More People Watched Re-Run of “Pawn Stars” Than “Game Change” Twice as Many Saw New “Pawn Stars” Episode

By Gary P Jackson

The Washington Post tells us the premier of Game Change was HBO’s best in almost a decade, but the thinly veiled Obama campaign propaganda film had fewer viewers than a Sunday afternoon re-run of The History Channel’s Pawn Stars. As if to add insult to injury, nearly twice as many people saw a brand new episode of Pawn Stars than watched the Obama campaign schlockumentary.

One massive marketing and GOP-undies-bunching campaign later, the unveiling of HBO’s Sarah Palin flick, “Game Change,”attracted 2.123 million viewers Saturday night at 9. HBO says that is its biggest original-movie opening crowd in about eight years.

To put the audience in perspective, that’s slightly fewer people than sat down the next afternoon at 2 to watch a rerun episode of History’s “Pawn Stars” (2.129 million viewers).

Over the course of the weekend, multiple telecasts of “Game Change” — which chronicles the decision of Republican Sen. John McCain’s campaign to run the then little-known Alaskan governor as his presidential running mate — averaged a cumulative 3.6 million viewers. That’s slightly more than half the number of people who watched an original episode of History’s “Pawn Stars” last week on Monday night at 10.

To put all of this into perspective, when TLC’s travel-adventure series Sarah Palin’s Alaska debuted, 5 million viewers tuned in, the largest debut in the channel’s history. SPA maintained record high viewership throughout it’s 9 episode run.

We still haven’t seen numbers from the debut of The Undefeated on Reelz but seeing as the channel reaches more than twice as many households as HBO, I would think the numbers are strong.

For all the effort the Hollywood crowd put into their Sarah Palin hit piece, it looks to be a dismal failure. Not only did relatively few watch this thing, it’s been shredded by every honest movie critic in the country.



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4 responses to “More People Watched Re-Run of “Pawn Stars” Than “Game Change” Twice as Many Saw New “Pawn Stars” Episode

  1. Michael Teuber

    Thanks for the perspective Gary.

    So, more butts on the couch for fat old white guys selling and buying junk from the financially embarrassed than for underfed Moore smearing her social and intellectual better…hmm.

    I really hope that Reelz was rewarded for presenting the Undefeated.

    • Gary P

      Never thought of it that way, but yeah!

      Pawn Stars ain’t that bad, but I’d much rather watch American Pickers or the cat in Las Vegas that restores cool stuff like Coke boxes and other cool memorabilia.

      I read an interview with the CEO of Reelz. One of the reasons he bought the rights to show The Undefeated was he knew it would draw huge ratings, and he wanted to use that to showcase their first original TV series that stars Steven Seagal.

      Reelz is in over 60 million homes, more than twice the number of HBO. The numbers should be good.

  2. TLemmbert

    Actually, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” lost 40% of its viewers in the second week, and didn’t recover much after that (except for a small bump when Kate Gosslin was on).

    • Gary P

      Glynnis MacNicol isn’t exactly a neutral source. She’s a well known PDS sufferer. [Palin Derangement Syndrome]

      The show averaged about 3.5 million views a week, not counting re-runs. Not as good as the premier for sure, but damned good for a cable TV show, and much better than Tom Hanks’ and the Obama regime’s piss poor attempt at a hit job on Palin.

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