BREAKING: Did Sarah Palin Just Announce She Would Accept The GOP Nomination if Drafted?

By Gary P Jackson

Oh man, what a day this has turned out to be. Sarah Palin has been all over Fox News today, including making a surprise appearance on The Five, setting between Bob Beckel and Eric Bolling, who has been teasing her appearance on his Fox Business News show Follow the Money, which brings us to what currently has everyone buzzing.

This is a supposed transcript from the interview she did with Eric, from Time Magazine:

BOLLING: Governor, a lot of people are saying it can’t happen. I don’t necessarily agree with them. If one of the nominees, one of the GOPers, doesn’t get enough delegates, it could go the a brokered convention.

If it does get to that and someone said, Governor, would you be interested, would you be interested?

PALIN: Well, for one, I think that it could get to that. And I — you know, if it had to — if it had to be kind of closed up today, the whole nominating process, then we would be looking at a brokered convention.

I mean nobody is quite there yet. So I think that months from now, if that’s the case, then, you know, all bets are off as to who it will be willing to offer themselves up in the name of service to their country. I would — I would do whatever I could to help.

That’s — that’s fantastic.

Putting this in the context of Sarah’s Fox interviews with Greta, the gang on Fox and Friends, and Martha MacCallum, where she is clearly displeased with how the current candidates are handling themselves, as well as going after President Obama full speed, it seems she has decided she may have to take matters into her own hand!

Of course, this could be nothing more than a huge shot across the bow of all of the campaigns, and the GOP, warning them to get their act together. Or it could be she’s been listening to all of us who wanted her to run from day one.

Of course, I’m quite biased, as I have thought she would make a great president since 2007!

It also seems Sarah may be appearing on Red Eye [with Jedediah Bila] in the wee hours of the morning! [they actually tape the show earlier] Stay up late or set your DVRs! Red Eye airs 3 AM eastern.

All I know is the next few days are going to be a bit crazy!



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35 responses to “BREAKING: Did Sarah Palin Just Announce She Would Accept The GOP Nomination if Drafted?

  1. From your keyboard to God’s screen…

  2. section9

    Palin left herself tons of wiggle room. She can’t be seen as jonesing for chaos in Tampa, even though everyone knows that the present crowd is a bunch of Second Raters.

    She has to look as if she wants to help. Make no mistake, she just threw a hand grenade into a crowded room.

  3. Music to a lot of conservative’s ears!!

    Check out:

    Breitbart: Unite or Parish –

    A Path to a Brokered GOP Convention Emerges…. Bush verses Palin? –

    Conservative Super Star Sarah Palin: Brought the Red Meat to CPAC and They Loved It… Loved Her! –

  4. Insider

    Ridiculous! She is not going to be the nominee….she keeps angling for something …trying to be a power broker ….I call BS. She needs to get the hell out of the way.

    • Gary P

      She already IS a power broker! She’s still the only voice absolutely everyone stops and listens to.

      Which one of the four mutts running can excite anyone but the media? [and not in a good way] This is the worse GOP field in my lifetime. Maybe the worst ever. None of this bunch is worthy.

      I’m not thinking a brokered convention will actually happen. Newt is finished, but not about to admit it, Santorum’s actual record is coming out, and well, it’s not good. Mitt is likely to be the nominee.

      That said, IF we have a brokered convention, only a fool would bet against Palin. Most of Newt and Santorum, and even a good number of Romney supporters are only there because Sarah didn’t run.

  5. That picture sends smiles of joy across my face…’a true patriot and constitutional conservative setting in the oval office; We can only hope and keep the faith. America at it’s best… President Palin, Ummmm, GLORIOUS!!!!!!

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  7. Cynthia H.

    Sarah Palin has a high negativity – not only among democrats and independents, but, also with lots of republicans! Come on, this gal couldn’t even complete her first term as governor. I will say I watched her Alaska reality TV show – and she can shoot a gun. But, she isn’t ready for the Presidency, and she is helping to implode our GOP process. Sarah, if you had wanted to run – you should have been above board, and jumped on the process in the beginning, and gone through all the fundraising, debates and hard work the other candidates have put in for months!!! If you decided you couldn’t take the “heat” of the primary nominating process, you should stay out of the kitchen!

    • Gary P

      Dumbest post ever. Sarah has the highest approval among independents out of any of the current candidates, including Obama. She also has the highest favorability among Republicans and republican leaning independents, by a HUGE margin.

      Sarah had ever intention of running until something happened around Labor Day. Don’t know for sure, but I think it revolved around her son, Trig, who has Downs Syndrome.

      That said, there are millions of people that have been begging her to reconsider since the day she said no. There is definitely a buzz for her that other candidates, including Obama, would kill for.

