Donnie Deutsch on Morning Joe: Sarah Palin has Star Quality

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By Gary P Jackson

An interesting little after segment with Donnie Deutsch and the cast of Morning Joe. Of course there is the expected snark, but the general consensus is Sarah Palin has “it”. That star power that few have. Something you are born with. It can’t be taught.

The only really hateful one was Mika Brzezinski who is a ridiculous woman on her best day. You could tell it was killing her to even acknowledge Sarah exists. It’s quite delicious to watch her stew in her own hate.

Sarah’s appearance on the Today Show was a hit, and ratings success. Even liberal MSNBC has to give her well deserved praise.

Somewhere Andrew Breitbart is smiling.


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8 responses to “Donnie Deutsch on Morning Joe: Sarah Palin has Star Quality

  1. Of course Governor Palin has star quality. That’s one of the many things We the People love about her. Look at the size of the crowd she draws where ever she goes. No one one the looney left, nor the establishment right can hold a candle to the inspiration she puts in our heart and soul. You F’ers in the establishment right had your chance, but you know she will not be controlled. That’s one of the biggest things We the People love about her. We win, you suckered losem

  2. O, your last line, Gary, was the “coup de grace!” So TRUE!! We are Breitbart today, eh? And your assessment of that t-word, c-word, b-word Mica is spot-on!! She is totally blinded by her adoration of the worst POTUS in US history; of course, the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree – and as far as I’m concerned, the US Immigation service did a DIS-service to this country by allowing that POS – her father – to immigrate here from Poland!!! He’s nothing short of a traitor, and Mica is a spoiled, privilege libturd of the first water! Go, Sarah!! You’ve got more class in your little finger than that hack/hag Mica has in her whole body! The class lines could not be more convincingly drawn than to see the spontaneous, generous and honest Sarah next to Mz Entitlement herself – she of the Beltway Babes with severe reality blindness. How Joe Scarborough can stand her – particularly after he says without hesitation that his own mother relates well to Palin! – is beyond me…

    As they say, “Don’t get me started!!”

    • Gary P Jackson

      Sarah Palin is the perfect person to take up Breitbart’s fight. She really is a warrior.

      • That’s a VERY encouraging and enlightened thought, Gary – i.e., that Palin picks up Breitbart’s mantleand continues to bring the fight to the entrenched political class of BOTH parties! By continuing to do that, she’ll retain the loyalty, support & love of her stalwart followers – the Palinista Brigade!!

      • Gary P Jackson

        I think that’s her goal. Our politics are broken. It’s going to take an extraordinary effort to fix things. Can’t think of anyone better suited.

  3. (Oops, forgot to click on “Notify me!”

  4. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: If Sarah cannot assume the positions folks have nominated her
    for in your blog, how about House Speaker or President of the Senate [VP
    US]? All she wud need is comfortable, flat shoes [especially if HR Speak-
    er]…I think she cud keep order well and wud make a great leader in either
    job…She cud maintain contact with her fellow Alaskans via satellite?..She
    wud be a change from John or Joe, eh? You betcha!..Aaron Allen…

    • Gary P Jackson

      She’s either have to be picked for VP, which I don’t think she would accept, or run in 2014 for the House. I can’t see her doing that. Sarah has always been a CEO. An executive level politician. Having been a governor of a state who’s constitution made her a true CEO, and the most powerful governor in the country [as compared to the others] being President is really all she has left.

      Her talent would be wasted in Congress.

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