Sarah Palin: Lessons to Learn from Komen and Planned Parenthood

Sarah Palin gives our friend, and favorite biker chick, Adrienne Ross a big shout out by linking to her thoughts on the Komen/Planned Parenthood fiasco. Adrienne’s article is a must read.

By Sarah Palin

The conflict between Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and Planned Parenthood once again raises the issue of Planned Parenthood’s funding. As has been pointed out many times, Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mammograms. So, why should a breast cancer charity feel enormous pressure to donate to an abortion provider? It’s frustrating to see Komen feel it had to reverse its decision based on political pressure. Here’s an interesting and very good take away from all of this:

As controversial as this entire situation has become, there is definitely a lesson to be learned here, and I want to highlight it. Planned Parenthood reportedly was the recipient of an outpouring of public support after Susan G. Komen for the Cure first announced its decision not to fund it. It didn’t take long at all for Planned Parenthood supporters to respond, as they made the decision to give from their own personal finances. This is precisely how these things ought to work. Private charities and willing individuals have every right to give to organizations such as Planned Parenthood. The allocation of federal funds, however, is a different matter entirely.

For years, many Americans have voiced disapproval of their dollars going to Planned Parenthood via the federal government. This is particularly a bone of contention now when America is broke and needs to rein in spending. Every federal dollar counts, and Planned Parenthood has just shown us that it has the means to raise its own money from individuals who choose to give to them, rather than receiving most of its multimillion dollar funding from the U.S. government. Even New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has gotten involved in the situation, pledging to donate and accusing Komen of basing the decision—the decision of how to spend its money—on politics. This is further evidence that there’s no lack of willing financial support. So then why should those whose consciences rail against giving to an organization dogged with too many questions—and too many abortions—be forced to give to Planned Parenthood through their tax dollars?

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Adrienne Ross



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2 responses to “Sarah Palin: Lessons to Learn from Komen and Planned Parenthood

  1. Sally

    So why should MY tax dollars have gone to support Bush’s wars, when I am a pacifist? Why should my tax dollars support a military that spends billions in no contract bids on planes they will never use? Why is it that the right is ONLY up in arms over Planned Parenthood, who does not and never has, used government money for the few abortions it provides. And what has this to do with Komen, who is being shown as a bunch of opportunists (yes, Karen Handel, that’s you!) who take the donations and fund themselves…sort of like SARAHPAC. I will never support Komen until they help actual women in need, but I will support PP every day, even though I never needed them, and know no one who has had an abortion or needed any of their services. They are the only health care provider for millions of poor women, who the GOP also does not care about…end abortion, end contraception…keep those white babies coming before the majority is not, huh?

    • Gary P

      You are a delirious loon. Planned Parenthood slaughters millions of children each and every year. They make Hitler and his Nazis look like pikers. Of course, Hitler got all of his ideas about eugenics and murdering the Jews from Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger, and other American “progressive” democrats.

      Margaret Sanger was also a favorite of the KKK because of her hatred of blacks, who she called “human weeds.” Sanger attended Klan meetings to push the idea of legalizing abortions.

      Most of the babies slaughtered by Planned Parenthood are black. Planned Parenthood directs most of it’s marketing efforts toward the black community. Margaret Sanger would be so proud!

      As for “Bush’s Wars” which Obama has kept going, it’s obvious that you are simply too stupid to understand the difference between going to war with evil. Evil that attacked us, and the slaughter of innocent children. That in itself is evil.

      Planned Parenthood DOES NOT provide “health services” to women. They are an abortion mill. Their business is slaughtering children. Nothing more.

      There are plenty of legitimate services for the poor that offer actual health care.

      What’s doubly pathetic is Komen is all about curing breast cancer in women, while at the same time they fund Planned Parenthood, who’s only real service is mass murdering girls. There is a direct link between abortion and increased likelihood of getting breast cancer. Something lost on stupid people, such as yourself.

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