Oklahoma State Senator Mighty Upset Human Fetuses About to be Declared Actual People

****Language Warning****

By Gary P Jackson

Never stand between a democrat and their right to slaughter an innocent child. The only thing that will piss them off more is standing in their way of defending some cop killing thug from the death penalty!

This lovely example of democrat thought is Oklahoma State Senator Judy McIntyre. The occasion is a rally AGAINST pending “personhood” legislation. You know, because declaring human being a person is just downright evil! The sign the good Senator is holding reads, and I quote: “IF I WANTED THE GOVERNMENT IN MY WOMB, I’D FUCK A SENATOR!

From Breitbart TV:

Pure class, huh?

A couple of points. First, what does murdering an innocent human being have to do with “reproductive rights?” I don’t think Republicans, or any one else is trying to stop anyone from reproducing, though after seeing this woman in action, I wonder if her real problem is the lack of opportunities to reproduce.

Second, being a democrat, the Senator most certainly DOES want government in her womb. I’m sure she is all for government mandating contraception, and you KNOW she can’t wait to get her some ObamaCare, which will be in her womb, and everywhere else. When those death panels kick in I wonder if she’ll rethink her position on abortion, or does she think she’s special and will escape all of that?

Besides the militancy of the pro-death cult, I simply don’t get the overwhelming need of these people to slaughter children. It’s one of the most barbaric acts our society engages in. With few exceptions, there are no legitimate medical reasons to kill a baby in this manner. None. And yet, these people will fight to protect this “right” before they will fight for anything else.

The libertarian in me understands the concept of wanting the government to stay out of one’s life, but that’s not what these people really want. In fact, they want to control every aspect of your lives. They want to control what you eat, what you drive, and where you live. If democrats had their way they would micromanage ever single facet of your life. It’s who they are and what they do.

No, all of this talk about “stay out of my womb” is just the theater of the absurd.

It boggles the mind that someone would go absolute crazy over a recognition that a person is, in fact, a person. The only thing that scrambles the brain more is the fact that we need an actual law to state what should be self evident.


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6 responses to “Oklahoma State Senator Mighty Upset Human Fetuses About to be Declared Actual People

  1. patricia cala


  2. C.A. Bamford

    So…let’s clarify this issue. The people who assert an unborn (and in some cases, newborn) child is not a human, and have recently tried to classify whales as people…these same people are now demanding you and I pay for their contraceptives and abortions?
    No one is blocking their rights to breed. Or in-breed. However, refusing to pay for them to do so is not interferring with their reproductive rights, and is not the responsibility of anyone else.

  3. patricia cala

    No post yet on Rush Limbough comment. Briefly; I agree with his conclusion. She wants $1,000.00 a year for her promiscous behavior. When I went to college and had to pay my own way I practiced “selfadenial”.
    .One response on another post said, they could go to Planned Parenthood for for free for what they are asking the government to pay.
    .I think that she is looking for an opportunity to showcase herself.
    .And president Obama, from his busy day, makes a personal phone call to her, thanking her for stand.
    .Re: Her parents; She said her parents approve. GLORY BE TO GOD.

  4. TheLight

    These people are lunatics; make me literally sick~ Matthew 25:4: “Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” And there is nothing more I can say~ TheLight

  5. IwjwI

    Murdering life ought not be used as a contraceptive.
    Abortion ought to be called, “euthanasia,” because that is exactly what it is.

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