Contempt, Fear, Selfishness

There is a growing dissatisfaction among Conservatives with the Republican Party. A lot of folks feel the party doesn’t listen to it’s base, or care about their input. The party elites’ inability to stand up and defend Conservatives when they are under attack is a huge problem.

While it’s not just limited to her, the way the GOP elites abandoned, Sarah Palin, and even joined in on the attacks, is something Conservatives take personally.

Few politicians have ever created such a powerful bond between themselves, and the people. Sarah is one of us, and that bond is strong.

Our friend Wayne Mazza has penned a righteous rant that echoes the feelings of many Conservatives who are sick of being ignored and attacked by their own party. It is a pleasure to be able to share this with our readers.

~ Gary

Contempt, Fear, Selfishness

By Wayne Mazza

It never ceases to amaze me, the stupidity of the RNC elitists and pundits.

Gov. Sarah Palin has been an inspiration to millions of us, especially to young and older women.

The contempt the RNC has for this woman is insulting. Why would they be in lockstep to destroy this woman as we expect from the leftist liberal DNC, LSM, and bloggers that have nothing but hate and disrespect for Gov. Palin.

Why would the RNC tout a failed Governor like Romney (34% approval rating), say he is electable, and the KING DUNCE Reince Priebus thinks his stand on Romneycare is a strength against Oblah, blah, blah. I mean who is running the nut house. To compare Romney’s accomplishments against Gov. Palin is like having a choice between taking a free Cadillac or a Ford Pinto and the RNC is taking the Pinto. Geez.

The RNC with all their power, influence, have a genuine fear of Gov. Palin. I mean even though they are having the longest brain dead moment in the history of our country, don’t they want to win this election? Why would anyone have fear of an individual who has inspired millions of people in this country not only by her accomplishments, but by the example of how she has led her life? Her strong believe in God, family, and country is how many of us lead our lives.

The RNC establishment is selfish for power, money, control, and think they know what is best for our country. So they are willing to put their authority, power, and money behind a failed Governor that touts his numerous years in private industry for creating 100,000 jobs, his ranking of 48th in the nation on job creation as a Governor, and Romneycare as the best hope for our nation. Again I ask who is in charge of the nut house.

Have you seen how the entire establishment, go along to get along candidates that are in lockstep with the party, sellout to back the Mittster?

Can you imagine what the election year atmosphere would be if all these endorsers would have put their weight behind Gov. Palin to convince her to run for president.

Governor Palin put her heart and soul into the 2010 elections to bring about the largest landslide turnover in local, state, and federal elections with nary a thank you from the RNC. Now that is one flip flop, democrat to Republican, we all can like.

For the past three almost four years, where were all the people that she helped get elected at when she was under constant attack. Yet she still gives her all for our country. A weaker person would have given up long ago.

RNC establishment elitists, pundits, and many people on FOX news should hang their heads in shame for the their treatment of this woman, and lack of courage to stand by this woman in her deepest time of need. But they will not. They will continue to stand by a loser, a man that touts the 30 or so years as a private business man who created 100,000 jobs.

WTF. Only a 100,000 jobs in all those years? Reagan put policies in place to create over 20 million jobs in two terms as president. This is like Romney trying to win the Indianapolis 500 with a, yep you guessed it, Ford Pinto.

Well, I have rambled on enough, but I will end with this.

To the RNC establishment, if you think Governor Palin is the only person to have fear and contempt for, listen up. When you attack the Guv, you attack us. When you make fun of the Guv, you are making fun of us. When you fail to defend the Guv, you fail to defend us. Gov. Sarah Palin is America, we are America, you are just a bump in the road to us. An obstacle to be removed.

I am watching you, we are all watching you. Don’t be surprised if many of the old establishment guard in office fail to get reelected.

Oblah, Blah, Blah, is not the only one we are coming for in November. Count on it.

GAME ON!!!!!


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2 responses to “Contempt, Fear, Selfishness

  1. jerseyflash

    Sarah almost single-hand changed the landscape of the repo party for Nov 2010…listening to Mark Lavin for the past three nights have told me that the SUPREME’S could have sent thisErcel-care back to Congress for a re-do.
    Guess what…the same A-Holes aren’t sitting in the same chairs in Congress
    so a re-do is out of the question….thanks in a great part to Sarah Palin
    This women is Ercel-cares “DEATH PANEL” all rolled up in one person
    Palin/West 2012 and 2016


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