Rubio Working on GOP Version of the DREAM Act for Illegals

By Gary P Jackson

Well that didn’t take long. Marco Rubio who is on some Conservative’s list as a potential vice presidential candidate, even though he says he’s not interested, is said to be working on an amnesty plan for the children of illegal aliens.

Just what we need, another program that rewards illegal behavior.

From CNS News:

( – Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says he is working to craft an alternative version of the DREAM Act that would allow younger illegal aliens who came to the United States “through no fault of their own” to stay here legally and, if they wished, get in line to become a citizen.

There is nothing that prohibits them from getting citizenship,” Rubio told the Tampa Bay Times in an April 3 interview in which he explained his plan.  “We just don’t create a new pathway. The bottom line is they would have a visa of some sort and like they and any other visa holder in this country can get in line and apply for residency. You have to wait in line but you get to wait in line in the U.S. legally.”

They would be here living, studying, working, while they’re waiting in line,” Rubio said. “We have a broken legal immigration system. Someone would say, ‘Well it’s going to take them forever to get residency.’ Well, that’s true of anybody. The system has to be modernized but that’s a separate topic. It doesn’t create a pathway to citizenship directly but doesn’t prohibit them from entering the regular pathway.

As it currently stands, the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, commonly known as the DREAM ACT, which was first introduced a decade ago, would grant conditional permanent resident status for a period of six years to those who came into the United States illegally before the age of 16. After the six-year period, those eligible would be able to attain legal permanent status if they obtain an associate-level academic degree or serve in the U.S. military for two years.

The DREAM Act, while first introduced in 2001, has never had the support in Congress to become law.

Read more and see the video here.

In the video Rubio states there is “90% support” for this sort of amnesty for illegals. I have no idea where that number may come from. If support was that strong, this legislation would have passed Congress a decade ago.

I’m sorry, we’ve seen this movie before, and it doesn’t end well. Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Since that amnesty, the number of illegals have tripled. Yes, Reagan got hosed by the democrats, who never followed through with securing the border, and getting tough on future illegals, but frankly, Reagan should have expected no less.

We all feel for the children of illegals who “through no fault of their own” were dragged to America by their parents. But that is not the fault of the American government or the American people. It’s the fault of the parents who broke the law. These parents bear all of the responsibility.

The reward, of course, is these illegal aliens will be allowed to remain in the United States and taking advantage of all of the programs and benefits offered to Americans. This isn’t right. If they want to go home, and be placed on a list for consideration, that’s fine. But to allow them to remain in the country is outrageous.

Now if you want to “forgive” these children the sins of their parents, the answer is to send them home, but ignore their parents’ crime, and not hold it against the children if the apply to legally enter the country.

If anyone legally enters the country, there are already paths toward citizenship. Americans have always welcomed legal immigrants. They are all part of the melting pot that is America.

If America is to survive, we must secure our borders, and once that is done, rework our system of legal immigration. Make it more efficient. America simply can’t continue to allow citizens of other nations to come here, break our laws, and then be rewarded for it.

We also can’t tolerate politicians who would facilitate [and reward] more illegal behavior, which is exactly what something like the DREAM Act would do.

Senator Rubio and others pushing for this amnesty need to realize the serious consequences of their actions, and how something like the DREAM Act will be yet another magnet for illegals. It’s unacceptable and we simply can’t tolerate it.



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12 responses to “Rubio Working on GOP Version of the DREAM Act for Illegals

  1. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: Four ‘courses’ for kids aged 8-10 up to 17 and adult, non-felon
    aliens who want to be naturalized. These courses wud be the same for
    all students but adjusted agewise [kids, tweens, older teens, adults, sen-
    iors]…1. Ogden’s Basic English [with phonics, basic grammar, syntax, and
    no ‘crutches’–know what I mean?]… 2. Federal and State Constitutions:
    What they are, why they were written. How to lawfully change them]…3.
    An INTERPRETIVE History of the U. S: Like the ‘constitutions’, an over-
    view of what we THINK happened and what the people thot they shud do
    and what we think they did…4. Life In America [or Life in the U. S.]: What
    Statesiders are really like, and what is expected of Citizens… After taking
    these courses on a pass/fail basis [credit can be awarded also], if the
    newly-enlightened students still wish ‘to join’ they appear before the Naturalization Court [an Administrative Law Judge for persons taking
    the course] and are sworn-in. They receive a 3’x5′ U. S. Flag, the Natur-
    alization ‘diploma’, a wallet-card copy, A Social Security Account and
    wallet-card. A ‘booklike’ U. S. Passport, a U. S.Passport Card, a U. S. Flag pin for buttonhole or cap/hat, and a Continuing Education Certificate for the four courses…Evil aliens [gangstas, dope-smugglers/dealers, coy-
    otes, etc. are NOT eligible and will be deported [after recording their hand/finger and foot prints, photos, scars, irises, blood, DNA ears–an older ID system– and voiceprint] or banished [if they ever return State-
    side] to remote Alaska or the Marianas–for life!..Young Citizens will be
    urged to carry their U. S. Passport card [good for land/water travel to
    Canada, Mexico, and part of the Caribbean] which is a Federal photo ID.
    If a student can become a lawyer, a clergyperson, in 5 years or less, why
    do we make sincere applicants wait for 8-13 years to become a Citizen?
    Understanding the life, and wanting to join, is good enuf: All minor aliens
    shud be given instructions–for themselves and their parents/guardians–
    on how to do it!..There shyud be no more ‘ignorant-undocumented’. Let
    ’em learn–and join!..Aaron Allen…

