Frank Bailey Fined for Using Confidential Palin E-Mails in Book

By Gary P Jackson

Frank Bailey, a former aide to Sarah Palin, who wrote a “tell all” book about his time in the Palin administration, has been fined $11,900 for violating state ethics laws.

The book, which was widely panned as a work of fiction, was co-written by long time Palin hater Jeanne Devon and Ken Morris.

In preparation for writing his book, Bailey took a number of confidential e-mails Sarah Palin wrote. His trying to profit from these e-mails is illegal under Alaska’s ethics laws.

From the Anchorage Daily News:

Frank Bailey, the former Sarah Palin aide turned tell-all author, has agreed to pay an $11,900 civil fine for violating the state’s ethics laws by keeping, disseminating and profiting from confidential emails he obtained while serving in Palin’s administration.

The Alaska attorney general’s office disclosed the settlement Tuesday in a letter to ethics campaigner Andree McLeod. McLeod, a Palin critic, initiated the complaint against Bailey in September 2010 after reading about his plans for a Palin book with two co-authors in the Daily News gossip column, the Alaska Ear.

[ …. ]

In the four-page settlement agreement with the state, confirmed by Senior Assistant Attorney General Julia Bockmon, Bailey admitted he used his collection of emails relating to state business from 2006 to 2009 to write the book. Some of those emails were confidential under state law, he admitted.

Before the book was published, Bailey provided a draft manuscript and the emails he planned to quote to the Attorney General’s office for review of potential confidential information, the settlement said. At the time, Bailey said took that step so he could “remove information alleged to violate the Ethics Act prior to publication.”

While Bailey removed most of the confidential information prior to publishing, some remained, the settlement said.

The settlement only generally describes the subject of the confidential information that was published: “Mr. Bailey admits that his published book contains information regarding the appointment of an attorney general that the Office of the Attorney General advised him was confidential prior to publication of the book,” the settlement said.

The penalties in the settlement were attributed to three violations: $3,600 for using confidential information in drafting his book; $7,200 for disclosing confidential information to his two co-authors; and $1,100 for publishing confidential information after he was advised it was secret.


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5 responses to “Frank Bailey Fined for Using Confidential Palin E-Mails in Book

  1. TheLight

    Yes this is good pop~ Maybe impossible but all the slander that has been thrown at Palin or done to her was won legally would bring her alot of repayment~ Thanks for sharing partner~!! Chad

  2. derised1

    Bailey looks like an untrustworthy, sleazy, con artist.

    If I recall, his book tanked. Poetic justice.

    • Gary P

      Yeah everyone knew exactly what his book was and few bought it. Even better, Sarah’s other stalker Joe Maginnis, disclosed some of the book before it was published, in his own book, and now all of them are suing each other!!!!!

  3. IwjwI

    Karma isn’t done with Bailey…

  4. Joy

    Hatred makes fools of everyone who perpetrates it – and all these anti-Palin jokers just prove the point! Talk about disappearing into the mud slime of oblivion!! These a** hats are probably shunned even in their own inner sanctum of creeps! Wonder how Frank Bailey has fared in the REAL world since his shameful fall from grace? “The higher one goes, the harder one falls!” Couldn’t happen to a more deserving loser..

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