Fox News Poll: Sarah Palin The Overwhelming Choice if a Brokered Convention Occurs

By Gary P Jackson

Fox News put out an interesting online poll, asking who it’s viewers would most like to see jump in the fight, should there be a brokered convention in Tampa.

113,683 votes were cast with Sarah Palin getting the most: 48,307 votes. [42.49%] This was almost twice what the voters’ second choice, progressive N.J. Governor Chris Christie, garnered: 26,961 votes. [23.72%]

Who would you want to jump in as a Republican candidate in a brokered convention?

Full results:

Sarah Palin 42.49% 48,307 votes

Chris Christie 23.72% 26,961 votes

Paul Ryan 14.13% 16,062 votes

Jeb Bush 11.37% 12,921 votes

Mitch Daniels 8.3% 9,432 votes

Total Votes: 113,683

Yeah it’s just an online poll, not scientific, but it certainly shows that folks want a small government Conservative as a presidential candidate over Big Government progressives. And since no such candidate exists in the current GOP field ….

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure there is a real chance of a brokered convention, though looking at the new GOP rules with proportional rewarding of delegates vs. winner take all, this may be a nail biter yet. Add in the fact that unless they run out of money, none of these four candidates are likely to drop out any time soon, and anything can happen.

For my part, I hope we see a brokered convention. Like many, I’m not happy with any of the candidates we have to choose from. I could vote for Mitt Romney if he’s the nominee, but I’d rather have a better option.


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36 responses to “Fox News Poll: Sarah Palin The Overwhelming Choice if a Brokered Convention Occurs

  1. patricia cala

    They go to the convention with delegate votes that they can bargin with. Even if only one person emerges, they all have promises. And I don’t think that a VP would be chosen from the remainder.

    • Gary P

      It’ll be interesting. Thing is, I don’t see anyone throwing in with Romney. Chances of a brokered convention are low, but if it happens, there’s a very good chance none of the current bunch will be the candidate. Voters a looking for a do-over as it is.

      I also agree, you won’t see a VP out of this bunch either.

      How was the move?

      • patricia cala

        “How was the move?” Now a friend that has a place in Hilton Head has said come stay and look here. There are a lot of properties going, like everywhere else. Second homes that the children do not want. I go back to NY for a party, in late April, then to Hilton Head, then to Maryland to see my younger brother recovering from a melanoma.
        Keep me in your thoughts, thank you.
        Oh, I think you meant the trip I took cross country to New Orleans and Florida. No, nothing there that I would like. In New Orleans just saw the steam boat ride, the Museum of Art, the Cathederal, the aligator swamp, and passing by in the car, the topless bar. My daughter would not let me go in.

      • Gary P

        OH, I thought you were moving there!

        Yeah they got a topless bar or two in Nawlins, especially on Bourbon Street! Kinda why I love Austin’s Sixth Street. It’s a mini version with nothing but live music. Still, New Orleans is one of those places everyone needs to experience. It’s a cool place.

        Sorry to hear about your brother. Melanoma is nothing to play with. We’ll keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

      • Karen

        I agree, I don’t see anyone going with Romney. Ann Coulter is talking on Bill O’Reilly as we speak, and she is saying Mitt isn’t going to have money left. I dont’ know what she has been drinking lately, but I don’t want Mitt Romney. I am from Michigan and we dont’ want him.

        I believe there could be a brokered Convention and the only one that could deal with Romney is Paul, and he has no delegates. He always thinks he wins. Santorum and Gingrich could come together, and depending on who has the most delegates at the time, one is the President the other is the VP, I see that happening.

        But I agree Gary, I don’t see anyone going with Romney and as far as voting for him in November, you can say you will, I am an Ultra Conservative Christian and I can say right now I won’t. I am not happy with all the Candidates either, but I want Newt, and Santorum, I can’t do Romney.

      • Gary P

        I don’t get the unhinged almost psychotic Romney hatred. I really don’t.

        Yeah, he sucks, but he sucks so much less than Santorum or Gingrich it isn’t funny. I wouldn’t vote for either of those two Big Government liberals on a dare.

        I DO NOT want Romney as our nominee, but even Sarah Palin is saying she’ll give him 100% of her support if he’s the nominee. After all, beating Obama is still a must.

        This is the worst field of candidates I can ever remember. They are just horrible. Not a Conservative among them. Not a small government Conservative among them. So I’m hoping we do see a brokered deal.

        I can’t see Santorum and Newt doing much together. I don’t think combined they’d have enough electors to beat Romney. The best outcome would see the convention used as a do-over, and a new candidate show up and be nominated. Obviously, you know who I’m for.

        That said, as bad as Romney is, Obama is still a lot worse, by any measure possible.

      • patricia cala

        If “he” wins a second term … I might as well join the Communist Party now.

  2. Dottie K

    I’m in favor of Sarah Palin!!! If she’ll accept the draft I’ll do all I can to get her elected!

  3. Jeb is a bore, Christie’s a boor,

    At a contested convention Sarah sweeps the floor!

