Governor Sarah Palin, The Movie

By Gary P Jackson

An interesting find. Kelsey over at Barbaric Thoughts compiled a series of videos of Sarah Palin, as Governor of Alaska. These videos, 16 in all, take us from Sarah’s campaign for Governor to her farewell address. These videos were then combined on You Tube into one convenient movie.

If you are not very familiar with Sarah Palin’s time as Governor, this video will help you understand why she was the most popular Governor in the nation, and how she effectively led Alaska.

Kelsey made notes for each of her videos, and shellymicAB, the You Tuber who put this together included them, along with the portion of the movie in which each starts:

These are Kelsey’s notes from under each of the 16 vids:

A 16-part series of clips from Sarah Palin’s governership. I didn’t include in this series much of the political periphery or the game of the political landscape. Instead I focused on what actually happened. I also didn’t include some really great interviews. There just wasn’t enough time.

:30 Part 1 – Briefly covers her campaign and nomination, her inauguration, inaugural ball, and moving into the Governor’s mansion.

8:53 Part 2 – Covers the signing of the AGIA bill, her trip to Kuwait to visit the troops, her governor’s picnic after returning, and briefing the community on ACES (Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share).

17:13 Part 3 – Covers the Palin’s fishing and processor capacity, Palin’s soaring popularity in the state, Palin’s reaction to the Exxon Supreme Court decision, the Gov walking to work, Palin’s assessment of 2008 legislative session, and the birth of Trig.

25:19 Part 4 – Covers many energy issues and the first few whispers of the VP pick. Includes Palin’s press conference with Stevens on energy, Palin speaking at ANWR fact-finding meeting, Palin recommending TransCanada for the AGIA license, Palin being asked about a VP run, and Palin saying hi to a fellow hiker just four days before being picked for Vice-President.

34:12 Part 5 – Palin picked to run for Vice President. State perspective.

45:28 Part 6 – Palin returns to Alaska for her son’s deployment and drops by her Anchorage office, Palin talks to the media after voting in Wasilla, Palin returns to Alaska and her office after the election, Palin pardons a turkey, attends a basketball game, hosts Christmas open house, the state awards AGIA license to TransCanada, Palin announces new budget proposal, and turns down a pay raise.

54:23 Part 7 – Palin’s ‘back home‘ interview with ADN in her house, at Willow’s basketball game Palin talks about bloggers, Palin speaks at troop deployment ceremony, Palin seeing Todd off at the Iron Dog, Palin talks to local media about stimulus package and pipeline at Iron Dog, Scandalous TV covers the end of the Iron Dog.

1:04:27 Part 8 – Covers Palin’s visit to rural Alaska, the Iditarod, stimulus package decision, and the debate over energy dollars.

1:14:23 Part 9 – Covers the signing of the Joseph Williams legislation, a press conference in her office where she talks about the stimulus package and other issues, an interview with her rejected nominee Wayne Anthony Ross talking about what he saw down in Juneau, Palin addressing a fisheries meeting, and doing some ribbon-cutting.

1:24:07 Part 10 – Palin visits flood-stricken Fort Yukon and Eagle River, Memorial Day comments, speaks to soldiers after combat, fishing tournament, Exxon starts drilling on Point Thompson.

1:32:17 Part 11 – Palin goes on local talk show to discuss Exxon teaming up with TransCanada to build natural gas pipeline and ground is broken for the Goose Creek prison.

1:41:54 Part 12 – Palin backs parental notification initiative and visits the troops in Kosovo.

1:49:08 Part 13 – Highlights of Palin’s resignation announcement outside of her home on Lake Lucille and Lieutenant Gov. Parnell’s remarks.

1:59:21 Part 14 – Sean Parnell talks to local media about Palin’s decision to step down, Palin explains her decision as the media descends on Bristol Bay, Palin’s lawyer talks to Andrea Mitchell about Palin’s decision, Kristan Cole offers her thoughts on a local talk show, Palin spokesperson Meg Stapleton explains the decision, and Palin goes on a local talk show and talks about her reasons.

2:09:37 Part 15 – Palin says thank you to her constituents, Wasilla picnic speech and greeting supporters, Fairbanks picnic, Anchorage picnic speech and greeting supporters, Todd comments on the future, and the media speculates.

2:17:34 Part 16 –
Highlights of Palin’s farewell address.

This is an incredibly good look into Sarah’s governorship and the real work she did. Many thanks to Kelsey and shellymicAB for all of their work compiling this.


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