Karen Harrington: ANWR is Vital to National Energy Independence

By Gary P Jackson

Karen Harrington is running for Congress out of Florida’s 20th district. That’s the seat currently held by DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She’s come out strong for energy security and say the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge [ANWR] is the place to start.

Harrington writes about the need for energy security on her website:

ANWR is Vital to National Energy Independence

The Republican led House of Representatives just passed an energy bill that would help our country move in the right direction towards energy independence. But like most of the other important legislation that House Republicans have sent over to the Democratic-controlled Senate, this bill will either be shelved or voted down, even as gas prices in the United States hover around $4 a gallon and the prospects for higher gas prices are likely this coming summer. The Senate should act swiftly and pass this House energy bill.

President Obama has done his best to play energy politics at every opportunity while he has avoided enacting a bona fide energy policy that serves the national interest. Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline was a monumentally foolish decision that not only hurts us economically and kills jobs,it continues to leave us vulnerable to the whims of OPEC and to the increasingly dangerous regimes in Venezuela and Iran. 
For starters, why aren’t we drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska? The ANWR region in Alaska is estimated to have 21 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, but these reserves have not been tapped because of unfounded concerns by environmental activists who believe drilling would endanger the environment and could cause catastrophic damage ‘if’ an accident were to happen.

These are the same people who opposed the initial building of the Alaskan pipeline partly due to concerns that the Caribou’s migratory patterns would be interrupted— a claim which has subsequently been proven wrong, as the Caribou population has actually increased since the construction of the pipeline.

Nowhere more than Alaska – Alaskans – would be impacted by development in ANWR. And here in Alaska, our constituents, the people who live here, want it drilled. So that tells you that we have confidence in the safety and the responsibility that we’ll see there with the development of ANWR… we’re talking about a sliver of the coastal plain of Alaska being explored and drilled for oil. It’s about a footprint of a 2000-acre plot of land. That’s smaller than the footprint of LAX, for instance.

~Governor Sarah Palin, 2008 Interview with Larry Kudlow

The recent rise in oil prices is partly fueled by the increasing tensions in the Middle East and concerns about a possible naval showdown in the straits of Hormuz.  Coupled with the increasing threat that emanates from Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and his closer collaboration with Iran, it makes zero sense to continue with our self-defeating national energy policy that is intentionally putting the natural resources that reside under our feet off line to exploration and development. 
It is incomprehensible that an American President could be so naively ignorant to the growing national security concerns we face or the fact that our lack of energy independence is really a national security issue.  President Obama’s cynical approach to energy is harming this great nation in far too many ways, and if his Administration continues to double down on his failed set of energy policies, the economic ramifications of $5 a gallon gasoline won’t be very easy for him to ignore.

Karen Harrington is right. Energy security is the key. We have hundreds of years worth of oil, natural gas and coal right here in the United States. All we need is the will to develop it.

Energy security means stability. Energy security means jobs. Good paying, durable jobs. Energy security also means better national security.

I’ve been following Karen for a while now. She’s for real.

If you’d like to help send Debbie Wasserman Schultz packing, and put a real Conservative in her place, check out Karen’s website and get involved. Also check her out on Facebook, Twitter, and at her You Tube channel.

We need real common sense Conservatives in Congress, and Karen Harrington will bring it.


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6 responses to “Karen Harrington: ANWR is Vital to National Energy Independence

  1. Aaron Allen

    Small crew operates/drills ANWR during winter when any oil
    spills wud harden into ‘snow cookies’ which can be picked up
    and tossed into a dumpster…During summer, same crew op-
    erates a small refinery 24/7: Produced fuels are KEPT in AK
    and Canada–sell for cost plus a bit. This is smarter than haul
    ing crude south, then returning fuels north for more cost! Arc-
    ticfolk don’t need to pay $8-10 per gallon! Any good supply of
    natural gas is kept in Arctic also–can be pumped at low temp
    thru pipes [unlike oil which much be heated to move]…Any
    ANWR produced over ‘local’ needs is shipped Stateside–or
    to China and India!..Price of ANWR-sourced fuels is kept fix-
    ed and low–not affected by OPEC, speculation, Wall Street,
    yadda. We won WW II while keeping fuels affordable!..Two
    more items: 1. Browse: HHO gas generators for vehicles,
    and Best HHO gas generators…Read carefully and FIND
    OUT what these devices can do–they are NOT scams and
    are legal… 2. Buy only Stateside and Canadian sourced gas
    and diesel fuel. Insist that US declare fuels as strategic sub-
    stances–NOT speculative commodities! End all advertising
    of fuels–like tobacco!.. Fix prices and sell from refiner to end
    customer: Station gets a dime, Uncle Sam 20-25 cents for in-
    frastructure ONLY! States enact road-use fees and end ex-
    cise tax on motor fuels. Cheapest weight class might pay a
    penny-a-mile [.621 cents per km]?..Sales tax on fuel ONLY–
    not upon other taxes or fees!..Now add an HHO gas genera-
    tor and save 30-50% of fuel consumption–how’s that?..
    Aaron Allen…

    • Gary P

      You realize how much oil and natural gas is up there, right?

      There’s a reason why Alaskan’s wanted a natural gas pipeline to the lower 48 for 30 years. Something Sarah Palin accomplished. There’s 1.69 QUADRILLION cubic feel of recoverable gas in the Arctic.

      Sarah Palin, as Alaska’s top oil and gas regulator, then as Governor as well as Chairman of the nation’s Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, was very tough on oil companies when it comes to safety and best practices. Oil spills are a reality, but they have procedures in place to deal with them. Alaskan’s are very aware of how delicate the ecology is.

