of the 23 NHRA events around the country.”

Having my hot rods on display as part of the Indianapolis Super Bowl events is great for the NHRA and my sponsors like Castrol, Ford, Auto Club, Traxxas, Mac Tools, and BrandSource. I put the John Force Road Show together to spread the gospel of NHRA, and you aren’t going to get a bigger crowd than Indianapolis this week,” said 15-time Full Throttle Series champion Force. “I played football growing up, and to have my Castrol GTX High Mileage Ford Mustang Funny Car, my 25th anniversary Castrol Funny Car, and Robert Hight’s Auto Club Ford Mustang on display at the airport and the Metropolis Mall is pretty cool.”

When we first heard we would be a Super Celebration Site and featuring a Super Car, we knew we had to showcase our own NHRA Super Cars as part of the festivities,” said Jaime Bohler Smith, associate director for the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the group overseeing the site. “Our hope is that guests coming to see the big game will come back and join us for the Big Go [the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway] right here in the motorsports capital of the world,” she added.

The cars at the airport will be continuously on display, and those at Metropolis Mall will be on display from Feb. 2 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. through Feb. 5 from noon to 4 p.m. Metropolis Mall is on the eastern edge of Hendricks County, minutes from downtown Indianapolis.

All 32 NFL TEAM and one SUPER BOWL branded IndyCars in downtown Indianapolis. The crew from www.indyracingexperience.com worked the last few months preparing all the cars to pull this off! [photo courtesy Scott Jasek]



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10 responses to “NHRA Funny Cars and Indy Cars on Display Prior to Super Bowl XLVI

  1. Howard T. Lewis III

    Since don Gartlits broke the 200mph in the quarter mile, ‘Dodge’ and ‘racing should always be in two seperate sentences because Dodge blew it when they dumped the grey iron slant-6 engine in the 1963 Dart and Valiant.after the Ford-GTs and the otherworldly Ford-GT MarkII, the magic was cashed in and we still do not have our own UFOs to fly around in. Plenty of huge mansions decaying and up for sale however. Ford took U.S. taxpayer bail-out money and went to Brazil with it to build a factory. I hope it burns to the ground. Henry I is rolling in his grave. The taxpayers should boycott Ford until they stop and move it back to the U.S. Genius takes sweat and Ford’s heirs don’t.

    • Gary P

      Man there aren’t a whole lot of people who remember the Mopar slant sixes! I have an old friend who raced one of those really ugly little early 60’s Dodges with a 6 banger in AHRA Stock Eliminator. Set a ton of national records. He later had a Plymouth Duster and even an Arrow, both with slant 6s!

      Ford Didn’t take any bailout money though. And Ford was in Brazil when the company was still building Model Ts. By the 1930s Ford was building cars all over the world.

      Most of the best stuff Ford has now was actually developed by Ford Europe before we got it.

      • Howard T. Lewis III

        Do a serious recheck on government money for Ford, perhaps under a different category. I forgot that by the 1960s, Ford was having components built worldwide and true while the heirs ate and built mansions, Ford of Europe was doing the most in the fields of innovation. Now look at Detroit. The crooks with the most cash are going to move in with legitimate businesses and exploit labor and globalization to the max. Like a big cancer producing junk.

      • Gary P

        Any time you allow democrats and unions in, bad things happen.

        As far as junk, Ford and Chrysler are building some great cars these days. You know Fiat is now running Chrysler. They are car guys. Ford is full of car guys as well.

        The automobile business is worldwide these days. Remember, many foreign manufacturers build cars here in America. In fact, I understand Honda is building cars here, for export to South Korea.

