Sarah Palin: Frankly, I’m ecstatic we beat the “perky one “

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin comments on her appearance on the Today Show. From Zap2It:

Per the Nielsen Fast National data, “Today” garnered 5.497 million viewers, with 2.209 million in the target Adults 25-54 demographic, up against “GMA’s” 5.141 million viewers, with 1.917 million in the demo.

This morning (Wed., April 4), Palin commented by email about the experience:

The people backstage,” she writes to Zap2it, “who make the ‘Today’ show happen are top-notch! Todd (husband Todd Palin) said to let you know, Kate, that ‘…they put my home TV crew to shame’ (That would be my crew of Todd and a buddy — and sometimes the kids helping out — in our Wasilla studio located in the back of Todd’s airplane hanger).

Really, it was a lot of fun to work with every single one of the folks at the ‘Today’ show. I have so much respect for the workerbees at my FOX job, and to see this network support staff working just as hard to produce their network’s product reinforces my belief that it’s the good people with their elbow grease and nose to the grindstone who make the world go ’round. They make the talent look good!

And, frankly, I’m ecstatic we beat the ‘perky one,’ although I wouldn’t have gone up against ABC’s vacationing Robin Roberts, because she’s such a good egg. By the way, both Robin and Matt Lauer have traveled the long journey to Alaska and dealt with unglamorous, rugged conditions to see more of our world; they’ve shown respect for a more unconventional Americana lifestyle, and we appreciate that.

On Tuesday evening, Palin dropped by Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” show and discussed her morning-show-host debut with host Sean Hannity and fellow panelists Dana Perino of FNC’s “The Five” and Stuart Varney of Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.”

During that conversation, Hannity asked Palin about her comments on “Today” that Oprah Winfrey might want to consider adding conservative voices to her struggling cablenet OWN to boost ratings (although Palin doesn’t specifically recommend herself for the job).

Meanwhile, Katie Couric’s attempt to rehabilitate her career, despite all of the hype and promotion, is not going so well. Couric and Good Morning America cannot beat the Today Show.



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4 responses to “Sarah Palin: Frankly, I’m ecstatic we beat the “perky one “

  1. Sorry Katie. Perky worked when you were young and somewhat innocent. Perky doesn’t work for an older, sold-out Lib. Take notes from Sarah, she knows how to be real and knows how the real world works!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah “perky” is a bit of a jab these days! She has become a dismal failure. BTW, I understand she has a new talk show coming on ABC. Pissed a lot of soap opera fans off because their favorites got cancelled for perky’s show. She actually has said she wants Sarah to be her first guest. Good luck with that.

  2. patricia cala

    Hey Gary, you must be in 7th heaven. Good report. Why was Katie C. crying in that picture?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Schadenfreude, it’s what’s for dinner!

      Not sure what Perky was crying over. Just happened to find the photo and it seemed right.

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