    • Aaron Allen

      [Aaron again]: Add to my ‘Four Courses’ a few more ‘electives’: 1. Useful
      Math [a review of basic arithmetic, application of mid-level math to every
      day situations, use of calculators and problem-solving]… 2. Elementary
      computer use for composition and editing [including browsing/research].
      3. Taking care of oneself–basic health and safety practices.. 4. Getting
      around in America. [Safe travel, as a pedestrian, cyclistst, driver train-
      ing to achieve a license]…Aaron Allen…

  2. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: Another idea–take some of the closed defense bases and sta-
    tions and make ’em [partly] into housing and gardens for the undocument-
    ed who are ‘in the program’ [courses, public service, etc.] The residents
    can eat in the dining hall, use classroom/school buildings for training and
    work in ‘on-base’ shops, manufacturing, etc…They wud have the visa to
    do this and NO badguys need apply!..In this manner, ‘good’ aliens cud
    prepare for citizenship and not adversely affect the region’s economy?..
    Aaron Allen…

    • Gary P Jackson

      Better to just send them back home, where ever home is. We have American citizens who are living in poverty, and yet we spend hundreds of billions of dollars coddling illegals. People who broke the law, and continue to break the law.

      I don’t have a lot of sympathy for them. I understand why people want to come to America for a better life. Can’t blame em for that, but do it legally or stay home.

      We simply can’t afford these illegals.

  3. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: I agree with your disapproval of the illegals but my guys wud be
    essentially work/study ‘students’–sort of like college kids from south of the
    border who have student visas…The bad hombres and their dependents
    get a free ride in a nice, cleaned out stockcar [cattlecar on the railroad]…
    When they get to the boundry, the locomotive pushes the ‘cattle’ across,
    using 5-6 flatcars as pushers: The doors spring open and small, but per-
    suesive CS gas bombs fire and the passengers jump out…The train goes
    back north to get more…All of these folks are identified as I’ve explained
    earlier and are told NOT to return or they go to Alaska or the Marianas–
    forever!..When they graduate from my 4 courses [and electives], the good
    guys have a job making my $1.25-$1.50 fuel and gradually work their way
    up the economic scale…An admissions committee sorts out the ideal can-
    didates for this program…Aaron Allen…

    • Gary P Jackson

      I get where you are coming from, and wouldn’t be opposed to something like this for LEGAL immigrants. People who followed the rules, but I am strongly opposed to anything that rewards illegals, or their kids. America simply can’t afford it. These illegals have no respect for America and our people. We don’t owe them anything.

      • Aaron Allen

        Hi Gary: I agree–hopefully a means of sorting out the worthy candidates
        for ‘education and nationalization’ will be agreed and enacted. The bad
        guys shud be rounded up and expelled–after being firmly IDed: If caught
        again, it’s the Gulag or Devil’s Island! Great place for the thousands of
        gangstas in CA and sunbelt maximum security prisons? We spend too
        many bucks housing and trying to control these losers…Adios, dudes!..
        Aaron Allen…

      • Gary P Jackson

        The real way to stop illegals is make it impossible for them to work. Go after employers who hire them. Make the penalties so stiff no one in their right mind would break the law and hire an illegal.

        That would make it simple. Those here would self deport, and few would even bother to come.

  4. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: Agreed–where the illegals are just looking for work [ag, construc-
    tion, automotive, ‘day labor’, etc.] and eventually want to ‘join up’ with the
    rest of us, there shud be a ‘legal’ manner where they can ‘apply’…When I
    have referred to the ‘badguys’ I was referring to the gangbangers and kil-
    lers who don’t want normal ‘work’ and, like our former Euro-origin badguys
    don’t pay taxes, contribute to the general society, etc…Think of the hun-
    dreds of these dudes who are doing life in our prisons and the thousands
    who run empires for cash…In the 50s-70s I used to have foreigners ask
    me what they had to do to ‘join America’. At the time, Canada and Aus-
    tralia were wanting sincere ‘applicants’ [skilled, motivated, immigrants].
    Go to one of these, I wud urge them: They welcome ‘Landed Immigrants’
    and you will be in a society similar to the US…After a while, if you still
    want to become a Statesider, it is easier if you have a good resume and
    speak ‘Canadian’ or ‘Strine’…If you really grow to love Canada or Aus-
    tralia, stay there and enjoy a good life–you can always visit the US as
    a tourist or guest of a Statesider…Aaron Allen…

  5. I must have missed this article when it was posted earlier, so am glad I found it now. From my point of view, I don’t like Rubio (BTW – not even a teeny-bit ready for the office of VP, let alone POTUS!!) as a VP candidate whatsoever. He needs to stay in the Senate and be part of the incoming Conservative majority! Peiiod. ANd now I like him even less since I read this about his pushing a Senate version of the Dream Act – save us!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah, Rubio isn’t the “conservative savior” so many think he is. He’s not a bad guy, but he has a lot of wrong positions. You’re exactly right about the Senate though, we need everyone we have there, and more. It would be insane to take him out now.

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