Shocking New Report: Alaska Gun Stores Say ATF Engaging in New Illegal Activity

By Gary P Jackson

The Obama regime has no respect for personal Liberty and Freedom, or the Constitution. From Anthony Martin comes a word the ATF is engaged in yet another attempt to subvert the 2nd Amendment:

A report issued on Tuesday by Ammoland Shooting Sports News indicates that the ATF–the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives–is engaged in new illegal activity, this time in the state of Alaska.
According to gun store owners in Anchorage, ATF agents are requiring that they submit what is called ‘4473 Forms’ going as far back as 2007.

Form 4473 is the official form that gun stores require customers to complete when they purchase a firearm. It is not intended to be a gun registration form but a sales record containing information on who bought the firearm, a photo I.D., and the official background check. The store owner then records this data in what is called ‘the bound-book,’ which is kept in perpetuity by the gun store and submitted to the ATF if the shop goes out of business.

The ATF has the authority to inspect or request a copy of the form if agents are conducting a criminal investigation. 

But nowhere does the law or the rules and regulations of the ATF permit the agency to require gun stores to simply turn over these records en mass as a matter of course.
The gun stores in Anchorage are not being told that their records are being requested as part of a criminal investigation of any kind. The ATF has not specified certain forms from specific time frames as one would expect during such an investigation. The agency is telling the stores that it wants all of these records, in totality, going back to 2007.

The American people, Liberty, and Freedom are under assault from within.

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5 responses to “Shocking New Report: Alaska Gun Stores Say ATF Engaging in New Illegal Activity

  1. Jim Thompson

    Hey, Why Alaska? Out of all the 50 United States, You(Barack Obama Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano) chose Alaska to do your dastardly deeds. Why? I believe everyone of you are up there doing this illegal activity is for one particular purpose: To get Sarah Palin and her Family and close friends.

    • Gary P Jackson

      It wouldn’t be the first time Obama targeted Alaska.

      Almost everyone in Alaska owns a gun, or 10. It’s damned near required.

      You would have info on the entire state population.


    this same thing is happening in texas only they’re going back 40 years!TAKING PICTURES OF OUR A&D BOOKS AND OUR 4473 FORMS

  3. if you can dissarm Alaska and/or Texas, you can dissarm the nation. These are the proving grounds…..

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