Sarah Palin Talks with Sean Hannity

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin gives us her thoughts on the presidential race so far.

Video courtesy SarahNet


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6 responses to “Sarah Palin Talks with Sean Hannity

  1. TheLight

    Yes thanks alot for sharing Gary~ She is a very wise individual and knows her stuff~ So much so that she attracts hate from the left like bees on honey~ I enjoy listening to her~ I finally bought The Undefeated yesterday and it was alot worse than I thought and it took everything I had to make it through the first five minutes~ Talking about momma Grizzly she is very tough and is a very compelling and inspiring woman~ Chad

  2. patricia cala

    Timing is wrong.

  3. Monica

    It seems like Sarah want the debate to continue so a brokered convention could happen and she can get her name thrown in the hat. Seems she wants a chance to get nominated at the convention. The four candidates have worked by the hours through rain and storm while she sits near her cozy fire – then expects to walk away with the nomination because she has let the process drag out? Not very honest.

    • Gary P

      You think Sarah Palin hasn’t done her part? She is the reason why we have a Republican controlled Congress today.

      I don’t think Sarah has any motive greater than to make sure all of these candidates are fully vetted. One of her pet peeves is Obama was not vetted at all. America can’t afford to let that ever happen again.

      Now that said, if we DO have a brokered convention, it will be because none of the declared candidates captured the people’s vote. Or at least enough of the vote to secure the nomination. So who’s fault would that be.

      One thing about Palin, is she is completely vetted, and has the right plan. She didn’t run for president because of family matters. She’s not actively seeking it now. But if there is a brokered convention, you can bet her name will be put into nomination. If that happens, she could very well be victorious.

      You should be happy if that happens.

  4. Monica

    The media & Obama are bringing up social issues and blowing out of proportion Santorum’s words. People just need to get to know Santorum better. He fought fiscal insanity inside Washington for 16 years:
    • Rick led the fight exposing abuses of the Congressional Bank and Congressional Post Office when it was uncovered that Members of Congress were misusing funds.
    • Author and Senate floor manager of the Welfare Reform Act, one of the most successful pieces of reform legislation in U.S. history, which empowered millions of Americans to leave welfare and enter the workforce.
    • Fought for a balanced budget and a line item veto,
    Proposed reforming entitlements, cutting spending
    • Developed a “spendometer” that added up the cost of Democrat amendments to spending bills.
    Santorum’s Foreign Policy Experience:
    • Rick’s eight years on the Senate Armed Services Committee gave him a critical understanding of national defense and foreign policy challenges.
    • Author important legislation: the Syria Accountability Act and the Iran Freedom and Support Act, designed to fight terrorism and terrorist states.

    • Gary P

      Santorum was PART of the post office scandal!

      Santorum is a big spender. He voted to throw more money at the Dept of Education, he voted for Teddy Kennedy’s “no child left behind” and then the Medicare Part D program.

      Santorum is NOT someone who can be president. Period.

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