  4. awesomeness

    Are you all drunk?! Palin? Seriously?
    Hey guys, she didn’t clench the win for McCain 4 years ago and she won’t be able to do it in 2012. Also a brokered convention does not mean an automatic “new nominee”. If you think it does, you need to go read up on how brokered conventions and the delegate process works. Then the general election isn’t about courting the GOP, it’s about getting the independents.

    And to the writer of this article
    “folks want a small government Conservative as a presidential candidate over Big Government progressives. And since no such candidate exists in the current GOP field ….”

    Are YOU DRUNK?!! There is a candidate who is for small government. His name is Ron Paul. And name call all you want, but the guy is the ONLY one who has a clue about how to help the economy, shrink government, and restore personal liberty.

    • Gary P

      I love how you Ron Paul drones come here and insult anyone who ISN’T Herr Doktor Paul. Get over it. Paul is NOT a small government anything. He’s not a Conservative either. He’s the biggest porker in Congress and has been scamming you lemmings for years.

      As for you insulting Sarah Palin, that’s particularly sad, as she is one of the few who will go on record saying something nice about Ron Paul, and has stood up for him more than once. Maybe you could learn from this.

      As for 2008, McCain was the candidate, not her. When she was announced he took the lead for the first time, and after her speech at the convention, it was a done deal until Johnny Boy “suspended his campaign” to go vote the same way Obama did. If not for Sarah, McCain would have lost in a landslide. That loss is all on JohnnyMac.

      I think most serious folks know how a brokered convention will work, and while the chances of one actually occurring are very slim, thanks to the new GOP rules, it’s not out of the question.

      If one does occur, you can bet none of the current candidates will end up being the nominee. Past that, Sarah Palin is the only one who could defeat Obama under this scenario.

      If you want Liberty and Freedom, Sarah Palin is the answer, she’s actually accomplished it. Ron Paul has done nothing but sit in Congress for 3 decades voting no on everything and wasting tax payer money.

    • WELL DUH! Yes Ron Paul! The only conservative running! As a libertarian populist, he can do to Obama what Lee wanted to do at Gettysburg: outflank the opponent from the right and left flank at the same time. Neither Romney nor Gingrich can beat Obama. Each has critical deficiencies as a candidate. Each is an uninspiring establishment moderate of the John McCain type. Each is strongly disliked by libertarians and each would draw a serious third party challenge from the Liberty Movement. If your main priority is to defeat Obama, it is now time to get on board the Ron Paul Revolution and let’s begin the most important presidential race since perhaps 1800, the last time libertarians won an election that led to a major downsizing of the federal government

      • Gary P

        Ron Paul is NOT a Conservative. He’s as Big Spending con man. He’s one of the biggest porkers in Washington. He’s part of the problem.

        He has absolutely no chance of being elected.

        I doubt we’ll actually see a brokered Convention, but the only person who has actually GOVERNED as a libertarian, as opposed to just talking it to death, is Sarah Palin. She’s an actual small government Conservative, and has a two decades long record to back that up.

  5. patricia cala

    “A better option.” So would I. Although Obama is going to be easy to beat.

    • Gary P

      Obama would be very easy to beat if we had an adult with a plan. I’m telling you, watching these clowns running, I am embarrassed for the Republican Party. I have never seen as big a bunch of children pretending to be adults.

  6. Howard T. Lewis III

    I respect a man who knows and approved of the early 1960’s Dodge slant-6 technology. Going with Sarah Palin in the White House is like crossing the Sahara Desert on foot with a canteen half full of lint from under a stranger’s bed. This delusional thinking can be helped.

    Have you ever been shot at, or lost a family member to an unfortunate run-in with a disease? Think of Dodge comming back with a low slung 350cc, 2-cylinder watercooled 2-wheel scooter with room for performance improvements. And making them in an old refitted Dodge factory. Or restoring the Geo Metro/Suzuki Samarai tradition of compactness and dependability and AGAIN getting 45-50 mpgs.
    Did that help? If we dio not restore Detroit, the Rothschild bank and all of those crappy genetic slag drones that follow them around as ‘yes-men’ will be here to do it for England. Study HAARP weather warfare and ask yourself if airhead Palin could ever understand it.

    • Gary P

      You should lay off the narcotics, that stuff will make you null and void.

      Nothing wrong with those old slant six Mopars man. Have a good friend who set numerous elapsed time and MPH national records in the American Hot Rod Association.

      Oh, and that 50MPG vehicle may end up being the Chrysler/Fiat 500. Except it’ll be done with a peppy 4cylinder.

      As for Sarah Palin, she took on the CEO of the largest corporation on earth, and whipped him like a rented mule. She took on the corrupt Alaska Republican Party and sent a bunch of those clowns to prison.

      Oh and she put together a viable deal for a natural gas pipeline, something others had been trying to do for 30 plus years. And she did all of this in just two years. Plus a lot more.

      Go back to Prison Planet and lap up more of Alex Jones’ nonsense.

      • Dottie K

        Hard to believe that someone saying the things Howard T. Lewis III said are still willing to say them after the last 3 1/2 years!! No sense trying to tell them of Sarah Palin’s accomplishments . . . the brain dead can not hear living words.

