Maryland O4P Team Skunks HBO’s ‘Game Change’ Party; Hanks Refuses Copy of ‘The Undefeated’-Updated

By Stacy Drake:

HBO hosted a special screening of their new anti-Palin smear-u-drama ‘Game Change‘ at the Newseum in Washington, DC. To their surprise, Maryland O4P members were outside the event, handing out “showbills” with accurate information about the the movie, the people involved, and the book it was based on. O.P. Ditch of the Maryland O4P team writes:

Governor Palin’s Supporters handed out hundreds of brochures explaining the background for the false narrative that is the HBO movie Game Change. This was at the screening of the movie at the Newseum in Washington, DC on March 8, 2012.

We passed out a bunch of the brochures, several hundred. Tom Hanks wouldn’t take one from me. I had my AF hat on and my Vets4Sarah t-shirt on. We caught Hanks coming in the front door. His security detail was a little nervous when I tried to shove one of them in his hands. Laurie also tried to give him a copy of The Undefeated too, but he wouldn’t take it either.

That would explain why only people who had axes to grind, or those willing to say bad things about Governor Palin in return for a job, were used as “sources” for the film Mr. Hanks company produced for HBO. This is not a man willing to even hear or see information that he doesn’t want to hear or see. It’s pure cowardice.

Howard Kurtz tweeted:

Take that! Sarah Palin volunteers handing out “Showbill” flyers branding Game Change a “false narrative” outside DC premiere at Newseum.

As a Palin supporter and someone who has been trying to expose this movie for what it is, I want to thank the Maryland O4P crew for their efforts. Defending and spreading the truth with dignity, you are a fine example of who Palin supporters are. Well done!

Here’s a clip of the Maryland O4P crew handing out educational material to HBO’s guests:

Update: O.P. Ditch wrote up and submitted the following report on what took place in DC at the Newseum:

I arrived about 5:45 pm on March 8 in front of the Newseum. I had never been there before, so I took a recon run around the building looking for all the entrances. I noticed there were some valet parking folks on the side street entrance and assumed that would be the VIP entrance. But it seemed later to be just the off of Pennsylvania Ave. spot to drop off people, including VIPs. I ended up at the front entrance facing Pennsylvania Ave. Laurie, O4PMD, soon arrived with the brochures. I’m not sure how she got them, but it turned out to be a 6 page double sided brochure with the bright yellow “SHOWBILL” title at the top and “GAME CHANGE/FALSE NARRATIVE” below, with a faded out depiction of the Game Change below that. There were a bunch of them. Another helper, Linda, arrived shortly thereafter and she went around the corner to handle the VIP entrance and the Valet drop-off point. I took charge of the front door where most of the guests were entering. Having passed out many brochures, I noticed through the class windows that many of the people inside were reading the brochures and carrying them around the crowd. What a coup! We had apparently created the impression that the brochures were part of the “show/screening” event… whoooo hooo!.

I kept a lookout for the Newseum Security folks because I knew they would enter the picture soon, we were getting just too much attention at the front door. One of the security ladies came out and asked me for one of the brochures. Later I saw her approaching a well dressed, apparently a security chief, to talk about us. Nothing happened then, but after we kept passing out the brochures the security chief finally approached me. He was insisting that I move farther away from the front door. I gave him a hard time for a bit, emphasizing my first amendment rights, etc. and that I had fought for my country to maintain those rights. He kept insisting that I move away from the door, but I argued with him, and asked to see the drawings for the building that showed where their property line was on the sidewalk. I figured if I gave him an unreasonable hard time, we would end up in at least an adequate space to continue our mission. It worked. As I backed off a bit, I could still catch many people coming in. We passed out every single brochure we had (except for the one I kept to take home).

At one point we were approached with some press, a couple of video camera crews, and a reporter from AFP “Agence France-Presse”. He took a lot of notes and quotes from Laurie and I.

All and all, we had a great night, as Michelle mentioned in an email to me: “we were covering Governor Palin’s back.” That made me feel great about what the team had accomplished!



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8 responses to “Maryland O4P Team Skunks HBO’s ‘Game Change’ Party; Hanks Refuses Copy of ‘The Undefeated’-Updated

  1. bbmomof3

    Awesome work!! What a great idea!!

  2. Frank

    Hanks looks like crap! The inside of the man is finally leaking out.

  3. patricia cala

    Frank/Gary: Not nice.

  4. Joy

    I know that Hanks loves being part of the Hollyweird A-list, but you’re right, Frank & Gary, Hanks (and his ilk) are really just the “untouchable” “one percent” who see Palin and her supporters as just nothing but riff-raff. They’re high & almighty and don’t want to be bothered with those who don’t think like they do or live in that libturd bubble. And they’ll resist the truth as long as they’re on the inside of the syndicate. Our only hope is one day to simply outnumber them – and they’ll still live in their insulated coccoon. Maybe SOME of the guests at that screening will have an open mind and think twice; but the hoy poloy will NEVER come around – and they’re reinforced in their hatred & myopia by the fact that “their guy” (yes, the Fraud-in-Chief) is ensconsed in the White House. I’m beginning to feel like we’re the rabble and the Tom Hanks of the world are Marie Antoinette. And, just as like what happened to Louis XVI (minus the guillotine!), one day the whole fraudulent gang will be the ones on the outside! And, Patricia, don’t worry about some of us calling out Tom Hanks for the ugly person he’s become…

    • Gary P

      One of the things Andrew Breitbart continually talked about was the need for Conservatives to get involved in the media and Hollywood. He thought our best and brightest should be taking over these industries, displacing the communists that now run the show.

      Wasn’t that long ago Hollywood was seen as patriotic. They showcased what was good and great about America. Great stories and good entertainment. Now it’s mostly propaganda of one kind or another. Few good films are being made.

      As for the bunch involved in Game Change, they can all go to hell.

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  6. Jim Thompson

    Way To Go O4P Maryland Chapter. Thanks, Job Well Done. And To Think When We All Palinistas Helped Bristol Palin Out On Dancing With The Stars Was Bad, WE Took It Up Several Notches On This One. Ehis Is For Saeah Palin And The Entire Palin Family. BOOM! Taste Our Knight Stick. BOOOm! Here’s Another One. It Had To Have Worked Big Time Because The Ratings For HBO’s Game Change Was So Low That So Many People With PDS Are So Mad At Us, It’s Hilarious. I Love It. I Wish I Was Up There As The Whole Damn Thing Was Unfolding.

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