Andrew Breitbart’s Postcard to Our Troops

By Gary P Jackson

It’s been a tough few days for all of us. The sudden loss of Andrew Breitbart has left us devastated.

I must confess in all of remembrances, great stories about his life, as well as feeling shock and more than a bit of disbelief [at first] I never really broke down until today.

I never had the privilege of meeting Breitbart, but I admired him greatly. I loved his take no prisoners attitude, and wish I had the kind of grace he showed while doing it. I’ve never had a hard time arguing, but it’s the way he did it all that was so remarkable. He would say that he hated the enemies of Liberty and Freedom to his very core, but he never came off as mean-spirited. It’s a quality I really admired in him.

Another quality Breitbart had was the ability to inspire. He was the kind of leader you wanted to look up to and follow their lead. A remarkable man of the sort who we rarely see and will forever miss.

As I was saying, his death shocked and saddened me, but the full impact of what we have lost didn’t really hit me until today when a copy of postcard tweeted by “Hating Breitbart” came through my Twitter feed. This accounts belongs to a movie of the same name.

From the website:

Hating Breitbart” tells the story of how one man with a website upended the traditional press and repeatedly found himself the target of a media feeding frenzy.

I’ll have more in another post about all of that.

The postcard, which comes to us courtesy of Beverly Perlson who runs the website Band of Mothers is addressed simply “Dear Soldier.”:

Dissent is NOT patriotic!

Dear Soldier,

I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the putrid behavior of the American media. You have exhibited heroism while they took the lowest road.

I have committed all of my resources to undo that lowering. History will prove you right. And the mainstream media and Hollywood will have been exposed as the traitors they are.

Andrew Breitbart

When I read this, I lost it.

What you see here is a man with real passion and a strong sense of right and wrong. Breitbart saw great injustice, then looked around and saw no one was really doing much about it. He took up the fight himself and fought with everything he had.

He saw how the media, Hollywood, and the left in general, treated our finest and bravest, and he took it personal. Breitbart was the warrior who looked around at all of the hate spewed from the vilest elements of our society, and said “not on my watch!”

Andrew Breitbart was a marketing genius, and the true king of all Conservative media. He was intelligent and motivated. He could have easily taken the another path, become wealthy and admired by the usual suspects. After all, he grew up around Hollywood and had worked in the business.

He didn’t do this. Instead he decided to take on the corrupt media and the Hollywood elite. He took them on with everything he had, and inspired others to do the same. And he was winning.

Andrew Breitbart had courage and the heart of a warrior. There is now a void that may never be fully filled.

Reading the note to our troops and seeing the passion Breitbart had for his work, I have come to fully understand the magnitude of the loss our nation has suffered and what a magnificent man Andrew Breitbart was.

May God bless his soul and may we all be continually inspired by the life and works of Andrew Breitbart.



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11 responses to “Andrew Breitbart’s Postcard to Our Troops

  1. Reblogged this on blogsense-by-barb and commented:
    A Conservative warrior is mediaman clothes …

  2. Joy

    O God, Gary, you took the words right out of my head and my heart!! From the first time I watched & heard that disheveled genius, I sat back and just enjoyed/drank in everything he said – he was SO spot-on!! And when snippets – or even whole parts – of his various speeches wound up on the Internet, man, I couldn’t get enough!! He seemed sort of like the rumpled professor – but on speed! He was simultaneously “off the cuff” and profound! And I also found my ears “pricking up” whenever I heard his name on radio or TV – esp. if he were going to be a guest and would actually have something to say! But one of my very FAVORITE things was when, on occasion, he guest-hosted the Dennis Miller radio show – which I often listen to, but, frankly, often tire of when Miller just gets tedious and WAY too “inside-baseball” with his half-talented show biz guests and steers aways from politics. But, gloriously, when Andrew guest hosts, even the mundane is fun & fabulous! One just wanted to be around him and hear “pearls” drop from his lips! He had such an uncanny sense of The Right and Who Is/Are “Right!” And last week – mirabile dictu! – he hosted for 2 days on Miller’s show – and Larry O’Conner, his close associate at one of the Big sites, hosted a third day. That was easily one of Miller’s better weeks – i.e., when he was absent and the great AB was at the mic!

    Like you – and gazillions of others – we’re still in shock ’cause a VERY important part of our Conservative, freedom-loving, corruption-busting line-up is missing forever…

    • Gary P

      Thanks Joy. You know it’s human nature to take folks for granted at times. I totally enjoyed Breitbart. He was the sort of guy you couldn’t help but love. Never thought for a second that he wouldn’t always be there.

      I’ve been in a daze sorta over his death. I don’t know if you caught Red-Eye Thursday night [Friday morning actually] but it went a long way toward helping the process. Lots of fun stories. It must have been a real treat to have been one of his friends,

      It was that postcard though that made it all hit home for me. We really lost someone that mattered.

      He inspired a lot of us to do what we do. We must continue on with renewed purpose.

  3. patricia cala

    To Gary:
    Irish prayer for the Holy Souls
    Dear Lord, this hour I give to Thee
    For all my past O pardon me,
    I know my soul must soon depart,
    So hide me in Thy Sacred Heart
    Turn to Jesus, Mary, turn,
    Call Him by His dearest name,
    Plead for the holy souls that burn
    This hour within the cleansing flame.

  4. C.A. Bamford

    There’s a new group on Facebook; “OneMillionBreitbarts” Go Like it, and become one of the One Million to carry on his work. I think he’d like that.

    Went to my district caucus today. There was an overflow crowd with standing room only. Main theme was Obama Must Go (and this in a blue state).

    • Joy

      Thanks, CA – I did just that! The Page should be yet another rallying cry to “get involved/engaged” this year, so that our army of Patriots wil be victorious in November up & down the ticket! RINOs need not apply… (Of course, we’re gonna have to “Hannitize” Romney – don’t think any effort to Palinize him will work for a minute!!”)

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