      • Gary P

        Some people are just ignorant. Sometimes I enjoy showcasing their ignorance.

  7. David

    If Romney gets the nomination, I will not vote for him nor will I encourage others to do so. First and foremost, scripture will not allow me to vote for one who supports the killing of babies, in or out of the womb. If a candidate lacks the moral character to protect a child, how can anyone put their faith in him or her to make the correct moral choice in other areas of their life?
    I am however considering putting up a bill board sign with these words on it “4 More Years!!!” along with a split picture of Obomney (Obama/Romney) celebrating.

    • Gary P

      You know Rick Santorum voted, more than once to fund Planned Parenthood, right?

      I’m pro-life as well. I think abortion is murder. But Romney says he is as well. Even Ronald Reagan was once pro-choice before he saw the light. People, even great people, don’t often mature until later in life.

      That said, Romney is NOT Obama. The closest candidate to Obama is Gingrich, not only in record, but in personality.

      I don’t want Romney, but if he’s the nominee, you can bet your last dollar I’ll vote for him. Beating Obama is job one. We can’t afford another 4 years of Obama. If he wins, America is finished.

    • Dottie K

      So, what’s your plan if Romney is the candidate put up? My plan is to support every conservative candidate I come across (local, county and state), support every conservative Senate candidate I find and Jim DeMint helps me find and then hold my nose in November and vote for anyone but Obama. Anyone with a better plan, let me know.

      • Gary P

        That’s my plan as well. Oh, and if Romney is the nominee, like Sarah Palin, I’ll support him 100%. He’s much better than Barack Obama.

        Here’s my honest opinion. Romney is a human windsock. He blows with the prevailing winds. The prevailing winds are small government, common sense, and the want for stability. I have no doubt that Romney will follow this path, more or less. He won’t do it as we would, but we’ll be OK.

        In short, out of this group of candidates I trust Romney the most. Now that isn’t saying much, considering this group, but that’s how I feel.

        No way in hell would I trust Newt Gingrich in the Oval Office. Santorum either.

        There are REAL Conservatives out there running for the House and Senate. I just wrote a piece about Karen Harrington. She’s running in Florida trying to take down DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

        While it’s important to keep up with the presidential contest, Congress is where all reforms will come from.

        Don’t dispair. There is more to life than who is president.

  8. What happened to invoking Gov. Mike Huckabee?

  9. Allan Segal

    What about Marco Rubio. The couple of times I heard him speak he hit some of the issues that I’m very interested in correctly. I love Sarah but I don’t think either she or Chris Christy would run.

    • Gary P

      Marco Rubio is a 1st term Senator with ZERO executive experience. None, Zip, Nada. I like Rubio as well, but a President NEEDS executive experience. There’s a legitimate reason why we elect governors rather than Senators as president more often than not.

      Past that, some of Rubio’s stand on the issues are not in keeping with small government or common sense. Again I like Rubio a lot, but he’s already been co-opted by the DC crowd, and is shilling for things like amnesty.

      Sarah Palin is uniquely qualified to be president. Not only has she successfully run a city and a state, she’s right on every issue. And remember, under the Alaska constitution, the governor is a true CEO. They have powers that other governors do not. Palin used that power wisely. There’s a reason why she had a 90% approval rating.

      Christie is a liberal democrat pretending to be a Republican. The only reason some folks like him is his loud mouth. Spend a few minutes looking into the guy’s record, especially his ties to radical Islam, and he doesn’t look nearly as appealing.

  10. patricia cala

    I agree with your last evaluation of Christie, even though I know little of him. ie his loud mouth. Have no idea of his ties to radical Islam. And, he used poor judgement lowering the flag half staff for a drug addicted singer.

  11. Howard T. Lewis III

    The problem with Chrysler /Fiat moving back into town with an updated Fiat 500 attempt is self explanatory. Better that a more honest, conscientious entity be given the job. Honda has been building autos here since the start of 1990. The market must be allowed to develop. Honda should be given the chance. Suzuki was chopped down and burned in the fireplace with the Geo Metro(that is a metaphor, but illustrative). Backroom dealing does not cut it when contrary to the public interest. The genocide against the middle east, for example. Chrysler and Fiat have been building crap for decades. And will continue to until someone like the Honda or the Toyota corporations move in to instill integrity and dedication to the product and devotion to the public at a decent wage and salaries occurs.

    • Gary P

      You realize Fiat also owns Ferrari, right? Maserati too. Chrysler used to own Maserati at one time.

      I spent over three decades in the automobile business, a significant portion around Mopars. Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth. What I am seeing now that Fiat has partnered up is impressive. They are building a quality product, and have a solid marketing plan.

      The little 500 ain’t my cup of tea, but it has a long record of success. The Abarth version will be bad ass.

      BTW, I also worked for years with imports like Datsun [now Nissan] Toyota, Mazda, and so on. They all have a service department full of cars all day, every day. I saw completely idiotic bunch of problems with some of these cars that no American car company would tolerate.

      I don’t know what the Middle East has to do with it though.

  12. patricia cala

    “What’s my plan?” I posted before, but now I will edit it. I will join the Communist Party, and infiltrate.

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