      As for taking heat, don’t be stupid. No one has took more heat, or been as thoroughly vetted in history as Sarah Palin has. And understand this, she doesn’t have to “take heat” she’s the one who creates the heat!

      • amen and amen, Pray for her daily, keep her and her family in our prayers. Jah knows best.

      • Absolutely false, but nice try. Ron Paul has the highest approval among independents. Palin is unfortunately an idiot when it comes to US History. I don’t doubt her social conservative cred, but on fiscal policy and the ending the inflation which is killing us, she just doesn’t have it.

      • Gary P

        James you Paulbots are something else. You think Herr Doktor is the end all, be all.

        Fact is, In many legitimate polls, Gallop, Rasmussen, and even the so-so, like CNN, and CBS, Sarah ALWAYS had the highest approval rating Republican and Republican leaning independents. As we got closer to her monumental speed in Iowa, her numbers were consistently growing, and went through the roof afterward. Had she run, the nomination process would have already been over. She would have been the nominee with no effort at all.

        It’s funny, Sarah has said nothing but good things about Herr Doktor, except for his idiotic foreign policy, and even there, she has been kind in her criticism. And yet you hateful Paulbots attack her with the same bullshit liberals do. Probably because that’s the sort of trash Herr Doktor attracts.

        Please, IN DETAIL, tell us all where Sarah is “an idiot when it comes to US History” I mean if you are going to come on here and insult our intelligence, give us a good show of it.

        It is YOU who are an idiot my friend. Politically and practically, when it comes to serving in office, Sarah isn’t a “social” Conservative. She saves that for her personal life. As a Mayor and then successful Governor, Sarah governed as a libertarian. She’s a REAL small government leader, unlike your phony ass Ron Paul who is one of the biggest porkers in Washington.

        Oh, and there was a reason why Governor Palin was the most popular Governor in the country, with approval ratings in the low 90s-high 80s throughout her term. She got things done. Sent corrupt REPUBLICAN legislators to prison. Herr Doktor Paul has been in office for 3 decades and done absolutely nothing.

        As for Fiscal Conservatism, Sarah was the most Conservative governor in the country. She walked into a corrupt mess that saw her take on the biggest corporation on the planet, Exxon-Mobil, and kick their asses. She also left Alaska with a $15 billion surplus, even while her legislature was trying to spend every penny that came in!

        Here, educate yourself to some actual FACTS.

        Oh, and we’ll all wait for you to dazzle us with your display of what an idiot on US History Sarah is. We all love watching stupid people prove it to the world!

      • Gary P

        Looks like you and “Alex K” got your marching orders from the DNC or Media Matters. Sorry, only one troll per post is allowed

        Zero Tolerance

    • Diane Carder

      absolutely good post

    • georgia bee

      I think you’ve missed a lot of information about Sarah Palin. Her negatives are due to mainstream media bias – that’s obvious. She’s a woman of character who has lived a “regular” American life and has risen to a position of power and influence through her intelligence, enthusiasm, courage, hard work, and achievements. Her love of country and her respect for her fellow citizens have drawn millions to listen to her ideas. She’s young and will get even better and stronger in the years ahead. Look into her accomplishments, especially in the area of energy independence. In spite of all the vicious attacks against her, she remains happy and generous. She is too big a person to treat her detractors and attackers the way they treat her. That speaks volumes about her values.

  8. NY Conservative

    She did say it would be unconventional, how awesome would it be to have the UNconventional at the Convention?

    • Gary P

      No kidding!!!!

      She may end up being very prophetic!

      Personally, I think the chance of a brokered convention is less than 50/50, but stranger things have happened, and if there is one, I would NOT bet against her!

  9. georgia bee

    Sarah Palin not only made that interesting comment during the Bolling interview, but also on The Five someone joked that she said she wouldn’t go on Red Eye because she couldn’t get elected after that, to which she replied, “Well, we’ll just have to prove them wrong.” It was quiet and not much fuss made after the comment, but that’s how I heard it. And now – you say she’ll be on Red Eye tonight. The plot thickens………..

  10. Joy

    One of the commenters remarked about Sarah’s “high negatives” (as if Newt, Rick, Ron & Mitt hadn’t already run away with THAT prize!!); well, among the Looney Left and the dedicated Marxist fools & goons, yes, the hatred is unbounded and “high negatives” doesn’t even come close to describing their general apoplexy whenever the lady from Wasilla is so much as mentioned! But, fortunately, the Regressive Left is no more than 25 – 30 percent (if that) of the general population, so we still have a chance to remove Ovomit from office – but only with a VERY strong and passionately Conservative candidate. CPAC only confirmed to me that Sarah Palin is that one!

    • Gary P

      No kidding. Newt’s negatives are so high it’s scary. Obama is almost more popular, among REPUBLICANS, than Newt! Seriously bad.

