L.A. Times Readers Say They’ll Watch “The Undefeated” over “Game Change” 76% to 14%

By Gary P Jackson

Another interesting poll. The L.A. Times ran a semi hit piece on Sarah Palin a few days ago, a little push-back against all of those calling the HBO fictional account of Sarah’s vice presidential run what it is: Crap!

As we noted a few days ago, current and former Palin aides are not amused. Stacy Drake, writing for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood has a great piece that includes even liberal democrats ripping the HBO movie apart.

From those who have seen it, and went on record, the consensus is: It’s a total work of fiction, and doesn’t even remotely reflect the actual events that occurred.

The Times asked it’s readers if they would be watching the HBO film, Game Change or The Undefeated which will be debuting in March on Reelz. The other choices were “both” or “neither.”

The results are eye opening:

Which Sarah Palin film will you watch?

The Undefeated on Reelz 1569 votes 76.54%

Game Change 286 votes 13.95%

Both 52 votes 2.54%

Neither 143 votes 6.98%

Total Votes 2,050

Pretty lopsided results.

In case you’re wondering, though I’ve already seen it multiple times, I’ll be one of those watching The Undefeated on Reelz


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7 responses to “L.A. Times Readers Say They’ll Watch “The Undefeated” over “Game Change” 76% to 14%

  1. Ray

    Seen it 8 times. For those who haven’t, it is the REAL game changer.

  2. Sarah Palin is the same in word and deed…..

  3. Jim Thompson

    The News Keeps Getting Better And Better All Of The Time On This Subject. Now, All That Has To Happen Is For Enough Palin Fans And Supporters To Cancel Their HBO Subscription, Maybe, Just Maybe They’ll Cancel That Piece Of Crap ‘Game Change.’ By The Way, Heads Up, I Do Believe That Since All Of Us Palinistas Are Pissing The Liberal, And Inside The Beltway Rino Betwetters Off So Much, They’re Monitoring All Of The Pro- Palin Websites. Watch Your Back.

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