ReelzChannel Acquires “The Undefeated” Will Debut in March

By Gary P Jackson

Great news, ReelzChannel has acquired The Undefeated and will be debuting the film on March 11.

From Big Hollywood:

The Undefeated,” the 2011 documentary tracking Palin’s remarkable political ascent, makes its television debut March 11 on Reelzchannel.

We’re thrilled to have yet another opportunity to bring a big story to viewers,” said Stan E. Hubbard, Reelzchannel CEO in a statement. “Sarah Palin is a charismatic figure who burst onto the political scene, and whatever your leanings, if you have any interest or curiosity in politics, social change or the Sarah Palin phenomenon, this is a must-see movie.”

We are incredibly excited that REELZCHANNEL has made the courageous decision to present the network television premiere on the same weekend as the fictionalized hit-piece by HBO,” said Stephen K. Bannon, who also hosts KABC’s nationally syndicated radio show “The Victory Sessions,” in a statement. “‘The Undefeated’ is the story of ‘Everyman’ – of how through grit, determination and force of character one can make an impact in modern America.”

The film, which features political commentators Mark Levin, Andrew Breitbart and Tammy Bruce, follows Palin’s political career from its humble Alaskan roots to a place on Sen. John McCain’s presidential ticket.

The Undefeated” will air at 8 p.m. EST March 11 on Reelzchannel. Encore Presentations for “The Undefeated” will be at 10 p.m. EST March 12 and 5:30 p.m. EST March 25.

Reelzchannel reaches more than 62 million homes on DirecTV, Dish Network, Verizon FiOS TV, AT&T U-verse and cable systems nationwide.

If you’ve not taken the chance to see the movie, now is your chance. As someone who was following Sarah Palin’s career long before she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate, I couldn’t recommend this movie more.


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7 responses to “ReelzChannel Acquires “The Undefeated” Will Debut in March

  1. Jim Thompson

    Hey, Thanks A Lot For The Suggestion For That Hatchet Job Disguised As An Informative Movie On HBO Alternative. I Stopped Carrying HBO Last Month In Support Of Sarah Palin. I’ll Watch ‘The Undefeated’ On Reelz Instead. I’ll Bet ‘The Undefeated” On Reelz Is Going To Have A Much Larger Viewership Than HBO’s ‘Game Changer.

    • Gary P

      Oh you know it! HBO only reaches around 28 million viewers. Reelz reaches 62 million. If you haven’t seen The Undefeated, prepare to be blown away.

  2. IwjwI

    I have a copy of the documentary and continue to share it.

    I love that it will reach “more that 62 million homes.”
    How many of those homes have more than one person living in them? This has the potential of reaching more than 124 million people. It will be a quickening, or a mass awakening that could bring the truth about Sarah Palin to an overwhelming majority of the voting population.

    Gee, if we had a ‘brokered’ GOP Convention, someone could call for Sarah Palin to be our nominee… Sarah could walk in and walk away with the GOP nomination…

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