      The left is going to attack who they think is the hardest to beat during the primary, the absolutely unload on whomever the nominee is. Sarah is the only one who not only understands this, but knows how to fight back.

  11. Michael Teuber

    Sarah Palin deserves better from Ron Paul supporters given her outspoken opposition to the marginalization of their candidate by the ruling class GOP, and Ron Paul deserves better supporters than James Moore.

    Sarah Palin helped save the ruling class GOP from irrelevancy after 2006-2008, but the mindless narratives of the hapless Bushes and Romney have earned them the sort of supporter Cynthia H. represents.

    I will not accept the lesser of two evils. “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me Sarah Palin or give me Cthulhu!”

    • Gary P

      Spot on Michael. A LOT of Ron Paul supporters, not all, but more than enough, are fringe people. The live in the world of Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Bilderbergers, Fema Camps, Prison Planet, and the Illuminati. Everything is a conspiracy and onl Ron Paul is good and pure.

      Hell, Alex Jones claims Sarah Palin was groomed by the New world Order and the Bushes!! Jesus Joseph and Mary, the Bushes can’t STAND Sarah Palin! They are still pissed that she helped take out their hand picked loser candidate who was supposed to take out Rick Perry. He won by his largest margin ever, thanks to her.

      Just hard to take Ron Paul supporters like these seriously.

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  13. Alex K

    I am praying to Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, Moses , Krishna and (as suggested by Mitt Romney) Joseph Smith, that Sarah Palin wins the nomination for the GOP somehow…. Nothing would be sweeter than Obama adding insult to injury by embarrassing her on the world stage by beating the living daylights out of her in the election. Unfortunately for me, and Sarah’s supporters, she is a fraud and a fake, and more interested in bilking people out of their $ by pretending she is running for office, while really wanting to be a celebrity making millions of dollars on Fox and wanting her own reality show (sarah palins alaska), because deep down she knows that she is simply not smart enough to compete with the top dogs like Obama, or even Perry, Cain, or the other GOP second tier jokes who couldn’t pass a High School history class if their life depended on it. Sarah’s poll ratings are the lowest they have ever been, around 61% UN-favorability, and rising. Every time this lady opens up her mouth to promote Newt Gingrich and attack Mitt Romney, Obama fans like myself just smile and realize that she is just helping our cause by showing how weak Mitt, the eventual nominee is. With the new movie on HBO “game change” coming out, Palins numbers are sure to shrink even more as people start to see how she really acted behind the scenes of the McCain campaign, and what spoiled, egotistical, irrational brat she really was and is. Keep doing your thing Momma grizzly, we’re all cheering for you!!

    • Gary P

      Yeah, sure. That’s why the democrat party and their media partners have spent every waking moment since 2008 trying to destroy her. Sarah Palin is an existentialist threat to the disease known as liberalism.

      Thanks for being a walking. talking, stupid talking point spewing liberal though.

      Sarah has extremely high favorably among Republicans and Republican leading independents. Always has. Fact is, leading up to the time she announced she would not run, all polls indicated she would have walked away with the nomination.

      As it is now, she wields all of the power. Whether the GOP has a brokered convention or not, she will have a say in who the nominee is.

      As for “Game Change” seriously? If you think anything in that movie is real, you are exactly as stupid as your post makes you out to be! I mean hell, you got an aging soft core porn star, who has literally zero acting ability, portraying a former Mayor, energy regulator, and most popular Governor in the nation. {Palin had an unprecedented approval rating in the low 90s-high 80s throughout her term]

      The book was based on the entire 2008 campaign and doesn’t paint the democrat party, including Clinton, Obama, or John Edwards in a very good light, and yet the folks over at HBO decided to make a work of fiction about the most powerful woman in politics.

      The only people who will watch that piece of trash are brain dead liberals, who aren’t going to do anything but sit back and vote for the socialists anyway. Thankfully, only 20% of this country is liberal. Thus totally irrelevant.

      I honestly think the likelihood of a brokered convention is very low, but if it happens, Sarah will be the likely nominee. If that happens she will be the next President of the United States. Sarah has been whipping Obama like a rented mules since 2008. She’s chomping at the bit to finish him off.

  14. Joy

    Another dim Regressive bulb heard from… Those of us who have been watching Palin carefully and reading her position papers and op-eds see and KNOW the lady in a totally different light. She’s dumb like a fox and has political instincts to burn – THAT’s why she didn’t voluntarily subject herself to unnecessary trashing in the primary process – let the LSM chew up the also-rans, THEN the Party – and the country (except for the 20 percent libtard bunch of idiots) – will be more than ready for her. You might as well have fun laughing at Mittens, ’cause if he’s the nominee, for sure he’ll lose to Obdumbo!!

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