      • Howard T. Lewis III

        I have a 1993 Honda Accord made in the U.S.A.. It is a masterpiece. Fiat bought Chrysler. This is true ‘sins of the father should not be dumped on the children’ or something like that. Fiat though. Yugoslavia built the Yugo that was exported to the U.S. in the late 1980s. The cutting edge of Serbo-Croatian technology that was 50 tiomes removed from responsible engineering. With fiat’s old factory imported to yugoslavia. She bought it new for about $5,500 and it blue booked in one year for $1375. So many things had gone wrong with it before I met her (all tires, alternator, interior fan, ignition lock, door lock, glovebox lock, fan belt. EGR rust through, front MacPherson struts, and just after we met, a head gasket blew.All in 42,000 miles. I had eight vehicles of my own and I did not touch it. I swear) It instantly became apparent she wanted a pet mechanic. I kept my face hidden in my beer. Finally Christmas,1988 she came to me with tears welling in her eyes that she was flying to Boston, and she did not want to saddle anybody with the Yugo and could I PULLEEEAAASE decide the best solution to her woe with this car. I looked up and saw the $1,375 Blue Book and noted the super thrifty and DEPENDABLE 1980 Toyota pick-up would be better because of her work. She had said she needed a truck. So I did a mercy kill to the Yugo and sold my Jaguar 420 G, which i needed to put Chev 350 gear in. Too much hassle. Why do i tell you this?
        The only car to get marks nearly as bad as a Yugo in consumer reports is a Fiat or Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon of 1985 vintage. Pure crap. there is an ongoing financial war going on against the U.S. and Japan starting with 9-11, then the GoM blow-out, HAARP weather attacks, and Fukushima, intentionally sited on the beach with a fault line right out front in the middle of the most active tsunami zone on earth. It goes on. making Fiat and Chrysler the center of hopes for the american automotive industry is like Mark Spitz wearing a cinder block for a handicap during the Olympics. The poor guy would drown if he could not make it to the side of the pool. The U.S. is way over 15 trillion in debt. England and Belgium have debts 10 times what their GDP is. What the nation needs to make big progress is a factory building 250cc, watercooled motor scooters with low profiles like the Honda Helix, and late 1990s Suzuki Swift/Geo Metro copies.
        Melt down Chrysler/fiat and build low slung scooters(side winds are bad news on scooters),

      • Gary P

        Hondas are decent cars.

        I’m looking at the new Chryslers and they are doing quite well. One of Chrysler’s worst periods was the so-called “merger of equals” between Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz. Man the quality went to hell, and so did the dealer experience. Mercedes almost destroyed Chrysler. Fiat now owns 20% of Chrysler and their folks are running the show. Quality is way up, as are sales.

        The new little Dodge Dart is going to be a world beater. The Fiat today isn’t the Fiat of long ago. They know what they are doing.

        I remember the Yugo. $2995 brand new! I’m over 6ft and couldn’t even get in one. Pure junk.

      • Howard T. Lewis III

        The past several years of Chrysler have shown problems that another few hours of judgement over product would have done wonders.Simple stuff with dire consequences. Too early tio tell with this most recent manifestation ot ‘Chrysler motors’. My experience with alcoholic beverages prepares me for the ‘Chrysler phenomena’. Introduction of a considerable monitary investment is rewarded with a smooth climb up into a temporarily superior way of life until fatigue is met. Then, rest and sanctuary or turning in last years model (or the previous day’s drunk) is necessary to avoid the truth coming back to wreak havoc on the body and soul. The next day’s hangover tells us to invest elsewhere for good times. A ten year old Chrysler may or may not get you from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, See how many ten year old Hondas and Toyotas are still on the road. When the founder of Honda Motors was 96, he was too blind to take part in design, but he worked pushing broom up to 16 hours a day sometimes.
        The U.S. can be the best again, but a huge number of stuffed shirts exploiting the economy for a foreign entity MUST BE REMOVED.

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  3. Super Cars at Monument Circle image credit http://www.lavengoodcommercial.com – 2012 – Jason Lavengood

  4. Bradley

    I bought my first Chrysler product, a 09 Ram 1500 in late 09, and it has been an astonishingly good pickup. No issues. Great build quality, ride, and did I mention power!! I’m very satisfied with my Dodge Ram

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