      As for Fixing prices, that has been tried over and over in many countries on many products. It never, EVER works. Nixon tried that nonsense when he was president. It backfired and started the financial problems that Jimmy Carter would only accelerate. The free market works. Price fixing just causes shortages. No one is going to make it a priority to sell in regulated markets. China will gladly buy every drop that should come here, and at market rate.

      Also the idea of regulating speculators is a non-starter. Oil is a world commodity. This is also why price fixing doesn’t cut it. Oil is traded world wide.

      BTW, as it is the gas station only gets about 8 cents to a dime in profit now. The same goes for the oil companies. State and federal gas taxes make up the bulk of the “profits” as it is. Though federal taxes are set, every state has their own taxes and they vary. As much as 80 cents a gallon of gas is federal and state taxes. [roughly 10 times what those who create the gasoline and sell it get]

      As for “user fees”, another non-starter. We do not need to create new taxes. The government gets plenty already.

      People try and complicate this matter far too much. We have, at minimum, 300 years worth of recoverable oil, natural gas, and coal in this country. There’s no excuse for us ever importing a drop of oil. Ever.

      We haven’t built a new refinery since the 1970s, and the government isn’t allowing new nuclear plants either. France gets over 70% of it’s electricity from nuclear powered facilities. FRANCE!

      We have all we need to have cheap, plentiful, American energy. Except the will to do it.

    • Aaron Allen

      Hi Gary: A few points I shud have made clearer or answers to your observations: I agree that Alaskans wud like to sell all of their oil and natural gas that can
      be safely produced and transported. If they can accu-
      rately forcast their instate needs for oil/gas [home heating, fuel all transportation] for a year and keep that amount ‘local’, they can reduce the unnecessary haul-
      ing of crude down south, then the refined products back
      up north to sell to people who needn’t pay 2-3 times what [Statesiders] do…Why can’t one or two firms do all
      of this at actual cost plus a modest profit? What is left can easily be sold ‘down below’ the Arctic. The nearby Territories of Canada can do the same thing…What is happening in the rest of the world [disasters, wars, poli
      tics, ‘spot marketing, etc.] shudn’t matter: World ‘trade’ in petroleum might be great for the ‘robes/suits/specu-hedgers/etc.’ but this unstable ‘gaming’ is not really in the interest of the ‘end customer’ who is a victim of a ‘flawed worship’ of excessive ‘echelons’ of annoying spot markets, wholesaling, middlemen…Why waste money advertising fuel brands and contents? When
      the distributors’ trucks fill up ‘at the rack’ they take whatever brand is there and its specs meet EPA and state so it’s not an issue…Rather than sell [wholesale] the fuels to the dealer [stations], what if it was sold directly to the end customer? The station does not purchase, then attempt to resell the fuel–they ‘hold
      and dispense’ it for a ten cent ‘service fee’ on every gallon, every day…ONLY if the federal excise tax is spent to construct/maintain/repair infrastructure [highways, bridges, elimination of rail crossings–NOT the general fund, earmarks, wars, graft] it is raised
      from 18.4 to 20 or 25 cents per gallon. Any state
      sales tax is levied upon the fuel only! Therefore, the
      fuel, US tax, and the dispensing fee show on the pump ONLY–not on large, unnecessary overhead signs. The only overhead sign is one with a ‘refueling’ icon–a hand holding a filler nozzle…During dark hours, if the sign is lit, the station is open; if sign is dark, the station is closed…The state excise tax is replaced by a quarterly-filed and paid ‘road-use fee’ which is filed and paid like
      a quarterly ‘estimated income tax payment’–by mail or online…Hopefully, this ‘fee’ will actually be less for motorists than the former tax collected on each gallon sold…Being distance-levied, it can be deducted from a
      business income tax or extended to the payers’ custo-
      mers?..If a gallon of MY fuel costs the end customer
      $1.25 and he pays 25 cents Fed tax and 10 cents to
      the station, he pays $1.60…Add x% sales tax upon
      $1.25 only and you see his ‘cost-at-the-pump’…If he
      buys/builds an HHO gas generator which saves him
      50% of his fuel, he really is paying half of the total
      cost of each tankfull!..Investigate the HHO devices–
      they aren’t scams and really work…We shud convince
      China, India, Europe that HHO is good for them. ‘Gras-
      soline, algaediesel, and other biosources are very low
      cost to collect/process/refine/distribute. Cooperative
      organizations/firms can make it work. Why pay for
      inertia and stupidity? During ‘The War’ [WW II] we
      survived nicely without making enemies, adversaries,
      crooks, specu-gamers rich…Environmentally, the ‘Oil
      Problem’ will take care of itself?..Aaron Allen…

      • Gary P

        You are making this all far more complicated than it needs to be.

        As for algae fuel, bio-diesel, ethanol, and other “alternatives” while they sound good in theory, in reality they are simply too expensive to produce, and the market can’t sustain them, without huge tax payer subsidies. Plus, many bio-fuels have serious cold weather issues.

        The real answer is to convert the fleet to natural gas. It’s mature technology, we got plenty of it, it’s cheap, and as close to a zero emissions fuel as it gets.

        That said, all we need to to is just go get the oil and gas. The market would take care of itself. If we announced today that our goal was to be energy independent in, say, 10 years the price of crude oil would drop 20% immediately.

  2. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: I guess we have different ways to make and market
    fuels: I hope you have a big and profitable position in fuels
    and their distribution–an ideal situation wud be to receive as
    much after-tax income from fuels as one must spend to get
    around?..Whatever we find to be good for fuels-consumers
    we shud share with others, world-wide–proven information,
    NOT expensive, useless advertising…Have you noticed the
    lack of useless ‘brand’ advertising lately–only [the] API is
    bragging about fuels’ sources? Like tobacco, if someone
    ‘needs’ it, they know where to go and what to look for…
    Happy motoring!..Aaron Allen…

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