Deadbeat: Newt’s Utah Primary Check Bounces

By Gary P Jackson

While Newt was running around Tuesday saying he had Mitt Romney “right where he wanted him” [after news came that Rick Santorum was dropping out] another big story broke. It seems the $500 check Newt sent to Utah, the filing fee, bounced. This could disqualify Newt from the primary, if not taken care of in a timely manner.

Newt’s campaign is nearly $4.5 million in debt, and now he’s writing hot checks. He has no money to campaign. And yet, he still thinks he has a viable path to the nomination? Really?

From ABC News:

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich may not appear on the ballot for the June 26 Utah primary, after a $500 check — the required filing fee — bounced, an official said.

State election director Mark Thomas told ABC News that a $500 check given by the Gingrich campaign to secure his place on the Utah ballot bounced on March 27.

Our office immediately attempted to contact the campaign and the designated agent but no phone calls were returned,” Thomas said. “We also asked the state Republican Party to assist us, but they also could not get into communication with them, although I do not know how they attempted to contact them.”

One source close to the campaign told ABC News that the Gingrich campaign recently changed finance and accounting staff. The designated agent who filed the paperwork for the campaign was Wallace Woodruff “Woody” Hales, though Hales still works for the Gingrich campaign.

If the fee is not paid by April 20, Gingrich will be disqualified from the ballot.

Our office certifies the candidates to the county clerks on April 24,” Thomas said.

The check bounce comes as no surprise as Gingrich confirmed a debt of almost $4.5 million to ABC News on Tuesday. The last Federal Election Commission report from February showed a debt of less than $2 million.

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6 responses to “Deadbeat: Newt’s Utah Primary Check Bounces

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  2. Aaron Allen

    Now he’s got something else to go to Confession about?..Aaron Allen…

    • Aaron Allen

      [Aaron agn]: Did/does Newt’s campaign have overdraft-protection?
      I wonder what this unfortunate ‘mistake’ will do to the megabucks ap-
      proach to US politics? Maybe large campaigns shud post a bond to
      protect their kitties? CTAs?..With so much at stake, shudn’t they have
      ‘instant-balances’ monitoring any funds they disperse [all checks are
      issued from an on-line/instant-status account]?..Aaron Allen…

      • Gary P Jackson

        He’s now claiming the account was closed and it “took too long” for Utah to cash his check. Who closes accounts in the middle of political campaigns? Also, who closes accounts with checks outstanding?

        To me, it’s just more proof that what his colleagues in the House say about him, that he is disorganized and has no leadership ability, is true.

  3. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: Well, do you think he will go back to teaching History [college le-
    vel]? Or maybe he will become a program-presenter on the EWTN [Ro-
    man Catholic TV Ntwk.]? They have a few ‘civilians’ [non-clergy] who con-
    duct talk/discussion shows…Aaron Allen…

    • Gary P Jackson

      I’m thinking, the way he’s been trashing Fox and sucking up to the guys over at CNN, he’s already found his calling!

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